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of Stavrou Papantoniou

The unknown person- key who executed the design of Alexander's mother

The story doesn't always mentions those who pull the strings. Many times forget , forgets and leaves forever in oblivion details, but in their time were those that may have changed the course of the entire History.

While the impressive monument of Amphipolis begins gradually and breaks the silence of manifesting the well-hidden secrets of, the same is not true with the history of the era.

The almost nonexistent sources leave us in the dark about the What can followed the death of Alexander the great, a period identified chronologically with the monument, as we are around 320 p. X. The controversies and the battle between successors took rampant, After the death of Commander, the presence of a security section in the vast Kingdom of.

At this point deserves a highlight: O Alexander for most successors It wasn't until the "booty" for their own power. The dead as important and if it does not cease to be dead. On his own doings, others wanted to build their own little glory and others simply sought to pass as quickly as possible in oblivion, as what had been accomplished would far outweigh any new effort that would become in the following, After the conquests had already begun to dress with the veil of myth.

The only one that was really the death of Alexander and only interested in Macedonia is to return to her son, was the Olympiad. And apparently they did everything to return.


During that period take place a lot political events in the form of thunderstorms. For a strange reason era sources, cut, lost and confused and conflicting with each other. S.If someone wanted to "verify information" of the era and downstream to looking to find the sequence of events. It is no coincidence that the subject of burial of Alexander the great, is until today one of the biggest mysteries in the world, Since this is the first "kosmokratora".
Let's make a splash in time trying to compose some puzzle pieces with what our sources say few.

Ptolemy I SOTER dubbed, stealing bunch of Alexander the great, apparently wanting to gain time vs. Perdikka, who was the ' official ' power. The reason I did this was probably to prevent the Rwxanni to give birth and become heir to the throne Alexander d ', son of Alexander the great.

Its worth noting that Perdiccas was the Official Trustee of the Empire and had grown in the protagonist of the first phase of competition of successors. Something which is not liked at all in Antipatro (his father Kassandrou) that he was losing the "train" of succession. For this and drawn with the "rebel" Ptolemy the Savior, who held the bunch. It is also worth noting that Antipater was a confidant of Philip II , who used to say that ' I sleep quietly, Why is xagrypnos the Antipater ", While Alexander when he started the campaign , the commissioned the Viceroyalty of the Kingdom of Macedonia and the State "bailiff duties the Makedonian GF and laboring in Greek Antipatrw epitrepsas". In this post, the Antipater remained throughout the great Alexander's campaign in Asia. Them to understand the alliances of the time, but they haven't had anything else as an incentive, only the power left behind by Alexander the great.


Perdikka's campaign against Ptolemy with the purpose to recover the bunch of Alexander the great, fails miserably. Perdiccas himself was assassinated by his officers , who aytomoloyn on the side of Ptolemy. And the officers of the Perdikka have no better luck and killed.

But one survives. The name of the unknown in history. This is the Aristonoa the Pellaio . Minimum information we have for him, but we are perhaps the most important. That the Aristonoys the Pellaios the DIORISTIKE DIOIKITIS TIS AMFIPOLIS 321 p. X. , While he maintained excellent relations with the mother of Alexander the great , the Olympiad, which instructed all warfare against Kassandrou.

Of the few reports that reach us on Aristonoa is from Arriano (6 Book, 28 Chapter, 4 paragraph) and by Diodorus the Sikeliotis (19 Book, 50 Chapter) . On informs us that “the Aristonoys, one of the bodyguards of the Greek Commander, got under the control of the Amphipolis. The mother of Alexander the great, Olympiad, had commissioned the warfare against Kassandrou. He sent his army against Amphipolis under the leadership of General Krateya. The Macedonian General invaded Bisaltia. The Aristonoys, experienced strategist, initially taken aback by the troops of Kassandrou and in the final battle to Bedyndia of Visaltias, Krateya's Army disbanded. Krateyas himself fell in the battle»

The information is very important: We learn that at a time when it is very likely, According to the excavators have made the tomb of Amphipolis, i.e. the 321 p. X , It takes the reins of the city a former bodyguard of Alexander the great and his mother's confidence man Olympiad, who was to open against with cassander. The sources indicate the Aristonoa, as aristocratic descent and loyal in Macedonian customs. He was probably also the reason why he had gone to the side of the Perdikka and not of Ptolemy, as the latter was the "guerilla" with current conditions.


The placement of the Aristonoa as administrator of Amphipolis should not at all random and is likely to have the seal of the Olympiad.When, however, can be taken this decision and why;

After the end of "echropraxiwn" between Perdikka – Ptolemy, the meeting in Triparadeiso, at that time, for which we do not know at all what it was decided, after missing the ancient sources. Apparently there was some agreement to "fall tones» , He shared in the Empire and pieces the minimum that we have been saved by Diodorus the Sikeliotis, We know that decided the return of the Kings in Macedonia.

The facts, however, have a sequence and a temporal link between them that allows us to do the following guess:

The meeting was the key demand of the Olympiad for return of the deceased Alexander in Macedonia. For the implementation of the given project was appointed commander of the Aristonoas, who had a close relationship with the mother of Alexander. In the same meeting it was decided to build the mound of Amphipolis with "enforceable" Ptolemy and designer Deinokrati. If the Loveth eventually moved to Amphipolis don't know. However, it is very likely that the mound was created for him.


The case may have a great base if you consider the placement of the Aristonoa , as Commander of Amphipolis and her desire to return Alexander Olympias in Macedonia, something I had as a goal in itself until you die.

The question that arises is why in Amphipolis and not at Aiges;

And here we can easy to answer if we take into account our POLICIES opsin developments.

Macedonia at the time I was single and talanizotan from great enmities. The Kingdom of goats the controlled Philip Aridaios who had come to an agreement with cassander (the agreement was with his wife Eurydice, as Philip the King movement was Aridaios as intellectually retarded) and became regent.

To understand even better the political balances of the era, so Philip Aridaios and his wife foneytikan mandate of the Olympiad 317 e.g., which had holed up until that time in the Kingdom of the molossians of Epirus and had gotten under the protection of both the Rwxanni and her grandson Alexander d '.

Hence the Aigai were totally foreign to the Olympiad, that if any Alexander returned to Macedonia would have to find another place to become the burial of. For this she appointed Governor a trusted her man , the Aristonoa, He had been honored by her son with the high rank of bodyguard, in order to perform the secret plan of burial of Alexander.


It was the port and will not become perceived high deadweight and transfer will not cause new passions, as I was passing at all some funeral procession by land.
Amphipolis served another purpose:

Anyone who has visited Amphipolis today, I have found that the port is only minimally from the point that has made the tumulus.

To all this we must take into account another element: The Olympiad, It was a woman painter was always what I wanted. So is described from historical sources and has been linked to many intrigues, like the murder of her husband, the Philip of Aridaioy poisoning, He left and intellectual disability, While she was Priestess to the Cabeiri mysteries for which little things we know , as covered by intense mystery. Apparently to return Alexander in Macedonia would do everything , even such a high-level conspiracy.


The Olympiad was unaware that her son had already gotten huge reputation throughout the then known world. Obviously the more interested to return to Macedonia and to be buried as she wanted, Despite his tomb becoming pilgrimage through the centuries. Moreover the Exchange to transfer in Amphipolis, likely to be kept secret, as this boleye and their successors both in Macedonia and in Egypt. Don't forget that Ptolemy Soter was Ptolemy son of Filadelfo, who claimed that ruled Egypt with the power that give the body of Alexander the great , He was buried in Alexandria, According to the thryloymena. So we are talking about a perfect conspiracy , perfectly executed from the Olympiad with a single objective: To return Alexander in Macedonia.

A highlight worthy: When we say secret burial mean, not reflected in the sources, which apparently fell in “censorship” . Not explain otherwise that no source is not mentioned in the construction of the mound. The secret burial does not include backfilling as apparently in the first stage the Olympiad would want the monument to be visited, at least from the same. Another element that ties in perfectly with the speculations of the excavation team. That the monument was at the outset and not sand it later. However, dates coincide once more. As the Olympiad without any apparent reason suddenly returns 317 p. X in Macedonia. Let's look at the facts of the return of


The specific scenario, bolstered by yet another fact. The Olympiad had returned to Macedonia, the 317 p. X after 13 years in “hers” Kingdom of the molossians of Epirus, which even had completely reorganize.
Why he returned to Macedonia in 317 BC and in which city went , After the Aigai were impossible to "accommodate"; Apparently he returned because he had completed the construction of the mound of Amphipolis , I received the dead son and she naturally went in Amphipolis, which was friendly to this, After he had commanded by Aristonoa.

The arrival of Macedonia strikes Olympics again the political passions and undertakes proactive kassandros, the who fears that will permanently lose the train of power (don't forget that he was the son of Antipater, of “absolute Regent” of Macedonia during Alexander's campaign), so addicted to power. Our sources illuminate historical happily at this point, confirming the theory.
Kassandros returns dynamically in the spotlight. Make an agreement with Aristonoa to deliver the Amphipolis and despite the fact that he had come to an agreement with him and had guaranteed his safety in Exchange for (Διοδ. 19.50.8), tricked him. The Aristonoys handed over the city, but eventually the Kassandros defaulted the agreement and killed the 315 e.g., reducing the risks to the power of. The relevant passage reads:

The 315 e.g.. and with the assistance of members of the family of Krateya, is murdered and the Aristonoys and Amphipolis finally passes under the control of Kassandrou.
It had preceded the murder of the Olympiad which was the biggest danger the arrival in Macedonia for some conspiracy. Kassandros the hunts (apparently out of Amphipolis ) and this resort in Pydna. There dies by stoning the 316 e.g..

The Rwxanni stays with Alexander d '. Their imprisoned kassandros in Amphipolis (Διοδ. 19.52.4) where it remained, up and killing them from the Glaykia (Διοδ. 19.105.1-2, Pays. 9.7.2) the 313 e.g..

Excluded based on POLITICAL developments and the hatred between Cassander and Olympiad, Alexander of Rwxannis and d ' the Tomb to be made in their honor on Basel Cassander.

The tymbos of Amphipolis was ALREADY FTIAChTEI BETWEEN 321 p. X and 317 e.g. , on Aristonoa, until you take action the Kassandros, who having finished consecutively with the whole family of Alexander the great, Finally got the power in his hands.

Not excluded however kassandros to buried inside the Tomb that was intended for Alexander the great and Olympias and Rwxanni and his son or any of those members of the Royal family. After they were placed in all dead, the tomb was located approximately 10 years after its construction to definitively pass in oblivion and Kassandros dominate Macedonia ,away from the irritating myth of Alexander the great and his family.


This theory is based on a combination of a few historical sources and logical sequencing of events , It seems to coincide with the archaeological Department of communications. The large marble door seems to have opened many times. This can be done either to placed above dead, either to enter the Interior of the tomb the Olympics to see the dead son. Also the backfilling seems to be later, something that can be justified by Cassander's desire to rid itself once and for all from the “annoying” Monument and along and by the King for whom he made: Alexander g’ Philip.

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