| Dorothy King: "I want the Elgin Marbles to Athens, like a middle finger raised to the Jihadists '

Talking about the chances of Greece for the return of Antiquities, the Alamoyntin and the sirloin with Venizelos
The dream of her life-at the present stage, at least- as the exhibits the same Dorothy King "has to do with various projects, the resulting in a resultant against fundamentalism and every kind of fanaticism. I would like all the experts admit the mistakes I have made in their estimates for Amphipolis, that is not Roman or anything else, It is clearly a Macedonian Tomb. Which, whatever was the use of, It's so big and so majestic that it could not have been made without the permission of Alexander the great.

I would especially like to see the Parthenon sculptures together in Greece, like a big middle finger raised to jihadists and all those who try to destroy the cultural heritage of humanity. I think the best answer to cultural genocide engaged the jihadists is to show how proud we are of our culture. And for’ This, among other reasons, I would like to see the sculptures of the Parthenon to return to Athens. Yes, OK, the British Museum the watch, one can study, but I would like to see in Athens, under a system of long-term borrowing. And, between us, I wouldn't mind at all if he was evolving into lending something permanent ".

But, at the same time she exposes the philhellenic vision, with the spirit that moves between contempt and envy, its critics call it the "archaeologist Dorothy King for Sex & the City», «bloggers ' etc mainly because the intensive presence in twitter and blog staff treated like ' gremlins ' kaina and intervention methods that are considered apadoyn of scientific seriousness. The supposed frivolity of the King stressed in addition to the fact that it is new, blonde, filareski and eternally smiling, ingredients of a recipe that is very difficult for combined with the interpretation of a Macedonian grave set like this of Amphipolis Mound Kasta.

In the texts the Dorothy King prefers to intersperse the scientific reason with touches of humor, to causes with scathing irony Skopje and their irrational, as she considers their claims in Macedonia, to compliment the Giani Baroyfaki or publicly is flouting the Director of the British Museum who ostentatiously she frowns upon the Greek demands for the return of the Parthenon marbles.

The sculptures of the Parthenon

Polypragmwn, cosmopolitan and congenital multicultural (born of American parents originating in London Polwnoebraϊkis, grew between Britain, France, Poland, The US and Morocco), the unconventional Dorothy King is not a common case of a public personality exposed.

The paradox is, de, that the more someone talks with her, the more it thickens the mystery that surrounds. The life of King is adventurous, the wandering the globe continued, the many and varied interests-even the views of switch, as happened with the sculptures of the Parthenon: Formerly he was convinced that "fine is in the British Museum", today doing everything,What can to press the British to trust the Greeks to have reciprocal borrowings Antiquities. Considers that the legal claim, as the mediation of UNESCO, It is an impossible choice: "To be honest, I'm not particularly optimistic that with the current Director of the British Museum, the Neil Mcgregor can be made, It is fixed on the views of. Make several leaks to newspapers instead to discuss the issue of borrowing. From this point of view I don't think I can do something. But I know that there are British parliamentarians who support the Greek side. And as it still says the British Museum, the sculptures of the Parthenon is not his own property, the ancient belong to the British people. Therefore, I believe that the Greek side must not lose its time with requests, etc., but to push political, to achieve possibly an act that would have Parliament's ratification, (private members bill), an amendment to a Bill etc..

As an individual, on my own, I can't do anything to help-and no one can. From the other, though, I know that there are some circles of people in London who like to discuss topics such as such as the Parthenon sculptures. You need to pass to the next stage and begin to act. An amendment, something done then in Britain, It will be the first step. But we also need a correct sentence, not, in my opinion,What concerns the legal branch, but offering benefits. I am not just saying I, the say and others, by borrowing from the Greece exhibits that could fill the empty space that would leave the Parthenon marbles. Nobody would say no’ in a report to the Breaniko Museum for the Olympics, let alone during an Olympic year. The same would be true for exhibits from Vergína. In this case you will gain both sides, It's win-win.

These objects will continue to act as ambassadors to Greece and Greek culture, just like the Elgin Marbles worked had just arrived from Greece. Why, currently the Neil Mcgregor panders too much to this ' cultural diplomacy ', something for which the British Foreign Ministry has no idea. For the accuracy, I know that the Ministry was outraged with the borrowing of ancient objects from the British Museum to the Hermitage in Russia, just because the Mcgregor is a friend to the Director of the Hermitage. The British Government was not, was at museums, between Mcgregor and his friends».

The mediation of UNESCO and Amal Alamoyntin

The British have officially rejected the appeal of the UNESCO for the favourable treatment of the Greek request concerning the return of the Parthenon marbles. According to Dorothy King this was originally expected: "The UNESCO has no power to enforce its role as mediator. Its people are bureaucrats, This is all, you just make incessant meetings and discuss what could be done. My view is that the right way is the long-term lending, setting aside the property issues. Is cultural property across Europe, Let's leave it there.

In place of the Greeks will not do anything, I'll let the Mcgregor to do what,What makes, why people who supported before 10-12 years, now just keep silent. I would say not to worry about 1-2 years, before his tenure runs out Mcgregor. And then, will testify publicly the proposal for mutual borrowing, because only so the British Museum will not be able to manipulate as it wants that.

I know that Amal Alamoyntin still works in case, but with private funding-and I think this is important, beyond the services of Amal: That there are Greeks abroad, possibly with financial standing, who would be willing to support an effort to mutual borrowing of the Parthenon marbles, proving in practice that it is possible. I think the public will enthoysiazotan with the idea of an exhibition of objects from the Parthenon. Why museums, Anyway, not based on the idea of ownership of their exhibits, but in the educational goal, the dissemination of culture ".

The sirloin with Evangelos Venizelos

As revealed in a given’ the whole matter interview, so there are question marks about what really is the Dorothy King. For example, the majority of the public is unaware that her relationship with Greece includes episodes much older than the "serials Amphipolis ' last summer. Already from the 2001 the Dorothy had conflict with the then Minister of culture,. Evangelos Venizelos for the schinias rowing schinias: "I was in a meeting with a Greek journalist, who happened to be talking with Venizelos in phone "recounts the same at "I passed the mobile to talk directly. I told him that the schinias rowing poorly planned to erected exactly in the spot where he had given the battle of Marathon.

The objections of the Minister told sounded kinda funny, but it remained incomprehensible to me how one year all the touristic guides reported the area as an important archaeological site and when this does not serve longer, the expelled. At that time I could not do anything more than to use whatever influence I also had to have a relevant article in the New York Times and to organize a piketoforia protest outside the hotel where he was staying in London Mr. Venizelos. It was little things, but not trivial. Why in fifty years from now can not remember the Athens Olympiad, but Marathon will always be the Marathon, the field of a historic battle».

In fashion show for Amphipolis

For the sake of Amphipolis and the frenzy around the excavation, the Dorothy King became suddenly famous in Greece-and not only, expressing opinions and interpretations which normally ekneyrizan the rest of the community of archaeologists. And it was weird, because the reviews of Dorothy, objective and as proved in hindsight by the archaeological research, It was much more aptly, rationalize and documented by many daring theories proposed by distinguished scientists who gnwmodotoysan on a daily basis for the monument. Probably what you annoyed the archaeological status quo is not the seriousness of the reasons, but the seeming lightness of approach: The Dorothy King speaks with equal ease to the ancient Greek sculpture, the Macedonian art-but also the rear of Kim Karntasian. The apinws excavations hunts worldwide via mechanism which itself has created, while continuously monitors emerging trends in Haute Couture. And just because the staff of the "wrapper" as an archaeologist could not be further from the stereotype of dedicated therapainidos science which totally neglecting herself and her appearance, the «light» Dorothy found a few days ago in Athens, supposed to take part in a fashion show-and indeed as a VIP model, If the subject and the basic influence of this collection was Amphipolis and the excavation findings (Sphinxes, ' Caryatids ' k. o. k).

But the flu kept Dorothy King closed in her hotel room, event that caused equally large d'Oro with the if appear normally on the catwalk of a Athens Xclusive Designers’ Week. The Dorothy explains that "I think it's wonderful that Amphipolis is a source of inspiration for so many different people. My absence had to do with the designer, Eleni Kyriakou which makes very nice clothes, is new and talented. Just I got sick, I had a fever and not got up from the bed, I fell into lethargy. Of Course, to be honest, I don't know if I was not sick if you way up on the catwalk, would rather not felt comfortable. I am a woman and I have mesiliki well with myself, but I think there was some misunderstanding, never really wanted to be on the catwalk, Finally I said ' not just bored, go and what,What do '. At the same time, though, I didn't understand that you stinotan a foremost media circus around the show. In Athens I was coming anyway, Firstly because I love the city, Secondly because I wanted to be with one of the my-heat sealed is an actor and plays on ' Ouzeri Tsitsanis '- and thirdly to chartografisw points of interest for an upcoming medical Conference. My goal is, those who come to Athens with the occasion of the Conference to like them as much as I like me and to come back with their families, their friends, etc..

Fashion and archaeology-just so am I, I'm not ' archaeologist-Sex & the City', no connection. Usually dress up very simply, but I love fashion, Watch. Fashion is a business and that we must not forget is that, because fashion is mainly aimed at women, We tend to underestimate. For men is considered normal to have expensive, fast cars, While women are supposed to be ' light’ and ' asobares’ When dealing with fashion».

A Renaissance woman

Dr. Dorothy Louise Victoria Lompel King permanently lives in London and deals mainly with the curbing of archaiokapilias, revealing that specific objects that are sold to collectors is actually stolen from museums, Collections etc.. The Dorothy King has a doctorate in archaeology, a field for the same is something much more than science. It has set up a data bank on the basis of which recognizes many of the moving archaiokapilias products in the global market. Offers its services for free, conditionally accepts sponsorships, the Organization but based on effort an extensive volunteer network-with the first Dorothy King: "You need only goodwill, no money. We are trying to stop the illegal excavations making it impossible to sell the objects. I talk with collectors and not offended at all the moral issue, just tell them that, If you buy something that is lost on 10-15 years, I can prove that it is a product of archaiokapilias.

And if this is done, then you lose all the money they gave to acquire. I usually say ' e, I didn't think so '. And stop buying». The Dorothy King says that works with many government agencies around the world, even with the Turkey-but not with Greece: "The Greek Ministry of culture publishes information not, photos etc of objects stolen from the museums of the country. There are thousands of ancient Greek objects moving in the market, but official figures, No one knows that is stolen».

Before you embarked on this, kinda romantic-although effective- crusade against archaiokapilias, the Dorothy King had taken custody of the youngest brother and while she was just 18 years, participated as archaeologist in excavations in Sparta, then--and until you realize that she doesn't fit the routine of an Office- He worked briefly as a trainee in the auction house Sotheby's. Subsequently offered as a volunteer research services, updating and application of vaccine against AIDS, While about ten years ago he was a member of a Committee of expert advisors of the Government George Bush Jr. for the Antiquities "sensitive" countries in Asia and the Middle East: "Never enthoysiaze the policy" says Dorothy King "but I thought that instead of protesting, better to try to do something good. Recommended to activate the locals in Afghanistan to protect their heritage, focusing on the pre Taliban local history. In theory this was good, why Afghanistan has huge cultural heritage, but in practice the army did not offer the coverage you had and, Unfortunately, four archaeologists lost their lives ".

The book does not write

Somewhere in all the previous activities, the Dorothy King participated in archeological conferences, He gave numerous speeches in various parts of the world, attempted to make family-but it failed, Since her husband died and published a book about the Elgin Marbles whose positions today has renounced. And, not, No writes book about Amphipolis: "What I did was to spread the word that I write book-I've finished, even a chapter, on purpose- hoping that this will spread in the international publishing space and so will discourage others to write for Amphipolis. Because the only ones entitled to adopt a project about the monument, are the real heroes of the excavation, Mrs. Katerina Peristeri, the architect k. Michalis Lefantzis and civil engineer,. Dimitris Englishman along with their partners. They kept the Monument standing, Thanks to those revealed. For me the Amphipolis is more exciting than even the Vergina, why at Aigai had gold findings, It was obvious that this was a Royal Cemetery. In Amphipolis trying to decode what we see, the possible link with the Macedonian dynasty etc..

But first of all I would like to read a book written by the excavators, explaining to the public the individual of their work, not if he was buried there the Olympiad or Alexander the great-who could not be. I always say that the big names should be kept away from the analysis. Amphipolis is the most exciting event that has existed in Greece lately-except maybe the January elections. It was unfortunate that the excavation so baffled by the policy, but I think things will calm down. Maybe for excessive viewing to blame that today there is the Internet and social media that inflate everything. However, It is the first excavation I ever saw with constant press conferences, There was tremendous gluttony in Greece for news about the progress of archaeological work, There was the mystery, but ultimately it was something really wonderful people found interesting to archeology and the Macedonian History ".

In the view of Amphipolis, the Dorothy King owes, in any sense, a large part of its own view — though this aroused hatred of Skopianwn against: "Their demands are devoid of seriousness, the down-down just a little bit of that country was occupied by the Macedonians. But, the same had happened in Afghanistan and many other countries. There were some individual who wrote bad things about me in social media, as the one who called me ' whore ' Greek. I replied ' better Greek than Skopiani whore '».

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