The scientific study of the findings of Amphipolis matures at time of

The excavation of Amphipolis is a separate archaeological field surveys that no scientist can not analyze it over a bit months as good and if it is.

Given the fact that they spent eight months from the discovery of a funerary monument on the Hill of Mesolakkias Kasta ,the persistence of those who insist to publish the final results of studies , verges of insanity.
In the space of the archaeologists considered unthinkable to occur in scientific Congress and Moreover in a section a few minutes, a thorough work that has not even completed the cycle of.
The absence of an interdisciplinary group of Katerina Peristeri from 28 scientific meeting of archaeologists 5 until 7 March will take place in UNIVERSITY, demonstrates the seriousness with which we treat studies of archaeological findings .
The update for the archaeological developments in tumulus Kasta from August, covered to the fullest extent all the audience who watched and the monitor, but now came the time of scientific study that requires much work and in-depth analysis. Something as a "torment" will say ,for those involved in this process.
It should not go unnoticed that there are cases where archaeologists excavated scholars do not meet the threshold of five years must publish their results. Some even have far surpass the limit. It is known through recurrent publications, is the case of Kalliope Lazaridi here and 31 years did not go to the scientific publication of Efibarchikoy law discovered in Amphipolis the 1984.
So if you compare two instances that refer to the same region should ask the reasons in a case, We insist so much on the other do not know absolutely nothing.
The Deputy Culture Minister Nikos Xydakis should perhaps be focused towards this data search after the introduction of the three-Member Committee will examine the topics of Amphipolis. The main task of this epitropias must be the effective promotion and documentation of the findings as a whole and not the comparative political posturing. Every other attempt kapelwsis of scientists who already participate in the excavation of the Tomb on the Hill will issue raises moral Kasta and discriminatory strategy something that the previous administration of YPPOA considered non-negotiable items.
The excavations in Amphipolis present peculiarities and great importance , Therefore, it would be preferable to serve as an educational scope object a broader scientific conference through an inclusive process that could occur under the auspices of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
In this Conference can participate all researchers, by project partners of the late Dimitris Lazaridis, to the followers of, where everyone will show the unity of. At the same time can be given the opportunity on those scientists wish to submit queries, queries and complaints. This however requires the completion of a research project into the tumulus Kasta along with the continuation of the excavation will start in May and according to estimates, earmarks and other good news.

by George Rodakoglou

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