| The oath of Alexander the great

"I wish you, now ending wars, to eytychisete with peace.
All mortals ap'edw and beyond to live as one people,
monoiasmenoi for common prosperity.
To consider your hometown Cosmos, common laws,
where will govern the excellent, regardless of race.
Do not separate the people, as do the petty-minded, Greeks and Barbarians.
I'm not interested in the origin of citizens, Neither breed born.
The katamerizw with a single criterion, the virtue.
For me, every good stranger, is Greek and every bad Greek,
It's worse than barbaric.
If ever you encounter differences, wouldn't CoQ10 in arms,
Despite going to solve peacefully. I need your referee will dwell.
God, you don't need to think as authoritarian ruler,
but as the common father of all, so your heel
It looks like the life that make t'adelfia in the family.
On my part, I consider everyone equal, White and melampsoys.
And I would not be limited to nationals of Commonwealth mine,
but shareholders, all partners.
As I go from my hand, I will try to provide what they promise "

Eratosthenes, illustrious wise and scholar of Alexandria (275-195)
Pseydokallisthenis (LIBR. III (c))
Polybius (Parallels, ch. M. Alexander)

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