In Sogdiana Alexander Stone (Bukhara) and the contact with Roxane

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The aim of the new path were the Highlands of Paraitacene, whose inhabitants, protected in their inaccessible mountains, had not yet submitted. To those parts were

withdrawn and those who Sogdianoi tycoons had refused to bow to the Alexander.

Stone had resorted in Sogdia and Baktrios Oxyartis with his daughters, because he considered “the village analwton”, i.e. aparti region. Alexander had made him understand this volume, When I first entered in Sogdia and believed that no one would stay there. Now, however, the rock had entrenched themselves and ypaspistes were carrying food and water, to anthexoyn a long siege. Furthermore, “chiwn a lot of prosbaisn aporwteran epipesoysa GF epoiei”. I.e., snow fell and made the crossing Sogdiana stoneeven more difficult. This sentence makes me think that the company was to fall winte. Without this meaning that the spring is missing the snow in these areas. Alexander, before starting business, demanded delivery. But the response of defenders the angered unimaginably: They told him “gelwti barbarizontes h”(= laughing and speaking of barbarian) look for Alexander “ptinoys stratiwtas”, i.e. soldiers with wings, you will understand the term account. And then Alexander created the first mountain commando unit or to be clearer on the first Alpine drive.

rock-climbing3He Promised 12 talanta on soldier who traveled first to the top. Gathered 300 men who had practiced climbing walls and on mountains. They used anarrichisews methods of today's climbers. Empigan iron stakes in crystallized snow, denontan with ropes made from flax, They tied ropes to the stakes and so, wearing course and footwear with thick nails, with the help of another, syrontes and sliding, climbed the steep and inaccessible rock. During this operation were lost 30 soldiers.

Dawn Alexander (the company became night in the morning) saw them “ptinoys soldiers” at the top to make signal with white flags. Neon then Ambassador sent to the defenders and demanded delivery. The barbarians were delivered, together with the women and their children. Inside the women's was set and Roxanne, daughter of Oxyarti, the “Kallisti”, that is the most beautiful woman of Asia after the wife of Darius III…….



Gold jewellery of Oxyarti, by that time

video: the squat Stone Sogdian

video: Roxanne's dance

From the book “Alexander – the man phenomenon” Sarantoy's Kargakoy

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