| The plate of Dali and the secrets he's not going to ever hear from official lips.

Νομίζω ότι έφθασε η ώρα με την ευκαιρία για την πινακίδα του Ιδαλίου, to say some things that aren't going to ever hear from official lips. This is because the Chinese want to keep us in the dark. You don't know anything about our breed. Greek today doesn't know "who is". Don't know where it comes from, what represents, what he wants to achieve, as you can reach. And most important of all. YOU DON'T KNOW WHO IT WAS!… How many of you, for example, knew or had heard about a brass plaque that has been found in ancient Cyprus Idalium and the main (even now that you heard about her), What is the content, i.e., what he writes; One ... None;

Now you tell me what relationship may have this plate of Idalion with our theme. Yet because it is a piece of lost knowledge. Because it shows us how far back, how deep in the history and prehistory, are the roots of this strange, for the perception that we have today, the war waged for centuries up to the sacred land of our country, for the purpose of enslavement and the destruction of our breed and who are these our indigenous enemies. Let's see, well, What writes this plate of Dali's Linear B writing and mesokyprominwϊkis are two sides. The decryption was done by Chadwick method into syllables. The sign begins with a prayer to the Sun God – SIRIUS. The supplication is as follows: ' To ' ya Seirie deomai gosh. Always in the son (from) reeis father unto thy Temple in allowing only insignificant, the Seirioy of silver. In ' you need great glory, because thanks to you, Diogeni, the Sun flowing ".

Now let's look at the ancient Greek text and the performance of with brass plate by the Callimachus Diogenous, as well as reviews of George Petropoulos from the first publication in the magazine Brand.

Reading in modern Greek Cypriot's plate of Dali, with type syllables Chadwick, free performance, starting from point P1.

1. Asian ELLs, We are in the realm of Arrack. God answered:

2. Sons Kown, where is the city which reigns in Imala, will defeat the culprit.

3. The space within the fuselage live.

4. The rule of lamb took up play in the Earth the Fgm, the hob.

5. In mild folks out there God, in God place, Saturn fell on them with noise.

6. The Toyroy, people new, on Asia has crept into your parts.

7. In the land of the Nile anetrefeto Satan.

8. One of the boars with sounds of the kymatizoysa queue smikryne.

9. Thebes was the sea, in Aramaia, your new House.

10. Another Particularly in the area of Engomi fell.

11. Father, your country's temples enforced.

12. In the Sahara with ROAR settled his residence the hob.

13. He described in the sagas with long ears when the Athenians defeated every ocean.

14. Oybaiwn in Keneena of the houses literally shook the hob.

15. Of the new Kingdom gaϊdarwn will beat our father.

16. They defeated (This) in the ocean.

17. The temples, where the inhospitable to foreign man God thy children, the Ionians, successively he sacrificed, will cease.

18. The "Silver" young people from the Tainarou area to gkre ¬ mizeis, my child.

19. The child of delos is undefeated in the sea.

20. Where are your gods, to your graves poieis.

21. Athena will speak, When the time comes.

22. Minos will reign of divine mission in Thiva.

23. A Theban hero will kill the Dwarves hidden in the clouds.

24. The Idalium until borders with Kos is an area which the goddess will include in the radius of the arrows of.

25. In Asia will join the Oydaioi of Keneena.

26. The serpent in the fig trees of the region will be beaten with arrows.

27. God Seth will alwsei the buoyancy.

28. The House of Vou understands that those who love thy thelktikotera presented by some, as is the case with the impression from the salting.

29. When you see strange ears, to understand that these are the donkeys.

30. The position of Cyprus is our father.

31. The only place egkatabiwnei Particular moral.

32. Our father, the vindication, to eternity live, While in our sons of Italy eirwnes dominates the rehabilitation.(;).

33. STOU Jupiter town new regret presented.

34. Young succumbed to foreign Vou, the son of an animal.

35. Had set the House of Zeus in Asia.

36. The defeat of the horse and the boar that will bring in the temples who built it should be dual.

37. Penalties to all Competent – ripte Oh oydaioys.

38. The Seth and on Asia in your mission of boars West, in Italy, eisedysan from holes.

39. Council ripte in donkeys sentences.

40. With water the new monster nikas.

41. Oh my God, in your katintisa skinitis land.

42. The son of Seth, God man, has been adopted by your children.

43. To fight the Hyena with Trident.

44. The only owing to errors of Oydaiwn was now the butcher of new.

45. A Oybreos set himself to reigning of God Earth, sons of your own their land revolutionized this.

46. In morals is the fault of the sons of the Earth Asia.

47. Of God Saturn in the temples is Tobe katamayroi (on ebony).

48. The Tobe's House of hyenas.

49. In basileyontes in the Earth there is six in Asia the horse.

50. The tomb is located in silver Thibi the new God (son of Seth).

51. The Moon moved the new House of Ra.

52. Saturn to the gods of the Atlases will reign.

53. Your mission on Earth has come God Ass.

54. With their words Asia Land Kassites aroused against you.

55. Go to the land of your sons.

56. The sons of gods reign at Gods throne.

57. The hyenas will see that their ears are lepra. 58. The sons of Saturn are mortals.

59. Other sons of the Ra will install.

60. The Oynos from new earth you will understand.

61. The Kassitis, the hob, has the ears of men where created the epics of heroes.

62. Our father Thibaie! In Keneena up stroggylokathise an ass.

63. Oybaioys in Keneia is in the House of telwnioy.

64. Warren is the sunset new year.

65. In the land of Osiris is the cell phone gods year.

66. The father, to win with your morals patrika ass.

67. In the Kingdom of Cyprus the new six is the new dances.

68. With his sons that will levitate alienated every child mind.

69. Gathered to God Horus your child manners, of Iona.

70. Great collection in your land has implemented in the land of Sikis year from God.

71. The morals of boys of Asia gravitate towards silver.

72. The temples of God are in graves Argyrou.

73. When you listen to God's words Donkey, do you mean muffled hum.

74. Be updating in your land of Quesnay young.

75. The country has alwsei in temples of Seth ebere.

76. The Mission of the Green drive, that has been, stayed at Tobeto.

77. The Hyena will in sharp disagreement with the Yo Kero.

78. One of the new Lasithes will reign in the Kingdom of Arrack.

79. The PAIs of Troy is Pais of the disk.

80. The Venetian is the mind of the pig.

81. Our father Osiris is the slip knots.

82. Your mission on Earth has come God Ass.

Free translation based on syllables:
Another Earth Ra ELLs, They asked me what answer God King of the land of Mown, Minos. Minos tassw leader of all Aitolo, in memory of the bygone common exormisews of Mown by the land of Seirioy, in the colony of Seirioy (i.e. the Earth). There were enemies of the Thebans and Myceneans Minoos. On your website, Vou Jupiter, your children, replaced the God of Minywn with the Steed-Seth. The Patria efoneysan and each public. Him with ears hyenas (in other onagroy) King mortal, your children joined God-father, defilement to the Hittites. The stranger God orechthike to make the Ionians actions, which will result in a change of the solar calendar. Endless love make underfoot. In the land of the Hittites, the Hittites sons lead a life as their appetites dictate. The iakcho King, then young paida, three times hit with bat (the hand of Seth). Have you the Chittiti to the barrel pieces here and now! Oh, Jupiter, Athena, in Miletus, mother of all cities, where is the perfect Sunrise Apostle, the around the Sun timwmeni Sun's daughter, the katoyroyn were. With animals oxen in Crete, at Thebes sunrise on Earth, the Hittites are archers intercourse. In honor of the ox new, that is both a horse (onager), people of your son Seth King killed, podopatwntas him with horses then. In paida Aten said after being asked the question: "On public land, where I live, in Ataranto(;) Italy, in my son will go».

This writes the plaque. Now let's see some reviews of George Petropoulos to our brass plaque that may assist in making the best possible understanding of the content of. (Brand 126)

Upset the established historical views. The existence alone of the name Aten (or Olaf), obliges us to put over in the era of the Pharaohs Amenofidos BI (1380 – 1362 e.g.). It is indeed known that this Pharaoh replaced the worship of Amun with Olaf, disgusted with the debauchery of the clergy, the bloody sacrifices, the insolent wealth and wastefulness of the temples. He does not, changed his name, at Achnaton. Consequently the plate shall not be attributed neither earlier nor later Pharaoh.

The coexistence of God Ra (Sun) After Olaf's (agathopoioy sunset properties) could trouble us. If we accept, writing of the plate as a place of Egypt, then you have to accept that omiloysan and wrote the Greek (that era). Refer to Elloys (Greeks) Asia whom he calls sons Kown and Mown or who were forced under the pressure of a barbarian people, the Hittites (the civilized, want the encyclopedias), to move. The important thing that says the Billboard is that the King of Minos is Mown and not only of Cretans and furthermore that Moes came from SIRIUS and colonized the Earth, that means a colony of Seirioy. For people technologically advanced not far away that Star, Since it is the 4th sequentially distance. The Cypriot our plate shows that SIRIUS was worshipped as a God.

The solar calendar was in use in Egypt and the Greek East of Star Seirioy coincided with the era of the annual flooding of the Nile (that is why the pyramids were oriented to receive the rays of). Ultimately becomes katadilo that there was originally a people the Moes, who for reasons yet spewed adieykrinistoys on Earth. The Hittites under King Monster-Seth, replaced the solar calendar with Lunar and brought destruction. Were no intercourse with animals. The "archers" implies the imposition and violence, and I certainly came as conquerors. Furthermore the chronology (1380-1372 e.g.) coincides with the radical destruction of the Palace of Knossos and makes clear that the Hittites archers are responsible for this disaster which, of course, the sisters, our historians attribute to (civilized, noble Greeks) Achaeans!!!

As regards God Seth, the global history of the incumbent mentions as God of the Egyptians, brother and enemy of God Osiridos, which efoneyse and katatemachise. The Egyptians regard him villain God and we conclude that it was Chettaios God, teratomorfos, presumed product, Maybe, beam man and beast. Later entered the Pantheon of Egyptians, like God of evil. From reading the plate shows that thousands of years ago came a hob (Monster), in the Earth, the Seth, God Ass (as the calls), with a view to the corrupting. The paradox is that the monster that came with a "green disk and stayed in Tobeto(;)», as features says. Furthermore, us reveals that the Trojans are children of the Green drive (the perennial enemies of the Greeks;)!The hob it had relation to Saturn, from which presumably originated (disrespectful Titans;) and reigned, as we witness the Billboard, in Atlases, (Saturn-Saturn).

From this we conclude that happened thousands of years ago a hostile invasion of Earth, by Saturn, with head of a monster, the Seth (Hurricane). Had as fans of the Toyroy-Toyroy, the Huns, and Hittites, who fought the Ionians (his sons Mown-Ellwn) and they sacrificed to their temples, by ebony (does the myth of "Iphigenia" is a testimony to sacrifice in Greek;). Even that Kroneioi, along with Atlases, they made Alliance against the Greeks and the displaced from their parts. Found fault with their responsibilities to Oydaioys and Oybraioys for destroying this because because of their errors, "the only, was the butcher of new», as features says.

But gives great hope for the victory of the Greeks in the future, saying that "the child of Delos (Apollo), they are undefeated in the sea

– The goddess Athena will speak when the time comes!
– Minos will reign of divine mission in Thiva.
– A Theban hero will kill the Dwarves hidden in the clouds
– With water the new monster nikas ".

Prophetic words for the future.
The central idea of this revealing our plate confirms and Plutarch, When reading the moral of "on Isis and Osiridos ' AI, see to indicate that: "the Egyptians of the city only to enhance precipitate Koptoy, because they say that the Tyfwn (Seth), only resembled and were erythrothrix (kokkinotrichis). And generally the only, do not consider him clean, but occupied in evil demon». The Pythagoreans indicate Hurricane-Seth, as "tear of Saturn", i.e. originating, derived, by Saturn.

The Orfikoi again we are told: "Saturn's hair is black ... more Malicious Titans that have proud heart of ... (Proclus)».

Atlantis was called and "Kroneia Continent". The most remarkable of all, however, is that the priests (probably) who wrote the sign, report that they become skinites, in the land of the God Zeus and that necessarily live within the fuselage!!! Spindle, Let us not escape us, called the inside boat that flies or sail. Still report that Moes came from SIRIUS, led by Minos, and colonized the Earth. Children of the Ells are Mown and the Ionians. But later it happened a hostile invasion of Kroniwn, led by Seth, that brought destruction to the Earth because corrupting the morals and customs of new, destroyed many cities seiontas Tess (artificial earthquake;) and between these and the Knossos in Crete. Therefore from the sign that shows why they fought the Greeks with their Atlases. The battle that keeps thousands of years, and continues to the present day, a and the descendants of these, the Tatars-Mongols Toyroy-Toyroy ("the ' our brothers", more, our Turkish neighbors) threatening us continuity and trying unsuccessfully to enslave us and annihilate our (Ottoman period, Asia minor catastrophe, The Cypriot tragedy).

Conclude from all of the above shows that the Earth in ancient times was visiting (The Argonauts) civilized beings from the system of Seirioy, that should be considered (According to Plutarch and tagged) ancestors of the Greeks (The Ionians, Ellwn, Pelasgians). Created a high culture, throughout the Land, but as it describes and Plato in the "Timaio" broke out war between Greeks with Zeus, Atlas and head with head of Hurricane (Seth). They defeated the Greeks and so failed the Atlases-Kroneioi to dominate throughout the Land. With the passage of centuries and the subsequent wars (maybe after natural disasters), the files destroyed in Greece, but rescued in Egypt by the Priests. Later all this ancient history and wisdom gathered in the library of Alexandria. If, of course, they didn't destroy the library of Alexandria the Theopneystoi (in the name of God with very ... love) and they didn't burn (and kataklepsei) the thousands of volumes that there, Maybe we knew firsthand everything that we are trying to conclude today, by studying the few ancestral texts that arrived in our hands. Nonetheless, through symbolic myths and inscriptions remained, whether or not codified and hidden, the truth.

In Indian RAMAGIANA read about wars and battles with flying tanks, which hurled projectiles, that destroyed entire towns. The wars were because the evil Ravana stole Sita, the wife of Prince Rama. Against Ravana marched many Royals to get Sita (huge similarity, or copy, with the abduction of Helen, so;). Several researchers, of course, doubt about the origins of intelligent beings from the system of Seirioy and serve as an argument that as a Sun that is the prevailing temperatures be too high and therefore the existence of life is impossible. Fail, though, negligently to think that every Sun, According to sympantikoys laws, forming a solar system, with different numbers of planets around him (e.g.. our own solar system) without precluding the existence of life, Depending on the prevailing conditions in their surface. Not excluded, well, was or is there a planet suitable for life at Sunrise-Seirioy system.

The ancient Greeks, as it known, swear to Jupiter or in Dog (Maybe this is a coincidence;). In addition there were the cynical philosophers. Aristotle mentions cryptographically that "anyone who wanted to describe a" Dog "could use" Dog Star ". No other Star for which there are so many details, such literature, such worship (because SIRIUS was worshipped as a God) worldwide except for the star of the dog, SIRIUS. All the temples of the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Maya etc. in antiquity, they were geared to this star, so the 21 the June, to the East of Seirioy, the first ray of falls within the sanctuaries of the Holy. Was this a coincidence; How the Dogon knew natives so details of Sirius a and Sirius B, their shape and their behaviour, before their discovery by scientists astronomers;

Apart from the sign of Dali, many other signs found in Crete and performed with the Chadwick method, We speak for the MOES that came from SIRIUS, as the following: "Zey, Zey, and everyone Moes, who are the children finished; RA Eisakoyse, My King (Kou). The Antalya, Once the garden is Mown, eneblithi under the sea».

– According to Herodotus, the Nappy appeared at the battle of Marathon and sowed panic among Persians.
– The Persians of Xerxes attempts to invade in Delphi, but the knocking thunders from heaven, crumples up the two peaks of Parnassus, While two giants Hoplites with their strange weaponry and decimating.
– The Gauls later, in their long descent arrived to Delphi, they were repulsed by the "secret weapons" of the Oracle (that caused landslides and earthquake) Turning to stampede the invaders.
– The 395 e.g.. the Alarichos (the Christian ruler of the Visigoths) invades victorious in Greece but ends up retreated panicky during the siege of the Acropolis of Athens, When fully armed Athena appeared on walls. Alarichos forced to bypass the Holy rock of Acropolis, Although later joined winner in Rome! The case is considered by historians as puzzling with the departure of Attila from Rome, After his meeting with the Pope.
– Talos, the huge metal robots, patrolling in the sea around the island to protect the island from invaders.

The list could be longer. From the «tripods» of Hephaestus, the flying Caduceus of Hermes and echetlo, up the visions of the Virgin Mary, Agios Dimitrios and Saint George the younger years, the Greeks seem to be protected from unknown forces and weapons yperkosmia, activated at the appropriate time to defend the sacred soil of their homeland.

The secrets that they hid the ancient Greek Mysteries, remain unknown to most people:
• What was happening inside the Trofwnio Antro;
• In The Eleusinian Mysteries; (and for what "advent» omiloysan;).
• The Cabeiri;
• In the sanctuary of pan in Penteli;
• The Katabasio of Hell to Tenaro;
• What is the (still undiscovered) Mystery of Delphi;
• Of Delos;
• Of Dodona;
• What exactly was the sacred Psychopompeia, now all of them thoroughly sealed;
• What was the secret goal of the campaign of Alexander the great;
• What happens to the mystery of Aristotle's works, trying to decipher even NASA;

– Has some unknown important peculiarity of the Greek area, beyond the geopolitical strategic importance;
– Has some unknown important particularity himself a Greek, that excels across the world, In addition to his homeland, η οποία (According to most Greeks and now last and with many foreign) located under a strange occupation;

As they say the bad tongues and many scientists agree, all the ancient knowledge remains buried by the establishment (Although there are a few cases that some people tried to dig up this knowledge, but because of "obstacles" the results were very poor).

– There Is, does, some group of wise and enlightened people, who knows and preserves the secret knowledge of antiquity; And if indeed there is, has been in the hands of secret weapons and advanced scientific and technological knowledge, such that it can affect ' underground ' the international stage and forcing the superpowers to calculate, like a very serious (but hidden, invisible for now) factor;

Πλάκα του Ιδαλίου, Όψη Α

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