Τι δική του άποψη σχετικά με τις παραστάσεις που είναι ζωγραφισμένες στα επιστύλια, expressed by the archaeologist Petros Themelis.


In light of the publicity gave the Wednesday noon (03/12/2014) the Ministry of culture new photos from Amphipolis.

A few days after the marathon press conference that announced the end of the first phase of the excavations in Amphipolis, the Ministry of culture gave publicity photos from the third and Fourth Chamber!

This is for photos of the epistylia found in the third place of burial monument. In epistylia can discern an animal in the Center, likely going to bull and either two forms, on the go, one female and one male.

The newscast of NERIT, the archaeologist, Petros Themelis expressed the view around the shows that are painted in the epistylia found on the site of Karyatidon and for which was fuss!

Specific, Mr. Themelis stresses that the shapes and symbols that we see in epistylia mentioning all the victories of the dead. «We have to do symbolic victories of the deceased in races. The styles have a hand up, in "dancing" stops, It is a ritual that I do not know exactly which refers, in Thessaly was sacrifice Bull for example», reports by Mr. Themelis.

«Has a victory at least with wings, with a vessel down that is not pitcher, Maybe it's amphora Panathinaikos, symbolizing victory and also the right tripod, that and he's winning Prize», Stressing that the performances are dedicated to great victories of the dead.

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