can succeed with the feeling. Knowing is not worth in the eyes of Plato if not this whole sick soul. Worth then more than a science, becomes a fragrance of life.

It is in this case a senior man in the man, that personality is nothing else than a sickly copy. In this same man is born a being who transcends· the original and wonderful person. Just due to this, that in Plato's philosophy integrates the secret of the mysteries. The Church father and author Hippolytus gives us the following passage:

"Behold the great secret of the priests of Samothrace (who are the keepers of a worship, certain, of Kaviria Mysteries), secret epitetrammeno not to reveal but who know the insiders '.

Let us therefore we travel a bit, passing from the Mystiriakoys temples of Samothrace. Let's try to become observers and companions of candidates and initiates in their sanctuary project, and let's take our share of this divine involvement in the perpetration of Kaviria Mysteries.

It is night and we are seated, silent in a beach of kataskoteini Palaiapolis. Nine days and nine nights no fire is not turn on on the island. Everyone was waiting for the sacred flame that will come by ship from Delos. The forces of Kabeiriarchis invoke the Cabeiri, the forces of internal fire, and the people rattling with repeats. Away, deep in the pelagoy, a small light ever grows, approaching to the coast. The sacred flame sends the reflection in the calm sea. The boat gently ashore to the port and the ierofantis picks up the torch with light and enters the head of the procession formed to the sanctuaries of the Church. From this the torch will switch on the light of the altar in the temple, but all the fireplaces of houses. The procession progresses slowly and with ritualistic grace. In front of the Kabeiriarchis holding the torch, following priests back, a little further back the candidate for initiation and finally the number of inhabitants of the island. As they approach, the imposing form of the temple displays in the light of the full moon.

The procession stops first in front of a fountain. It's time for physical cleansing. After the lead in front of a round pit covered with a wooden lid. The hearing opened mobile ierofantis and in depth appears the Sacred Stone. In the hands of the candidate now place a mug with holy water and that making libations over to him cited the help of great gods in difficult test that starts. He will begin preparing for the first degree of initiation that lead him into a small room in the South of the Palace · the "sacred House". Here the first black wear distinctive livery indicating the darkness of ignorance that is the myoymenos. Then give it to keep the sacred lamp with etched onto the magical original letter of the word God and the sea, the "I", that means other notations symbolizes the horizontal diameter of the circle as the first manifestation of the divine.

From here the myoymenos having lit the lamp only from one edge driven silently and rhythmically in the Palace by the special door of candidates. Entering from another entry already, inside the great Hall are senior and old Mystics· anaktotelestes that seated round – round at stalls will attend the ceremony. There in front of the main entrance is located the wooden podium where rituals going up and the candidate sits. In just starting round of ritualistic dances that are able to drive out evil spirits. The dances are circular and made with the sounds of music and songs mystiriakwn. A sweet giddiness overwhelms him and released by bad influences are ready for the next test.

So from an uphill path lead him to North Hall where he would uncover the secrets to interpret symbols and will become the ritual representations. Here the initiator takes the Cadet in the transcendental world of spirits and Gods. Of explaining that the soul of the spirit that was seconded by the gods, entangled in matter and apoplanithike. To rediscover the road and to reassert its position it takes great effort. He sees in front of him like a purification process to unfold the known sacred drama of Rapture of Axiokersas – Persephone by Hades – Axiokerso and her quest by her mother Demeter. Learns to understand the deep meaning of symbols of father heaven and mother earth and Ithyfallikwn representations of mercury – Kadmiloy.

Then returns from the Hall of the Palace in the "sacred House". Here the wear the white robe of the initiate's and deliver a document that proves the entry in list of initiates which will also draw on the building's columns. Now you can turn on the lamp and on the other side, and then you can become a contender in the second degree initiation, the "supervision" and after this will ignite and from the Center, so three vertical flames to form an ' e ' on the level of the oil lamp symbolizing the three basic evolutionary categories of people. The ceremony was celebrated in the building called "sacred" in the South of the sanctuary area, in front of the lit torches pelwrioi.

The priests take positions outside the courtroom and leading candidate in front of the stairs of the temple where it burns a great brand. Bumped into one of them. At another erect and stately stands the Kois (*) strictly asks him to confess his sins, to get rid of their weight so that he may hear the word of God. The Cadet with stable and low voice reveals the major sins and asks him the brokerage for their elimination.

After forgiveness and cleansing from the priest drive in front of the worthy mystagwgo. It's time to seal the rest of his life myoymenoy. The ierofantis leads him to pass the first test, the ordeal of fire. An oblong corridor unfolds in front of. Right and left along the, they are flaming columns and he passes only between until you reach the other edge. The fire is always a symbol of purification and symbol of a new beginning for new life. Now having crossed the fiery passage, is ready to accept the purification of water. Takes place a ritual purification bath. Water is another item that has passed into everyday consciousness of humanity as an interior purgatory of body and soul.

Now he is ready to face the great tribulation. The ride on the back of the building to see with his own eyes and to experience a sacred and mystical revelation, as shown by the very word ' Supervision ' i.e. superior vision. During this drama the myoymenos sympathizes with divinity, identified with her and has experience of action of. By this time the candidate is Kadmilos, the man who is killed by his brothers and moved to the underworld. So driven in the Cave Sanctuary of the temple, where should stay isolated. Will help to turn back the same his brothers after days and with the help of mercury will bring back to life. But it is no longer the same. Is the born-again Kadmilos who knows himself and returns victorious to the upper World. At this point the initiator ushered in the arch and ascends on the sacred rock. Reveals and teaches the new Supervisor secret formulas and new symbols of the degree of. Performs rituals and invisible at the same time offering libations to the gods of the underworld.

After the priests been ported the supervisor under the arch and the pulpit where covered with a wooden shelter is the ceremonial crypt. It descends gradually inside while listening to the clatter of the sacred animal. In the little spilled blood bathes the entire and realizes that a real baptism of blood and fire specifies the new beginnings. From there carry him triumphantly to the Holy throne located in front of the Mystic fire Temple. The crowning with an olive branch and wearing a purple belt. These are the symbols of initiation of. Has become aware of the mysteries of life and death. A new life is illuminated in front of the, as the sacred flame illuminates the whole island.

Ximerwne the ninth day and the people waited anxiously for the resurrection of Kadmiloy aggelma. When the high priest came out with the lit candle that kept, all the people with AWE gonypetoyse to hear from the lips of the return of aggelma near the foneymenoy a few days ago the adept. "it is our life again, light and wisdom "announced the high priest. Then everyone with relief screamed: "you have our hopes. You are our ALAThITOS GUIDE for MAS. I adore eternal ". Was the time of Sunrise Spring Sun and the reported crowds, waited to unite the four lights. First the four prelates, the perennial Cabeiri. Following the four lights (Sun, lamps, souls and each SUBSTANCE). The four secular authorities who run out universes. Together the four unite ARETES and were part of the mystery of ThEIAS SOCIETY. Finally the Sun projected on the horizon. Young initiates with the red tapes in osfya accompanied by the four hierarchs who had the red tape over their heads and were hanging back on the edges of their cervix. The last word was:


Let's look at the basic procedures myitikes.

Withdrawal period and she is holding nine days and nights. The 9 is the number that corresponds to the Moon and which in turn and which in turn is related to the inferior nature of man. At the end of this period, have achieved a minimum alignment between the lower and the higher sides. Then comes the sacred vessel with the flame from Delos, i.e. the place of the Sun. Is the time that can descend Uncle Spark of spirit, then you can contact man with the superior facets of himself. The light comes to scatter the darkness of the night, meaning of inferior nature and the people of the island make a fresh start by welcoming. In the ceremony of initiation, the candidate must try hard, Why would be unveiled deep mysteries. The Ierofantis, He could describe internal human Wizard, guide him to pass the tests Cathar¬TIC. The first is the crossing of igneous passage, i.e. the catharsis through the element of fire.

From the highest spiritual levels up more materials, the fire was considered historically purgatory element. The fire is a symbol of purification and symbol of a new beginning for new life. Used by most, If not all, mystical cults of the world. The ancients Pelasgians used to jump over lit bonfires and yell "leave behind the sins". It evokes and the current celebrations of St John. The myth of the goddess Demeter says that when he was a guest of the King of Eleusis, the season was looking the Persephone, He wanted to make immortal King's child passing his body over fire. Apollodorus also says that was common to the parents kids pass them over fires to purge. This purifying face was distorted by the fire of inquisitors of the middle ages who used as a primary means of extermination of the "magicians" and "witches", because they believed that this was the soul of the sins.

India is well established in the burning of the dead body to be released fast indoor existence. So did several tribes erythrodermwn of America, to go the souls of their dead in the meadows of heaven. But in esoteric teaching is considered the most accurate method for the liberation of individuality, as the teacher Thibetanos in one of the books of Alice Mpeili. After the ordeal of fire, the candidate sanitised with the element of water, following a special ceremonial procedure. Water is another item that has passed into everyday consciousness of humanity as an interior purgatory. Beyond the internal purification of the body that offers, purifies and the inner man, Why is a component that absorbs influences easily. Almost all Greek cults were introduced the purification with water, and at times of the mysteries they filled the rivers of loyal, something done even today in Holy Indian River, the Ganges. Let's not forget that one of the main Christian mysteries, the baptism, It is essentially the katharmos of man from original sin.

After the second purification, the myoymenos, who now embodies the role of Kadmiloy, killed by his brothers and moved to the underworld, symbolically in his Cave Temple. Here we have the symbolic death of personality, reminiscent of the murder of Osiris from his brother Set. It is an allegorical expression of human travel in the Treasury of Domestic Existence. In the world that are buried all the old memories and experiences. All ulterior emotions and hidden desires of lost ideals. There the initiation comes into contact with this whole world, with the world that psychologically we would say that it is the subconscious of. According to legend, in Underworld rediscovers his brothers, which in fact help him to be freed from death and back to life like a risen one hero.

What lies behind the existence of the brothers; What do the deeds; From one kill Kadmilo, While on the other hand help him to resurrect. These close relatives who kill and accusing yet, in fact some aspects of the self are the same of the initiation. In conscious life, the person has failed to balance the sides of them and harmonize mid. So, the imbalance becomes cause of death of personality. Entering, though, in the world of the subconscious, the accumulated knowledge acquires brings in a balanced relationship with oneself. He knows himself. And from that moment it becomes Lord of all sides and return to the upper World winner. Gets the location of the well in place of initiates and revealed the symbols of initiation: the olive branch and the purple zone.

The olive tree is from the sacred trees of the goddess Athena and symbolizes the healthy mind and uplifting at high syneidisiakes situations that touch the divine existence. The coronation with olive branch, indicates that the person has a wisdom, logic, Temperance and desire for higher States of consciousness. The purple zone indicates that despite the initiate's search for superior existence situations, It never ceases to be himself in the world of matter and must create what,What better can in this. Additionally, the purple zone, the flame symbolizes the desire of the individual for service and suitable to his fellows. When the man returned versed anymore on the upper World, the entire island has been illuminated by the light of the flame of Delos. Returns, i.e., in the world of consciousness that has illuminated now by the spiritual light and offered a regenerated life knowledge and wisdom.

So we are able to render internally the central standard of Kaviria mysteries. From another internal perspective, the mysteries that are associated with the elemental forces of Earth and fire in a harmonious operation. Show the drudgery to be paid to achieve results whether material or spiritual. Therefore we can say that there were three degrees of initiation to the Cabeiri. The first corresponds to the murder of Kadmiloy from his brothers. This is the death of personality due to the imbalance of. The second corresponds to the passage to the underworld, where is the dead Kadmilos and there discovers the lost faces of, the forgotten self. The third and last is the release of, the resurrection and salvation. Is the level of self-discovery, where the hero, knowing oneself, return to the material world to begin a new creative life.

Ioannis Papanikolaou
(*) The Grand Inquisitor.

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