What are the next steps for the enhancement of the monument of Amphipolis;


The excavation in the Tumulus may finished Kasta, but the real work of archaeologists now starts. Studies, “war” with bureaucracy, disclosure of apotelesmatwn of excavation, the nature of the monument are some of the points that should be paid attention.

What defines the archaeological law

According to the nation, the publication of the first conclusions are compulsory to be done this year, According to the ancient law, (3028/2002) that clearly States: "The Chief systematic excavation is required to submit initial presentation for publication in up to two years from the start of the excavation" (Article 39, paragraph 3). And can this excavation was not characterized by the Central Archaeological systematics

Council, as is imperative by law, but in essence it is. If we started the 2013, This year is the year that must be deposited the initial findings. Beyond, There is room for five years after conclusion, in order to become the final publication. Then it will start and the international scientific dialogue, based on data excavation. Something that until now lacked the scientific community, with the result that only made assumptions not always very pointed. Even if you keep the characterization of rescue, suggesting an excavation carried out by the archaeological service in case the monument at risk, or the monument that has transpired during the execution of a private or public work, again the first publication must be done this year.

In accordance with paragraph 4 Article 39, "the dienergwn rescue excavation is required to submit a final report, list of findings, photographs and drawings within nine months from the conclusion of».

The next step is the syntax, with the participation of all members of the interdisciplinary team, a comprehensive maintenance plan, restoration and promotion of the Tomb. Here, scientists will be invited to answer another key question: The monument will be visited;

Up to what point; You will need to decide, always driven the interest of ancient: (a)) If you can be tucked inside or access will stop on the front with the headless statues of Sphinxes (b)) If it is possible to login, So where will be allowed. It reaches the public through the final, mostly burial chamber;

Because the space is narrow, If and when the Tomb become open, It is expected that you will get into condition for the maximum number of simultaneous visitors. Also, will definitely take steps to ensure that incoming not to pull the mosaic (so I guess I built some ramp up and at a distance from this).

End, Since some minerals from the bracing and support (scaffoldings) continue to exist, provision should be made for how exactly will become the movement of visitors in connection with these.

We remind that the tomb of Philip II’ at Aigai is not open. Oli Royal mound is located within a modern Museum shell and the facade of the tomb is visible, but a Crystal shield stops the path of visitors ahead of the.


And we arrive at studies. As indicated in the report of the nation, should be considered certain that there will be structural capacity study. Not only because, as the YPPOA has announced, the main funerary Chamber is in a State of limit equilibrium.

But also because the ekskafikwn use of machinery in the surroundings, like the time and what the monument has undergone, require specific knowledge of the problems. Objective to be absolutely solid monument and not in danger of parts or items with fall both for the safety of visitors and for the integrity of the same.

The structural design, like other studies, should be submitted to the Central Archaeological Council. Usually, the examination is done in at least two phases. Discussed the master plan, observations and follows the next debate with corrections to items marked.

Extreme conditions

The process is time consuming, because it takes time for the maturation of each study. Following the opinion of the APCS and issuing ministerial decision, integration of each series comes in Community financial protocol is in progress. The other case is to give money for its execution by national resources, but, given the economic situation of the country, This is extremely difficult.

The latest studies on the field that they must be drawn up and submitted in KAS for legal opinion is maintenance or parts of studies belonging to the architectural design or sculptures, of mosaics and performances. And they should according to the law to be introduced in KAS for opinion. Some maintenance work done and now, but these should constitute the so-called "first aid" to the monument and to items of decor and not final applications dysfunctioning and protection programs.
Given the extreme weather conditions in the area, and these studies are absolutely necessary.

The crumbly stone of Amphipolis, that has been used in the construction, but the thassian marble, react strongly in freezing conditions.
Also, the low temperatures contribute to the destruction of mortar and is responsible for the deterioration of painted decoration, along of course with re-exposure of colors in amtosfairas oxygen and humidity.

The roof needs to be replaced

But with these studies, nothing has been completed. It is still pending the necessary funerary monument protection from floods (the river Struma and Kerkinitida Lake is almost within the boundaries of the Tomb) and from the rains. The canopy that has already been built should be considered provisional. The hardware does not stand for many years. We will require a comprehensive study and a more durable and protective cover, with other canopy.

OSO I made all this, the paleoanthropologists now and zwooarchaiologoi will continue the study of bones that have been identified in the Tomb. The following conclusions should be expected though towards the end of next year. In-between, the State will have to decide whether to make new excavation investigations in some other parts of the Hill Kasta, in which Geophysics has discovered potential anthropogenic interventions.

In any case, This time, the excavation license should necessarily be given by the KAS. This means that we must find money for deposited the intended by law budget. Half a million euros of the current excavation was given by State, as in theory was "rescue". But it is not possible to continue to. The excavation team should seek longer and funders.
Source: rizopoulospost.com

Mysterious and Energy sites in Greece today


There are many people in the world who prefer, visiting and sites that have some special meaning, historical, Archaeological, even metaphysics. For all of these will present a "metaphysical travel guide», Greek sites of interest and mystery justified or unjustified.

The Greece is full of strange places and the choice of only a few of them in order to cover here was difficult. For this reason selected sites
mainly based on their type and the absolute or relative ease their access while two or three of them access is very difficult to impossible

The artificial island populated by about a million people scattered in 7 counties of. At least access from Athens is easy and takes a few hours to get to the furthest points, by favouring in this way even a one-day excursion.

Pyramid Taygetos (Laconia). Strong antignwmies has caused one of the boynokoryfes of, for which many argue that it is in fact a huge artificially carved pyramid which is visible from miles away. They are not few those who visit the pyramid first to see if indeed this is artificial project, unknown from what people made and when or for a simple natural phenomenon due to the action of air. Others consider him a place of power and run there to benefit ...

Church of Saint Theodora-The miraculous Church of Saint Theodora is located near the village of Avast of Megalopoli (Arcadia). One of the strangest churches in Greece is located a few kilometers outside of Megalopolis in Arcadia. On the housetop have sprouted around 17 big trees, whose roots don't look anywhere and give the church a disproportionately large for its size, weight, He said that is a conundrum for specialists.

Mounted inside a gorgeous, green landscape, has many times called "miracle of nature": from the roof of the springing 17 trees, the roots of which go through the walls and end up on the ground!…This natural phenomenon is related to a legend concerning the blessed Theodora, where is dedicated the Chapel: Theodora, 17 year-old girl, He was forced to leave her home and join the army disguised as a young boy, to help the family finances. A series of events, though, the martyr's death drove out of the village of. The last wish, before you take, It was to be the years of the trees and blood of water for watering. So was ...

Tradition says that it is actually the body of Saint Theodora martyred unfairly and her body was the temple, her hair and blood of trees River. It is a magnificent location with a lot of positive energy, worth to visit.

Asclepieion Epidayros

Asclepieion Of Epidaurus (Argolida). Lucky anyone even once in his life has visited one of the largest hospitals of ancient Greece, the place that God healed the faithful of Asclepius. In a verdant setting, who once were running streams and fountains, the infirmary adjacent to the theatre of Epidaurus. Many are the stories from around the region.

Asclepieion Epidayros

Positive energy, sightings of unknown flying objects and creatures, legends and traditions are standing next to the archaeological site that now has turned into a massive construction site.

Sterea Greece
The Sterea Greece, full of mountains and forests, is full of the stories and traditions of the thieves and armatolon, While it is one of the most favorite places for fans of en elladi Koyfias Earth theory.


Davelis Cave (Attiki). Perhaps the best known metaphysician place in Greece, Penteli cave that is belted with legends and mystery. Sanctuary of pan and the nymphs sometime, Today the Greek focal point neomythologias for the which has been written and said so what may not be said about anyone else place.

Davelis Cave

Strange electromagnetic phenomena, stories about ghosts, Hollow Earth, Bril, synchronicities, conspiracy theories, outlandish creatures, secret underground bases, distortion of continuous spatiotemporal, underground arcades, the legend of H., sightings of flying and not only objects, powerful surveying fields, borderline phenomena, and what is not recorded, objective and not for the weird this place to which access is forbidden nights.

The absolute magic of nature meets the continent with forests, Lakes and rivers, in a land that still remains largely Virgin.


Acherousia. One of the more well-known places of antiquity, the famous entrance to hell with dire rivers. The Charontas, the terrific boatman, ferried the souls of the dead across the river Acheron, in the Kingdom of the underworld. The grim scene was supplemented with a series of gaps, fumes, roars of rivers.

There was a famous Oracle of antiquity and the energy even today is strange, While many otherworldly stories called even today. The visitor will feel weird when I visit the site ...

So there are places in the world that have gained (or create) the reputation of the mysterious and live off this reputation, taking advantage of their land for tourism purposes. A well-known example is the Loch Ness monster with Monster and they are not few those that compliment the ingenuity of people in,What concerns the profit. The truly mysterious places, though, not found in tourist maps and is usually not mysterious for this attributed to them.
Continuing our journey in the metaphysical Greece, introduce you to mystery sites from other geographical regions, keeping in any case our reservations about whether in fact hides mystery and not an ordinary rumors.

Olympus (Pieria). The sacred mountain of the Olympian gods, Perhaps the most famous mountain in the world, by which Jupiter, father of gods and men laid down the two genera. The Olympus, Apart from antiquity, still today be awe-inspiring in Greek, While there are few and the bizarre stories that accompany him.


Have reported sightings unidentified flying objects and mysterious lights in the steep ravines of, While much has been said and for the site Kalagia, which in my opinion is too and paratrabigmena, as include ' dematerialisation ' of a cliff and the exit and entry of flying through this. Theories want the sanctuary Term to be associated with the literature of Koyfias and synomwsiologia, as they assume the existence of huge bases inside of ...

Mount Athos. The most known sanctuary in the world, the peninsula of Mt. Athos in Halkidiki is interspersed with odd, cloisters, hermitages and caves they inhabit modern anchorites in complete isolation from the rest of the world. The garden of Virgin Mary, as it known today, It seems that from old constituted intellectual exercise website, only that in antiquity the avato was true for men and not for women.

¨ Mount Athos

Many are the stories that sound for hermits and their own experiences as well as some visitors. Here are some of the most important askiteysan paterikes forms, as the Paϊsios and the Sofrwnios, While a tradition the Term of Mary to run by nine invisible monks who closely resemble the bodisatbas of Eastern mystical tradition.

I M Vatopediou Fot. Nick Grigoropolos.
Astrofwtografos Luke Chapsis fot

According to a view, Mount Athos is one of the three places in the world where it will not be possible to move the Antichrist. All three of these "the Antichrist" abata, One interesting observation, It is dedicated to the Virgin of ...


Tsoutsouros. A modern mythology, from those variations found in almost all nations of the planet, is the famous story of the cave tsoutsouros, which as far as I know is in an accessible area but unknown exactly.

According to the story, a shepherd who had lost his goat, found inside a cave, they saw underground pyramids, self-propelled statues and flying vehicles matched with the fall of Arpyiwn on the island, as a result of their tracking of the sons of Boreas, Question and Kalaϊ.

Every year in late May, with the morning dew displayed the "Drosoulites", the ghosts of dead warriors of Hatzi Michali Daliani who defended the castle of Frangokastello by Turkish

The sequel of the story involves conspiracies and all the characteristics of a good movie. Otherwise, though, Crete is full of mystery, by the drosoulites, the mysterious Minos with his accomplishments to the sad Spinalonga with the tormented of ghosts.


Samothraki. A powerful energy hub, for fans of the sacred Geography, the mysterious island is one of the most powerful energy sites in Greece and in Europe. Here was the seat of the famous Cabeiri Mysteries, about which we know little.

The island attracts those who like in alternative tourism and usually, It is said that avoid camping near the stream of killer, where there may be powerful energy field, which one finds from the bizarre way in which sprout the trunks and branches of trees. It is also said that the visitor would ascend to the top of Mt Saos will come into contact with strange phenomena, While it can still be seen and the terrible forms of Cabeiri onto rocks.



Theogefyra- diabologefyra
Diavologefyro in Divri
“…is Devil's work, who fooled the Miller Yiannaros dibriwtis "

People of ancient times were trying to interpret giϊna and celestial natural phenomena. But could not identify and understand them and for this reason that the attributed to supernatural powers.
The stone bridges scattered, gorgeous, integral pieces of technical culture and the Greek landscape, blend harmoniously with nature and lend a special charm to the rivers, over which haughty stand.

“Diabologefyra” the stream of timios Prodromos,
in Serres. (Foto: AGP)

E is linked inextricably with folktales, jokes, Proverbs, battles, buzzwords, historical events, Testimonials, legends and traditions.
The disasters during or after their justification, developed world's imagination, that placed in supernatural powers, enemies of Masons especially but also of bridges, you to soothe and soften committed many times to human sacrifice and related persons.
The darkness for the Greek was considered unseemly for the character of, distant and connected with bizarre and strange beings who had supernatural characteristics and abilities, with night creatures, demons or gnomes and vampires.
Fairies that will…get parafylagan in the canyons and in shady places with running water and bridges and I didn't have to talk because I'll get been speechless.
The fairies, the Elves, the aerika was so connected with the life of Greek, so many villages have the prefix fairy.
The dragons are mythical monsters residing mainly at sources of rivers (drakoneria). There are many Dragon myths that prevent the use of water and other heroes where they try to kill them.

Theogefyro (gods bridge) in kalamas. Pogoniani. (Lum v. Boucouvalas)

Sometimes the gnomes of rivers soften, presented very sensitive and romantic, as in the following folk song:

Tragoydage blonde daughter at stone bridge
and from the sad purpose, the sad song,
and the bridge broke and the river estathei
and the River on the edge of GNOME epetachthei
and a pedestrian shouted over the dorsum.
Changed the icho and daughter tell another song,
to move the river, to mingle the bridge
and the poltergeist of the River at the place to go.

Typical are the legends for the bridge of Arta (There are 333 variants of the song) with the sacrifice of his wife Master Builder, LaDon (Bridge Kera) that was haunted because in its foundations were sacrificed two people to hold, lantern in Andritsaina, of hair in Trabzon of Pontos k s.

A legend tells us about how he built "the bridge of the devil" in the river Chrysorroa ethra, on the road from Galatas to Nafplio.

Beneath the Devil's bridge crosses the River Farm (the material of the ancients). The Pasha of the region, in order to go comfortably to hunt, commissioned in’ a craftsman to bridge the river of Damala, the Chrysorroa. The point, however, had great difficulty because the two rocks that you rested the bridge was too far between them. After two failed attempts and with the risk of decapitation by Pasha, the master builder agreed with the devil who appeared in front of, and selling of his soul, steriwse bridge. The Pasha of dwrise a jar gold florins, but the master builder was unable to be happy over six years because a day crossed the bridge, to go to the place where he hides the treasure, fierce wind to pick up and away. At the same time lightning burned the House and family of this, who sold his soul to the devil. They Say, that the cliffs around the bridge traces resemble goat is the Devil's footprints, and so created the myth.
A myth, that happened almost everywhere believable and referred to by law. Citizen on "Traditions" of, says that: "The underworld the psychais must go through a bridge, from the Trichino bridge. This is fteno like hair, and shaken very. Any soul can not pass, the river's falls that runs TextBox below and lost ".

Diavologefyro in Tsagkari Souli. (Foto: AGP)

The nature, sometimes functioning as excellent craftsman, slowly, without haste, slowly but surely, with excellent technique and Giacosa, everlasting durability and perfection, gave him many times in the brisk man relentlessly art lessons, making few but wonderful bridges without the slightest involvement and intervention.

Amazing these natural structures the wisdom of our folk tradition named "Theogefyra", Although few are scattered in’ all Greece.

Near Zitsa Ioannina, stoThyami (Kalama), the diavologefyro of Belentziko Moyrmoyritsas in Arta, in Pogoniani, in Kladeo near the village of Lust in the Peloponnese, in Souli below the village Tsagkari, the Diavologefyro in Damala Ethra, or Diabologefyra the stream of timios Prodromos near Serres and diavologefyro in Dibri of Ilia is some of the above, that our people cared to ntisei and to invest with myths, legends, traditions, superstitions and superstitions enabling them vitality and eternity.

Feature is one of hundreds of folk songs, variation of previous, referred to "gnomes":

Korasion from on bridge
and the bridge broke, and the river Stathis
and the river that stoicheion aside ebgike
~ my daughter, stop the achon and say another song.
~ Ah, How to cease the achon and another to say song
I have a male m’ arrwston Ki arrwstikon I am searching.

Such bridges made the nature, the world said "Theogefyra". What made the man in difficult areas, that seemed unlikely to make the world named "Diabologefyra", because you believed that was Devil's projects.
With the passage of centuries, however,, because of the difficulty of construction of both, the above concepts concurred and called Theogefyra or Diabologefyra.

Arta Moyrmoyritsas in diavologefyro Belentziko. (Foto: AGP)

The "Diavologefyro" in Divri is known in Greek, through the "Traditions" of the ethnographer Nicholas Citizen (Athens 1965) browser and Xr. Korylloy the 1891.

It is a natural passage of water of Dibriwtikoy River or stream of Klompokis, that has eroded the rock and has created a natural bridge, a Theogefyro (gods bridge).

But the local legend wants the bridge this is Devil's work, who fooled the Miller name dibriwtis "Υannaros", as narrated in the dibriwtes n. Citizen before the 1900. the narrative of the citizen says:

"The dekaimera turning diaboloi, that the Kallikantzaroys or Katsi Len-mpoycheroys, and the stamnais olais magarizoyn and balls and whatever else would be's home. ΄S the mills have all eleytero to do whatever they want, why the devil ediataxe how to help people the grinder, that alone is not ixeyran. For’ This must not go dwdekaimera ' ò laboring Mills people, If luck indeed and suffer from aerika. And the sacrifices there imerais Mili pollais forais grind their alone, without Miller.

A Miller from dibri, Yiannaros told him, had the mill near the Diavologefyro ' ò, before you fteiasti, and once the dwdekaimera went apobradioy for n’ grinding. Errixe talesma of Afoy, ΄s the grinder, esoyblise a piece of pork he had with him, and he's setting fire to psithi. Your poem and ekei shows a devil like man, where he's a wood demenon a mpakaka, and m’ This aleife pork, k’ saying that stirs the thick with tachamna to eat together. What Miller women that he was the devil, pollais omiliais came along and ' ò eginane mprazerides the following’ the inquired the devil that they say, and he said’

"Kaik’ my right ".

Afoy milled grinding, gave soygla's the devil to gyrizi. And he uploaded taleyri, and then got the soygla from the hands of the devil, to disposal of meat tachates if epsithi, and gave him a loud ' eyes., and immediately kaballise the live of, rammed between the two side's, and road! The devil put per fwnais, ran the syntrofoi and asking who the burned. And their told keinos:

"My atos Kaik '.

Then well happened to you!"the Romanian, k'efygan and swearing and mallwnan why can't eproseche.

With the many though, like saw his perseverance and per fwnais of, they understood that burned him and someone else took him gyreyontas. They arrived talogo, two side and saw the man as he was coiled looked for bag, and they got to the misogomi, and they said:

"To the horse, a the a rib, Li and the other ' to the misogomi. And this Cuckold back comes ".

Made so forais pollais the street from talogo's the grinder and’ from the mill's talogo, as that roosters k lalisan’ they left, without eyroyn. Took courage from’ This feat the Miller, and once again the devil front paroysiasti, wrote with his hand ' s zerbo the HT ΄na Cross and so clinched the anthrwpini form's.
The presented's wife that was tachates slave, and ordered him to barrel projects not mporeige to the barrel man. And did. Made in’ Groove between's the rocks to potizoyntai fields, efteiase and diabologiofyro along with other Devils. But when Miller's misery, the megallo Saturday, his wife having esygyrise and ekatharise Ula well, ithelise to cleanse and slave, and washed it, and so ebgike the cross.
The devil thus became a devil like first, eklase k’ He said ' where my pordi, there and his works. And promptly spoiled his works, spoiled and taylaki, and only where and where seem signs overview’ It's laboring rocks. Only the diabologiofyro and stayed until the now ".

WHAT,But what nature and man with excess enthusiasm built, was the neoellinas on the pretext …progress finishing.

Source: Magazine “dibri”, issue 135

This is because in the area of Diabologefyroy, in Dibriwtiko gully, Working Small hydroelectric plant (MYE), resulting in the destruction of the natural landscape, the complete writedown and the annihilation of Diabologefyroy. EC OF THE Archive Bridges The Peloponnese

Mysterious, energy sites in Greece

Mysterious energy sites in Greece, that inspire awe, raise questions and sometimes cause "shivers". Houses, land, temples, villages, Islands, with "bizarre actions». In each country, on every continent, throughout our planet, but just a few meters away, There are areas that are reference points-places, for the people who live there.

Whatever their "background", These sites have something special and often exude a mystery, a riddle. The forces of those sites relative to humans and on activities of. Their influence is positive or, sometimes negative, While many times is still "lucky" or therapeutic!


Won't you go away. Take for example two of the most tourist attraction ' poles ' of Greece. Mykonos "international jet-set ' and arahova, the «winter» Mykonos. What audiences had both places; Firstly, that their inhabitants were not in "Sun fate». Some struggled with the winds of the Aegean, that rarely allowed them to go fishing and the pagwnies and the snows of Mount Parnassus. Though, they were very close to two of the most powerful energy centers of Greece: Mykonos ' next ' on Delos and arahova in distance from Delphi! You tell me why this has not been the case in other places "adjacent" with Delphi or Delos; First of all it happened, but to a lesser extent.

All Cyclades (they are so named because they form a circle around the sacred island of Delos) constitute a point of reference for lovers of Greece around the world and the most adored destination Earth (and not only!). The same applies to the villages or sites located in the vicinity of Delphi and Arachova.


Speaking of Greece would like to emphasize a "weird" fact or better a "statistical", I've found from friends and friends of friends. Many of the couples who spent vacations in Thira (Santorini), they lived a kind of crash-test in their relationship and were not few those who divorced! Instead, the island of AMORGOS, It is a place of tranquility, serenity and positive sexual energy!


But let's get even closer. Such places are everywhere, Some even are beside us, the encounter on our daily paths. Before long , Grigoris Arnaoutoglou, through the broadcast of the "beautiful world 2», in dedication for haunted houses, He made reference to the Hill of evening jogging, located in the center of Athens, adjacent to the Kallimarmaro. «Weird» happening there aspects, stressed residents and certainly have no unfair.

The point is located in a very central location in Athens. In front of the national swimming pool, over the road that leads from the street Kallirrois in Kallimarmaro, There are ruins of the Temple of Artemis Agrotera. The houses are demolished and there no one takes their trading. The "atmosphere" that exudes space is quite unpleasant for most people.
Another such region identify in tinos, in Falatados, and granite Gelidokamaras Gallery, from which allegedly went by the Gelidoydes (fairies).


On the plateau of Omalos, in Crete there is dark and scary Cave of Tzani. It is called so because there was someone with this name, While it is speculated that in lost's labyrinthine galleries and many others. The sensation caused when someone enters in this, It's frightening. This is a highly charged with negative energy part that causes panic and intense stress to visitors.

In Crete, again, tsoutsouros, a small and unknown village in the wider area of ierapetra, It is a very negative part with heavy atmosphere and strong ' unionized» sea. Maybe, It is no coincidence that many of the children living and growing up there is, Unfortunately, late.

However, some areas of Crete are especially rich in both archaeological finds and legends. One of them is the ancient Inachus, current Tsoytsoyras, featured in TV shows metaphysical and paranormal nature as one of the most mysterious areas of our country, and maybe the planet.

It is not excluded that this is due to the name of, which is directly linked to the cave of ancient fertility goddess Eilithias, that was different and Inati. According to researchers of ancient languages the etymological analysis of the Word includes the "th" as in "not" gets accusative and mean power, the "to" which means temple and the "the" that determines the space.

Inati well means "space with Temple featuring power" and thus likely to explain some great energy power available to the erstwhile Tsoytsoyras and Inachus, name that also comes from the depth of time, from the time that the Cretans maintained trade with the Egyptians and means "father and son of RA».

All of the above of course is interpretations can be arbitrary, and the only sure thing is that the great strength of Tsoutsouros lurks in archaeological treasures amythitoy value found in the subsoil of the, for years, causing the looters. Typical is the case of, 75time today, Manolis Kefalaki, who brought to the surface some of the major findings that came out so far in Tsoutsouros, order course in their own, something that cost him seven years prison. Excavations of the paid, but his findings were lost along the way and definitely some cashed remaining intact… Source: stigmes.gr “

Many of the areas with intense energy usually host churches, buildings dedicated to deities, or just some boulders several tonnes that are fitted with a separate way. Many of the recent dating thousands of years, While even today their placement is a mystery, after allegedly people of those times had no such transport possibilities. Just bear in mind that we now have similar machines! "Horrific" example, the Easter Island:
The ancient peoples and of course, the ancient Greeks, They considered the Earth as a living organism. It was believed that our planet has "sources" that other offered for human survival and other eliminate all,What is not useful, just as it does and the human body. Consequently, the ' waste land ' is harmful to humans, but also for any other organism lives there.


Let's see, now, some sites with good and positive energy for humans. In Athens there are several, We must bear in mind that in too many places today is oikodomimenoi parishes. Very simply, too many churches, mainly, of past centuries, are built up in the remnants of ancient shrines. The reason was that they tried to take advantage of the power of such sites. Modern churches, do not follow this rule, Despite little. A walk up to the Church of Zoodochou Pigis Street Academy will convince you. See ancient columns that adorn the temple and the marble "table" in the back yard!
The Acropolis there is Asklepieion, located near a source of. The spring water from the ancient years considered miraculous and thermal. Even today, that in place, was built Church of Zoodochou Pigis. The area retains a hers "performed" air and water gives vaccines to over with power, those who drink.

In maroussi is a small white chapel with courtyard, dedicated to AI Yannis. Dating from the 15th century and is built on the foundations of the ancient temple of Artemis Amarysias. Once approaching someone there immediately begins to feel serenity, rejuvenation and relaxation. As if lost in an all problems. The Ai Yannis in maroussi, offers not only positive energy and healing.

The Parnitha region characterized by the positive energy that emits. The mountain is full of sources. The waters of Mount Parnitha is digestive, and thermal, because they contain large amounts of soda, calcium and iodine.
Many legends and stories about fairies and elves figuring out the source of "kera" near the top of the mountain. Located at an altitude of 1.164 measures. Anyone who has the courage to climb up there and drink from the water of, It is said that you will succeed in life of many. You will feel a higher power to the floods, After first being able to "coordinate" with the vibration of the ground and managed to ' see ' the ' magic ' power of the source, which literary, you could say that appears like an elusive fairy. Hikers should drink and bathed with water the source of kera.

Many of you will have heard of or would have been the point in Penteli where cars get ... more parakroysi. Climb uphill by themselves! The same phenomenon is observed and at Livithra Pieria…

Just outside Athens, After the marathon Lake there is the monastery of Vrana, over at Mount Aphorism. The monastery is built on the ruins of the ancient temple of Demeter and Chthonias at the opening of a cave, sealing the entrance of. From this cave flowed and continues to tumble, σήμερα, from the height of the Bell Tower, myrrh! Myrrh has been uplifting properties of spiritual forces, Les and gives us the impetus to unite with God!

In Evia, on the north side of Oktwnia village, in a natural environment of rare beauty, the monastery is built Waterfall, in the name of Saint Dimitriou. The waterfall near the monastery there are many miraculous properties.

In warm or Baths, in Samothrace, the hot Sulphur Springs, is famous since ancient times for its healing properties. The miraculous waters of the Fountain Ypereias, in Velestino, help too in gynecological diseases and postoperative situations.

Especially miracle is and some fountains in Portaria in Pelion's milies. The water quality is such, that surpasses the reputation of Serbia's water. Talking about "water of immortality", that gladdens the heart and regenerates man.

The small island across from Palata Naxos town, is the door, (or "Portara"), the only part that remains of the ancient temple of Apollo. The place exudes intense positive energy that fills the place.

On the island and in the region of Chalara, located in the North of the island, the mountainside is torn in countless slices. When the cross, We feel our showers to a vast power and while we walk quite not feel any fatigue.

Fot : El. Kalogera Syros

A nazitwntas power places in Syros, sooner or later will lead to X alara. T a X alara is very common name in the toponym of Syros map. Y there are at least four sites with this name. T a X alara located north, at a distance 600-700 meters from the fountain Syringe, is an extremely captivating and strange place, that seems to be hiding a sacramental power. This is a mountainside, torn in countless slices. We could assume that these fissures have been created by someone earthquake or by soil movement. A difference of lla sensation when we enter in the cracks and the chaotic modulation of natural environment in’ These, leave us with the impression that this place is not created by natural causes: E is made from the material that made the myths… A count and when we are near that area or look from the top of the mountain-about 30 with 40 metres tall- We cannot understand the existence of the site. A lthough most fissures have width over 2 meters, the traffic in them is done with difficulty. E ld Europe still has it is possible to go climbing and descending from one slot to another, We can hardly find out where we will be able to go through this natural labyrinth. T the height of rocks that create the slots starting from 3-4 meters and reaches a lot more. M painoyme p’ this peculiar place always from the same point: a hole in a light-colored rock, who we erpontas. M just look inside, Here's a strange shock. E is like to abandon the entire known world and to attempt an attempt of exploration in a new world… M painontas the maze of ruptures, with the entrance hole just a couple of metres behind us, the first thing you discover is that we have become dominated by a strange feeling: N iwthoyme the presence of a primeval force. However, We realize that there is no Flash no indication of life in’ these fissures! There are no insects or bugs or reptiles or small animals or birds in the sky (Although the region is a known place for hunting…). The vegetation is limited to a few yellow Lichen on the rocks. M although the humidity is excessive and wet rocks, There are no weeds or other plant traces. Due to the specific nature of the landscape the rays without touching the ground only a few minutes during the midday, Although between the slits is bright. Moving, We too many rocks whose tops are perfect natural pyramids, While the fissures are dispersed by holes and Burrows undefined depth and direction. A n do bother to look at the clock, We understand that time flies differently in there… Often, to move 500-700 measures within the fissures, Reinventing amazed that under our watch have spent almost two hours. K I this is not the case because of the difficulty in walking… Beyond the feelings of AWE that overwhelm us, We fill a vast power. Suddenly, We understand that there is no trace of tiredness in our body, While none of our problems we followed in the slits… N iwthoyme for awhile that we travel in’ another space and’ another time, but eventually we discover that we are not elsewhere… but “nowhere”… O attentive reader will surely be noted from the above description that X alara have all the elements that characterize a “neraϊdotopo”. The area could be characterized as “aornos stone” According to the definition given by the ancient sages in areas with special power, because of that birds avoid flying over their lands. The behavior of birds associated with the natural instinct of orientation, which lost in areas with intense physical magnetic activity. It is interesting to make some additional remarks, which can help any wants to investigate more, to draw their own conclusions. The region around X alara called Strobilia, something that we suspect that refers to strobilismoys and disturbances resulting from the existence and studied the currents. According to the Pythagorean â rithmosofia, the lexarithmos of the word Λ APA is XA 733, and the lexarithmoi of phrases in AIA YPIH and c A c IA p YPIH… EC OF THE www.paranormap.net

On our visits to these sites should be taken seriously, that should not get there with the bias that I feel something specific. Must not reach the places of power like the subject that will confirm or disprove their truth. Our feelings must be pure.


All the places of power marked by shrines and temples, connected to each other with imaginary lines and form isoskeli or equilateral triangles, polygons, or other geometric shapes. The most known triangles are formed between Delphi in Olympia and the Citadel, the Afea (in Aegina) sounion and the Parthenon.

The houses and towns developed around the places of power are designed so, in order to ' work ' like halls of temples, associated with other temples – power sites, other cities and all along, temples and cities – buildings, It was these small land force.
Each building, from the simplest houses and public buildings, built to work and they like small land force. Constituted, i.e., mediums of Oikodynamis, the ancient Greek ' Feng Shui ' and forwarders health and bliss to all the inhabitants. All homes have met the Entelechy the, and Entelechy in one dwelling is the bliss of people living within this. For bliss, Besides, and not for the malaise, made all.

The ancient Greeks, well, After having studied and experienced nature and all places of power, identified the "vibrations" of dwellings and their positions among the, and the fitting-out of premises, so that these things that exist within these to have the appropriate class, mood, functionality, symmetry and comeliness, in order to seamlessly connect with the remaining buildings and cities and all together with nature, to provide strong power sites.
In other words the buildings, even the simple houses was placed in specific locations, with the aim to create a perfect musical instrument»: initially the town and cities the Greece and its colonies! The houses, like a great Orchestra musical instruments, ' playing ' and ' been coordinated "with nature that directs this Orchestra, so the Entelechy to "returns" or "that resonates" a harmonious Oikodynami.


What is, But what makes the places mentioned special and so very positive; Because these sites are full of power and why others give us feelings of anxiety, depression or us ill;
As I said originally, our planet is a living organism, I see now some specifics of this organization. Most of the places of power are characterized by intense terrain and by the tectonic abnormalities of the Earth's crust, like Meteora. It has also been observed that important role plays the magnetic field, but the earthly and cosmic radiation!

The Earth is surrounded by a huge energy grid lines, forming pentaedra, looks like IE with a huge soccer ball. The nodes located on the associations identified the major shrines and monuments of humanity, as is the Parthenon, the great pyramid in Egypt, the Stooynchents in m. Britain.

You still need to mention the telloyrika currents, which is of course electric currents, flowing over horizontal surfaces found on Earth. When a telluric currents meet an underground water vein, then the magnetized water and medicinal properties.
Many of the actions that are released, work negatively for humans, particularly in the intersecting points. Though, in ancient times many folks, but the Greeks, they had found a way to neutralize the negative energy of a place, just by putting in very precise triangular formations, "dolmen" to "cleanse" the area. The same result has been the construction at the heart of negative pyramid or canopy sites, that refract the negative radiation.

«Dolmen» means «stone table». Something we encounter in AMORGOS. The locals call it trapezopetri or God's table. Worth at this point to note that the Amorgos, with Delos and Keros, are the strongest land force in Cyclades, with an abundance of positive energy. The ancient Greeks even, they had gone even farther, by neutralizing the negative sites. The energy and the power of space, had found the way and the exploited therapeutically. All asclipia are built with special ways in very specific places of power. The layout and cutting of stones were alternately positive and negative charge, Thanks to their molecular composition.

With specific hymns and invocations to reinforce the region's vibrations pulsing and the patient cured faster. This happen, because, as nowadays has proven, the man has his own natural electricity. When this is reduced due to some disease, slowed and treatment. But if the patient "acquire" the electricity that it lacks, then the immune system is working normally and the patient quickly finds the health of. Something was happening and at Epidaurus, the most well-known unknown by asclipia! Yes! Epidaurus was a huge Hospital of antiquity, where the Theater played the role of "spiking" and resuscitation via the ' vibrating ' speech, from the "works" of large addition!


Here, you quote an interview to the writer of the Greek national theatre actor Sotiris Vagia, that gives answers to the "mysteries" of the theater of Epidavros.
"I had just graduated from the dramatic school of the National Theatre, When I phoned my teacher of dance inspired by interpretive, Maria Chors, and suggested me to join the dance project "Oedipus at colonus", that would drive up at Epidaurus Alexis Minotis.
A magical landscape of our theatre, that no one could deny his size and his wisdom in the area of ancient drama. It was a challenge for me (a new actor then) the cooperation at the ancient theatre of Epidaurus and this historic performance.
Entering the space of the Orchestra (So said the scene) and watching the theatre below, do you think that is a huge Eagle, that or I'll get him to fly or I devoured.

The Epidavros, the theatre of Epidaurus and the whole area has a magic power, an action almost extraterrestrial, a calm in the landscape and at the same time a frightening intensity. Playing nine consecutive summers there with the "Auditorium" of Spyros Evangelatos small but leading roles, as the "Jonas" by Euripides, I felt and realized (After these years) that the actor onstage is like flies over the theatre and over the heads of spectators. Don't feel that you're down to Earth, but in the air.
Before each performance sounds the Eurasian scops owl, This bird that I just dropped the Sun, gives the signal, or rather is the Bell of the show, for many centuries. A chirping at regular intervals, that puts it in the process of stage fright and self-reflection.
The theatre of Epidaurus is very "cooperative" with the actors, but also very dangerous if the claims and endorsements yourself superior to this catalytic, sacred space.

A world-famous actor and Star (from her movies), He played there said: "There are no sacred places, There are holy people ". This was the first and last time I played in the ancient theatre.
I'm sure that the theatre should be made looking from above (i.e. from top to bottom), Maybe not built by human beings. The unique acoustics still remains a mystery for many archaeologists. Alexis Minotis became furious when a press the actress thymeli. The considered sacrilege.
Going to the theatre space don't see from anywhere, Despite only reaching over (at the entrance). Like to be hidden inside the mountain, to protect his sacred presence over the centuries.

In the expression of "Iona", coming out in the Orchestra felt the 8.000 viewers are with me down and not at their posts. A feeling weird, where time and place are lost, the theatre is except time and off-season, like to be empty of spectators. That there is audience understand just finished the show (from the applause). Leaving the scene, at the end of the show, you want a few moments to epaneltheis in your normal state (What happens to spectators, many times).
When the theater is empty from the world, looks like a huge fan, like a great, warm embrace, like a spaceship that travels through spacetime. When filling out the world, again it's not like there's anyone.
It's so intense its structure and landscape, that even 10.000 people perish in this magical ship time. There are a few times that I felt to fly at least half a metre over the scene or to sit together with the world (next to it) or to see myself from above.
I'm sure all these have felt and other fellow actors, as though afraid to confess, whether or not the felt, definitely understood that something is not normal and reasonable in this space, where is lost and found everything.
In this space that travels, thou shalt thou shalt not nearly, in the universe, but at the same time press and very sturdy in the sacred soil of the Orchestra, serving the vision of an ancient poet who wrote the work.
All ancient tragedies were written about this theater and played yet, have in the gods and humans, such as Epidavros: Divine and very human, magical but also very cooperative, Unreal but also strongly present through time.
Perhaps our only contact with another world, that exists at the edge of our minds, a world of imaginary, a world unique, full of emotions, full of values, full of mystery.
A theater unique to our planet, that sends messages in the hallway of the universe, that opens up avenues of thought for the wise men of all time.
A theater that maybe made from above and that will surely exists in space-time forever. A colleague, with which we played together, had told me: "we Sotiris, We don't have to fear nothing from now on, because we saw God in the face».
The ancient theater is one link that unites the today and tomorrow with today. A unique contact with another world, with another sky, with other "beings", you might as well be created, leaving their marks, everywhere!»


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Source: hellenes-romaion.blogspot.gr

Found the oldest (;) painting (design) on the planet

Group of scientists announced that found the oldest planet's plan and it is a revolutionary discovery.

The plan dates back to before 500.000 years, It is a few lines of zik ZAK and found in Indonesia. It is not the
I first discovered the oldest design painted by human hand.

Many years ago, the researcher prehistory Francesco d'Errico, from the laboratory of Bordeaux Pacea, discovered what, in the opinion of the, It was the oldest painted representation. It was engraved on a piece of red ochre found in Africa's Blombos.

Source: hellenes-romaion.blogspot.gr

The sarcophagus of Meleagroy, Alexander the great and the ruins of Amphipolis

Shocking is the last finds brought to light archaeological excavation in tumulus Kasta of Amphipolis. As shown will employ for long, If not for years, archaeologists after the first presentation, which will be held on Saturday at the Auditorium of the Ministry of culture long ago. the zougla.gr had reported on similarities decorative found in the tomb of Amphipolis with the sarcophagus of Alexander the great which are exposed in the Archaeological Museum of Istanbul.

Very interesting is the fact that according to many archaeologists, the sarcophagus is not connected with the Macedonian Commander but with the great General of Amphipolis Was, However the similarity of findings-as shown in the pictures- It is incredible.

(Left the sarcophagus of Alexander the great and right ones found in Amphipolis)

The glass and wooden decorations found in the excavation of Amphipolis is identical with motifs that adorn the Sarcophagus of Alexander the great ". This is most likely a similar style, However the findings of Amphipolis are starting more and more to connect with a General of Alexander the great.

From the 1895 the German Professor W. Judeich had argued that the holder, i.e. He was buried inside the amazing Alexander sarcophagus found in Sidon of phoenice, Laomedon was the Amfipolitis, son of Larichoy. To drive, though, In conclusion the W. Judeich, interpreted the reliefs shown on all four sides of the, considering that the person who plays a central role, both in’ those performances, they depict scenes from the battles of the Grand kosmokataktiti, but the death of Meleagroy, and in some other, not related to some historical event, is, in fact, the "holder of the sarcophagus, Laomedon.

(Alexander's sarcophagus-upper right is distinguished and lion)

It is recalled that in a recent video which published the zougla.gr, Ms. Peristeri refers to the Great Alexander but also the findings of Amphipolis. Even in older articles, our online journal reported in the puzzle with the tomb of Ifaistiwna.

The patterns in the sarcophagus of Meleagroy

M (k) proof that the patterns found in the tomb of Amphipolis was used even in the later years, is the sarcophagus of Meleagroy which is located in the Archaeological Museum of Delphi.

H Meleagroy's sarcophagus is one of the oldest artifacts of Delphi and of the first museum exhibits. Found long before the French excavations by the Bavarian architect Laurent, During Kapodistrias order between 1831 -1833, but moved and settled next to the Museum in 1901. comes from a monumental burial grounds of the Eastern necropolis with graves that they saw and described the travellers arriving at Delphi.

Attic belongs to the category of carnivores 2 century. a.d. flying relief mythological representations. The lid has the shape layer's where resting form of buffer.
Its name is due to the legend of Meleagroy. On the main façade shows two scenes from hunting of boar Kalydwnioy. On the right the extermination of the terrible beast, and left the future of Heroes for the skin of prey.

On the back side of the sarcophagus were both confronted Griffins play a frequent issue with funereal symbolism.

In Greek mythology, the name Calydonian Boar is known an awesome in size and in strength boar, which sent the goddess Artemis to punish the King of Kalydona city in Aetolia. According to the legend, King Oeneus of kalydona offered the first annual fruit of the country to all the gods except Artemis. The goddess then sent from the wrath of the Boar, that was killing farmers when they went to sow and cause disasters generally to existing territorial. Then the Meleager, son of Oeneus and Altheas, to relieve the country from the beast, He called most of the heroes of Greece and promised them that whoever succeeded the kill would get as a prize the pelt and head of the beast.

Followed the infamous "hunting of Boar Kalydwnioy», in which took part the most renowned mythical heroes of the era.

As explained by archaeologists in the zougla.gr, There is no mention of who was inside this sarcophagus while chronologically is not associated with General Alexander Meleagro. The decorative motifs that adorn the concrete sarcophagus resemble those in the sarcophagus of Alexander the great, but also with those found in Amphipolis.

Christos Mazanis
Source: zougla.gr

Premier of that believed the Antikythera mechanism

The Antikythera mechanism, the famous astronomical computer that was discovered in 1900 in an ancient shipwreck, It's probably even more ancient than the estimates so far, According to a new scientific study, an Argentine and an American researcher.

The wreck is believed to have happened in the first century b.c.. (between 85 and 60 e.g.), While the mechanism is estimated to build between 100 and 150 e.g.. But the new estimate puts the launch mechanism in calendar 205 e.g., just seven years after the death of Archimedes.

The science historian Christian Karman of the National University of
Quilmes Atlético Club in Argentina and the physicist James Evans of the University of Washington's Nootka Sound Paget, who made the relevant publication in the journal Science history "Archive for History of Exact Sciences», According to the New York Times "», They concluded that the inaugural date time from the calendar of the mechanism becomes 50 until 100 years earlier than scientists ' estimates so far.

The enigmatic mechanism found in the waters of the Aegean Sea is considered a technological marvel for its time and many scientists characterize the premier analog computer in the world. Analogue machines not appeared despite at least technology 1.000 years later.

The mechanism, inter alia, accurately predicts the Lunar and solar eclipses, as well as the dates of the Olympic Games, as imparted the Athens press agency.

The two researchers estimate that the prediction of eclipses of the mechanism based on Babylonian numerical methods, they had borrowed the ancient Greeks.

Other scientists have linked the mechanism with the famous mathematician and inventor Archimedes, who died in 212 e.g.. The 2008 a research group, analyzing the inscriptions found on the mechanism, He estimated that he built in Corinth or at Syracuse, where Archimedes lived.

The expert in the history of ancient mathematics Alexander Jones of New York University said, however, that the most likely area of construction of mechanism is the Rhodes.

One of the two researchers, Dr. Evans, appeared sceptical about the identity of the manufacturer of the admirable machine.

"We know so little about the ancient Greek Astronomy. Only short excerpts of works have survived. It would be safer to not try to render the mechanism in a particular famous person», as said.

The last years have increased international interest for the explanation of the mystery of the Antikythera mechanism, with new books being added to existing, as well as more and better computational simulations, even a model from "legko". A large number of archaeologists, historical, Astronomers, Mathematics and other researchers strives to illuminate the riddle.

At The Same Time, I recently became a sea of Antikythera, the site of the wreck, a new Greek-American scientific expedition diving with ultra-modern equipment, with the hope of discovery and other findings. The mission, that was interrupted prematurely due to bad weather, will continue next year.

Source: hellenes-romaion.blogspot.gr

Delos :Revealed an ancient pottery workshop

Ancient ruins and objects about the sea-to the level it once was, just off the coast of the island of Delos believed that it was the remains of a quay. However, a review led archaeologists to a different conclusion: that in space there is an ancient pottery workshop which once stood on the shore.

6 clay pots and a furnace were found ,embedded anymore , at the bottom of the sea

The ruins, which lie at a depth of just 1,5 until 2 measures on the northeast coast of Delos near the ancient settlement Stage and now it is believed

that are connected with trade or manufacturing activity – in other words, There were found the ruins of an ancient pottery shop and workshop.

The excavators concluded after the discovery of an embedded on the floor but also the provision of miniatures and semi-tended amphoras along with an oven. Similar workshops have been uncovered at Pompeii and Ercolano (Herculaneum) in Italy.
The remains of the Eastern breakwater of the stadium housing
In front of the ruins of the ceramics workshop large stones were placed in a line. The boulders were potentially once part of the Eastern breakwater of the settlement of the stadium.
Other remnants of structural elements, as walls and low colonnades matching, as well as the ruins of the walls along the coastline.
The survey conducted by the Ministry of culture in collaboration with the National Research Foundation of Underwater Antiquities Inspectorate of the Ministry of .

Source: hellenes-romaion.blogspot.gr

Tomb – carbon 250 meters from the Tumulus Kasta


One of the interpretive keys to the temporal sequence of events which shaped the final image of the monument, like this from …

by Mrs. Katerina Peristeri, Maybe is a nearby Tomb. Just as it was revealed the grave space itself in the depth of the third Chamber on the Tumulus Kasta, at a minimum distance from the much vaunted excavation, There is another, nearly identical CIST Macedonian Tomb. About three hundred meters away from the Hill, in an earlier archaeological survey, It has been revealed the so-called "Tomb III" of Amphipolis. In the prothalamo there is a pebble mosaic with lozenges, which looks pretty with that came to light during the first stage of excavation in the Tumulus Kasta.

The antechamber of the Tomb III of Amphipolis. The mosaic with the lozenges

The sepulchral Chamber of the Tomb III has colored flooring and it is clear that in the second phase after the original burial, There was a snap and break-up of the floor in order to place an extra dead. Then, CIST grave built, who, Indeed, bears and murals. Outside the Tomb found palmette anthemwti headstone from the end of the 4th century. e.g., on the basis of which became and dating the Tomb III.

The main funerary Chamber, with the add-on, underground parking

As written by official archaeological guide of Amphipolis, they took care of the basic Digger of Amphipolis, Dimitris Lazaridis and until today is sold at the entrance to the local Museum "in this position extensive research revealed during the 1960 the third of the notable tombs of Amphipolis Macedonian type, Unfortunately sylimeno and partly damaged. It is carved into the soft rock, whose walls covered by large brick pwrolithoy wall. There are only inferior saves only its lower stones of the wall covered with mortars that mimic marble revetment. Comprises vestibule and Deathly Chamber and has an overall length of 9 and width 3,07 m. The flooring of the antechamber is decorated with multi-colored Rhombus mosaic, While the floor of the Chamber divided into three longitudinal belts, with a deep red color and the lateral yellow Middle.

Part of the mural from the Tomb III

North zone flooring was broken for the building and the second Tomb, outside of the original, located deep in the Deathly Chamber. The two box-shaped tombs they found sylimenoi. The walls of both are covered by mortar with vivid colors-red, Yellow, Black, grey, White- one does not have high kosmoforo film with decoration of shoots, flowers, birds, vessels, mirror etc. The murals and mosaics-paintings detached and transferred to the Museum of Kavala and in the brand new Museum of Amphipolis.


Ornate decorative embossed, piece from the culmination of input column epitymbias

The Lazaridis dated the grave III in 3rd b.c.. century, but Dieter Salzmann, German archaeologist who is considered an authority on ancient mosaics, placed the Tomb in the last quarter of the 4th BC. century, almost at the same time in which build, at least in the first phase, the Tumulus Kasta.

The similarities between the two monuments are what characterize the archaeologists as "parallel", i.e. the correspondence, which often confirms or strengthens evidence for the dating of a finding. And in the case of Amphipolis, Maybe it is not only what is going to be revealed in the next phase of excavation, But what is already known, which will indicate that the Tumulus Kasta was never alone.
Source: rizopoulospost.com

National Geographic: King Alexander lives!

national geographic

The tumulus Kasta, You can hide Alexander the great, It deals extensively in the Greek National Geographic, which proceeded in creating two versions, around this magnificent discovery in Greek, archaeologists.

Already, the first version released, with the title “Amphipolis: May hide Alexander the great;” and presents the findings so far of the tomb of Amphipolis, as well as the theories that have been developed so far.

The first edition, US turns a few months back, in the period detected the first “tracks” This tomb at Amphipolis, presents pictures and sketches of the mound and all that, Stressing that any discussion of the Amphipolis, should be done with full respect for!

The tumulus Kasta, beyond the Greek borders and compares with archaeological “colossal” findings, as is the mausoleum of Augustus in Rome, the great pyramid at Giza, the great Tuba in Vergína.

And a series of questions

In this first version, baring and two just, but basic questions:
Can the ancients to built around this monument to hide inside a so smaller construction;
If Yes, can put the most precious monument site, the pithanologoymeno burial chamber, out out and not as instruments are used;

Asked Alexander the great buried in Egypt;

Another question that must be answered. Alexander the great could have requested burial in Egypt, If you wanted to “consolidate” την “universality” the State of. Also, I knew the apotheosis, as the Egyptians, considered him a child of Zeus!

From the other, the great stratilatis, He was loyal to the Macedonian customs imposed by burial in the Royal Tombs at Aigai. Feared, that if you don't follow the “rules”, the dynasty would be destroyed, as envisaged in the prophecy of the progenitor of the Argead dynasty. Extra, adored Homer and Achilles and a few months before, He had buried with Macedonian prices in Ifaistiwna.

Here are more questions in the first edition of National Geographic around Amphipolis. “Alexander's body arrived in Egypt;”, “Alexander's body was burned in Memphis;”.

And after, the theories…

Regardless of who the dead found in Tomb Kasta, importance is for the version and who gave the order to construct the Tomb. The Tomb, It was created in the 4th century BC, When in Greece, was dominated by the “track measure”… So far in this project has completely lost. So, Alexander the great, It is perhaps the only one who could have ordered something so great, as it disregards the 10.000 talents who had to give, in order to honor a dead of…

Alexander the great lives!

As to’ Winter, Whoever ordered the grave, Whoever is there entafiasmenos, Alexander the great, managed what I always wanted: The glory of surpassing that of Achilles and is still alive, as very few in history.
Source: rizopoulospost.com

Φοβάμαι στην ιδέα ο σκελετός της Αμφίπολης μπορεί να είναι του Μεγάλου Αλεξάνδρου

sarantos kargakos

Written by Dimitrios Katsaros

The historian Sarantos Kargakos, explained earlier why the possibility to be Alexander the great the dead of Amphipolis is not so positive, as we think

Speaking of online telecast of PopI Tsapanidou in STAR, the historian Sarantos Kargakos did review our ability "to do ridiculous serious».

The journalist asked Mr Kargako to talk about the scenario that he wants dead of Amphipolis to belongs to Alexander the Great. He replied that he prefers not to speak with scenarios. Είπε ωστόσο ότι θα είναι ένα μεγαλειώδες γεγονός. At the same time, however, a fact that fills terror. The fear is that history we are not able to deal with an event like this with due severity. On the other hand will theatrikopoiisoyme.

While I disagree sometimes with the historian Sarantos Kargako, at this point I must admit right. The historian said the example of visiting of Alamoyntin Amal in Greece legal where such matter to climb ' Lady on the Hill of the Acropolis because they did not have proper footwear. I without proper footwear I climbed in Ararat before few days» noted with slight irony Mr Kargakos.

Reported to attempted theatropoiisi for the return of the Elgin Marbles by visiting Alamoyntin, "as if in Greece there is no legal capital" to work on the problem of claim of marbles. The historian yielded well all collaboration with the famous legal as another case of geloiopoiisis a serious matter.

This criticism was taken as an overall view of the neo-Hellenic culture. But it could be a straight political criticism to the Government. Ebriskomenoi at a time when the political crisis expressed as content of political speech absent, the words we are working seriously for the return of the Parthenon Marbles will not say much in public eikonoboro. Conscripted well image, visits celebrity lawyers that will help to achieve the objective of repatriation, respectively the Amphipolis, the course of business but also disagreements between archaeologists becomes almost reality show. So, has the basis of fear of Mr Kargakoy for the possibility to be Alexander the great buried in Tomb Kasta. "Tremble at the idea" because he knows that I theatrikopoiithei because the Government will use to increase its popularity. Will become the symbol of the Renaissance of modern Greek, grounded in their glorious past and other such graphics, that make us what we are like very fooling, in our neighbouring countries blakanikes.
Source: rizopoulospost.com

Katerina Peristeri's Amphipolis

Last weeks press release was very clear: Ministry of culture and sport – Σημεία ενημέρωσης από την κ. Άννα Παναγιωταρέα και την Γ. Γ. k. Λίνα Μενδώνη στην Αμφίπολη.-

At 22 November, the Minister of culture and sport,. K. Tasoylas will give an interview in the Museum of Amphipolis, on one afternoon on the findings and the next phase of work on the tumulus Kasta.

On the afternoon of November 22, the Minister of Culture and Sport Mr. K. Tasoulas will be interviewed at the Museum of Amphipolis on the findings and the next phase of work in the tomb Kasta.

At 29 November, Sabbath day and time 11.00 will be presented the results of the excavation period in Hill Kasta, from Serres, curator. Peristeri and its partners, in Athens, at the Auditorium of the Ministry of culture.

On November 29, Saturday, at 11:00 the Inspector of Antiquities Serres K. Peristeri and partners will present the results of the excavation season at the Kasta hill, in Athens, in the Auditorium of the Ministry of Culture.

I know that to Greeks who probably see me more in the press at the moment than Kim Kardashian this might seem surprising, but … until last month I always refused to do television and interviews. The only reason I did Alpha News about Amphipolis was because I was so angry about the ridiculous attacks on Mrs Peristeri and her amazing team at Amphipolis, and because I was so upset by the criticism of their work. Their critics are as ridiculous as the people who claim Skopje is Macedonia.

Having said that, I worry that I am becoming too associated with Amphipolis, and I would like to make it very clear that the excavation is the result of the brilliant work of Katerina Peristeri and Michaelis Lefantzis, as well as their brilliant team.

That’s why I’ve taken a step back, and as the Ministry of Culture has announced that Dr Peristeri will be presenting the finds at the end of the month, I am going to try to keep out of speculation and discussing anything else anyone spots in photographs.

I’m not sure where the story that the body found has blue eyes originates, but eyes are mostly water so one of the first things to disintegrate with a corpse. Red hair? Hair lasts longer, but every archaeologist knows that hair dramatically changes colour based on what it was buried in, so even if hair was found, wild speculation that the Hero of Amphipolis was a redhead is premature.

I know that believing in God is unfashionable these days, but I do. Whether we honour him in the Jewish manner or the Greek Orthodox manner, his basic teaching is the same: “treat others as you would like to be treated yourself” … I’ve been quite happy to discuss the findings, and even push to get the Ministry to reveal a little more about their evidence for the date, but the tomb’s glory belongs to the Greeks, but presenting it and credit for finding it belongs to the brilliant archaeologists working there. Jesus said “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar, and to God the things that are Gods” – with Amphipolis, let's allow Mrs Peristeri the credit and the opportunity to explain to Greece what amazing finds she has made, and whose tomb it could be.

Source: phdiva