What is the next “step” the archaeologists on excavations of Amphipolis

While excavation work is progressing in Amphipolis and time that culminates the agony for the occupant of the Tomb, the surprises from the Tumulus Kasta succeed one another and cause once again thrill.

According to what he gave on Friday published in the Ministry of culture established the existence of stamping by pwrinoys stone flooring. There are the parts of the floor which are in contact with the side walls, the excavation team believes that the pwrinoi stones in the third and last Chamber of the monument are, eventually, horizontal wall sealing. “During excavation, as we have already mentioned, showed the existence of stamping by pwrinoys flooring stones» referring inter alia to the Friday announcement.

At the same time the announcement mentions that during his fourth space apochwmatwsi found the existence of an artificial pit-trench- on natural soil rather uncommon schist, 4Ch2 surface, 10 m., which the Ministry insists not to characterize crypt.

However, the existence of trench-which has dimensions of a large room- Sparks new concerns in the scientific community. The Honorary Curator Katerina Romiopoulou speaking on free press explained: “There is no other example in Macedonian Tomb. To find that indeed it is artificial excavation must be found inside an element. If you don't find anything inside will stay as excavation by semicolons ". At The Same Time, told the newspaper The New: “If the rock chipped to do the excavation, who can the did and why; Does contain some box, Larnaca or bed; Cases only we can do once we're not experts on treasures of Pirates of the Caribbean. Because most opposite in this monument are like the Aladdin. We go with the lamp but we don't know what we will find».

Another archaeologist wonders: “This is cache that was created during the construction of the monument or did for applicator dug in retrospect to place there the marbles, as the head and feathers of the Pharaohs "; According to the publication of the free press, such thinking suggests that the creation of the trench may coincide with the creation of wall sfragistikwn “were raised to protect the monument from vandalism. Terms for being “applicator» in the third Ward recently asserted and Professor of Archaeology at the ARISTOTLE UNIVERSITY of THESSALONIKI Chrysoula Paliadeli.

It should be noted that the new development concerning the excavation of the now lifted and any doubt that the Tomb might not have been looted by Tomb robbers. The point is though when invaded the monument. The sylisan more than once; When sealed; How found the door under the floor; The sandy earth entered by human hand;

“The unfortunate thing is that there has been neither a mobile discovery, a currency, a shell, especially in the third ward " Commenting on the New experienced archaeologist. “It is possible to spend their Tomb robbers and not broke a vase; Not dropped something; It is as if someone is too sweeping and erase traces», Adds.

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