Daughter of the Nile: We already have natural historical copy of the mound of Amphipolis from the 6th year a.d.!!

Let us approach the little story that pops up.

THE Ptolemaic Dynasty was a Hellenistic Royal family, who ruled Egypt for about three centuries, from the 305 until the 30 e.g.. Ptolemy, the strategist Megalou Alexandrou, He was appointed Supreme ruler of Egypt after the death of Alexander the 323 e.g.. in Babylon and the dismemberment of the great state of. The reign of Cleopatra VII (69 e.g.. – 12 August 30 e.g.) marks the end of the Hellenistic and Roman period in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Cleopatra VII Philopator the


The first child of Cleopatra VII, the well-known Greek Queen with gold throne was Ptolemy Caesar, but Egyptian named Caesarion. He later had three children with the Roman Mark Antony. Shortly after the departure of Anthony of Egypt, Cleopatra bore twins in the world, a girl and a boy, that paromoiastikan with the twin deities of the Moon and the Sun.

Cleopatra-Selene-Alexander-Helios-3-1So were called Alexander Helios and Cleopatra Selene. Later acquired another son named Ptolemy Philadelphus. But only Cleopatra Selene survived and when came of age was the Queen of Mauritania (Southeast of Algeria).


The "daughter of the Nile", Cleopatra Selene Ii.
Cleopatra Selene Ii (25 December 40 e.g.. – 6 a.d.), She was the wife of the ancient Libyan Prince Ioba was the son of Julius Caesar.

Ιόβας Κλεοπάτρα Σελήνη Β΄








The tomb of the couple began to be constructed 3the year b.c.. and is located in the coastal part of Algeria, in today's city of Tipasa.



Returning to Amphipolis, observations of the scholar is undeniable. The Memorial of the lion of Amphipolis in adjacent space and some pieces of marble «excess» base, Since when was reestablished there had been discovered then Kasta Hill and the beautiful perivolos.

Among other marbles and small frequency to occur and coexist and the pieces pictured. Half-pillar built in marble volume. Just like their enclosure to install a wall of the tomb of Cleopatra – Ioba pair. Constructed in accordance with the standard tomb of Amphipolis in 6the year a.d.;!!










If confirmed the theory of Amphipolis.gr we have with confidence the rescue and public view precinct for at least 320 years!
We can also see that it was in antiquity the precinct of the Hill of Amphipolis.

Despite the conversion of ancient monuments in mosques (!!), the Hellenistic influence in Algeria is given because of the dynasty of the Ptolemies and Queen Cleopatra Moon Ii