More ancient structures found at Amphipolis tomb!

More ancient structures found at Amphipolis tomb!While people across the globe are standing on their toes waiting for the DNA analysis results on the skeleton found in Amphipolis tomb, a scientific team from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is currently mapping the geophysical situation of the area around the tomb.

The team, led by Professor Grigoris Tsokas, has built a digital model of Casta Hill during ancient times, before the construction of the dome.

The model comparison with the hills present situation and the situation before the recent excavations revealed that the majority of Casta hill consists of natural formations. According to the Aristotle University the model will be completed after the integration of data collected for geotechnical purposes.

Meanwhile, the images of Casta Hills interior, which were revealed through the electrical geophysical mapping, showed static structures that may in fact be ancient constructions. Therefore, further archaeological examination is required in the areas where they appear.

The structures in question are located west of the dome. According to the scans the resistivity distribution detected a high range area which requires further excavation and investigation.

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