| Principles of Theology Ascribed (The Five Initiations)

Going back hundreds of thousands of years (When man was still in the stage of animal proanthrwpino) the man had already been instinctive knowledge of the environment, the Vast (Invisible and visible) Nature and knew from experience (as the result the necessity of survival, existential and material) various elements of nature, who watched, either embedded in more general Nature, either separate and highly.

Lived on Earth, was fed by the Earth, used water (and not just for drinking), using sunlight, the Day, for his activities and fire, poor substitute of the Sun, using the air (to breathe and later, and for other purposes), and ' diaisthanontan ' the fifth element, the ether, like the space inhabited by the higher powers, just be aware of their existence.
People when he began manifesting, as early as the Paleolithic age, the theoretical thought, believed that the world was formed from the five elements, the invisible ether, the air, the fire, the water, the Earth. Some believed that created in the order you mention, some others have suggested other solutions…

The Orfikoi, millennia after, their own for various reasons they believed that the world was created during five huge but discrete time intervals. From the original Invisible Ether created the Fiery Spirit (the Fiery wind), After you created the Fire that formed the core of the world. After you created the Water the Fluid essence of life. End of the living water created the material World and the Earth ... Even as it became a Secular Level was and in material terms: From the ether (that is the basis of all worlds) created the material fiery spirit that concentration on material fire which was (and) the core of the Earth.

The Earth was created after the material water and finally formed the Earth on which we live still today. In other words creating repeats itself both in the invisible world, and in material macrocosm, and at the level of the land ... the same should happen for the microcosm (the Greeks began to investigate Demokritos)…

Even the man consists (metaphysically) of the five elements and materials synthesized from the five elements and materials similarly uses these items it finds in nature to survive ...

Creating well for Orpheus is Penthimeros, instead of Exaimeros as written Hebrew Bible ... more and indeed resumed with the same design in the various fields of existence of ...

Some centuries after the Orpheus philosophers (apparently drawing from the Orphic Knowledge) proposed various (some) solutions: Thales (as mentioned by Aetius) It said that: "God is the world's mind, the universe is full of demons and human, through the apoteloyntos the original item liquid is spread further divine power which can set in motion '...

Anaximander believed that infinity is the beginning of everything. The Neoplatonist Simplicius mentions the saying of Anaximander from his work "at the Course»: «Anaximander said that beginning of beings is the infinite ... that made all the heavens and the worlds that exist… And whence comes the birth of beings there exactly occurs and the dissolution in accordance with the need, Why punish and correct each other of injustice, According to the order of time "… The Anaximenes believed that the air is the beginning of everything. Hippolytus (in "the Greek") reports: "The Anaximenes said, that the inexperienced air is the fundamental principle, they come from what is born, What are born and what will be born, the gods and the divine, While the rest comes from its derivatives».
Today Science (that of course is limited to physical reality) following Laplace he argues that some times the Sun, the planets and their satellites (they were not separated yet) constituted a large gaseous mass that ardent peristrefotane in space. Slowly this airy ardent psychotan and sympyknwnotan mass and this resulted in the increase of rotational motion and create centrifugal force.

In this way formed the Sun, the planets, the Earth. The Earth in the beginning it was a flaming ball which then as psychotan created an outer bark (that had nothing to do with the Earth as we know it). From the bowels of the earth went out huge quantities of gases, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, ammonia, methane and water vapour, I wrapped the Earth forming the first atmosphere, where they occur in millions of electrical shocks.

After torrential rains broke and the water accumulated in the pits of the Earth forming the original ocean that surrounded the dry (Pangea) Then appears and the life in the ocean (or land and Lakes, likely), that evolved into two forms, the vegetable (she breathed carbon dioxide and oxygen eliminated) and superior livestock (that breathed oxygen and carbon dioxide eliminated).

The life slowly came out of the water and flooded the Earth and at the end of some proanthrwpino species came and today's man (that would normally be called homo simian and not homo sapiens). The Pangaea slowly diverged on the known Continents are still moving (and after several million years will have completely different place in the earthly sphere)… In fact the science simply confirmed what ancient and particularly the Orfikoi.

The Five Elements (Earth, water, fire air, ether) well, not only were playing a role in the lives of people all these millennia, but also used as symbols to describe the world until, as early as the late Neolithic era, get metaphysical dimension and acquire an inner meaning (as human perception expands and deepens the understanding of the phenomenon of existence).
These symbols will be used to describe (the most wise and experienced in human societies) the world as spiritual (and mental) event like a Graduation, from the Chaos of undetermined until the specific hardware. So reaching the historical era (here and 4, 3, millennia) the five elements (throughout the global religious tradition, and in India, and in China, and in Greece, and elsewhere) I used to describe the structure of the world.
Orpheus from this ancient knowledge and experience and tradition drew the basic concepts to shape the image of the world, and so did and the other philosophers who followed in Greek thought:
The ether is the unknown lost in the absence of Divine.
The Air, the spirit, the Slipstream, is the Unifier Essence of everything. No attributes into everywhere, blowing where he wants, It Is true that includes all.
The Light (Fire), the fire ,is the element that makes everything visible, identifies the shapes, Specifies the boundaries, relations and distances, and generally describes the world, the area and its activities. Is the mind, the intelligence, the cognition and sense and perception.
Water is the "dynamoycho spirit" that takes more concrete shape and life-giving properties. Is the "plastic substance of life», the soul, that creates, replenishes and eliminates the forms (When the leaves).
The Earth is the last item, the "container" that gathers all, the material from which the forms of the natural world. With these five elements in the material form is created (in the same class) and the material universe. This internal Data is interpreted as we said throughout the religious tradition and the five elements are symbols of global religious thought here and at least 3000 years (recorded at sacred texts). Their interpretations found in the Vedas, in Chinese texts ... in the Greek Tradition.

The 29th century before today, in Greece, It is a century of religious compositions and reforms and a titanic effort to formulate a single theological system that would join all the religious concepts of Deity. Such an effort was made by Hesiod (and although most known rather than the more profound and successful) but also from other.
This era began to dominate the perception that the Beginning of all things must be one, A God, Infinite, Transcendental, Unknown substance and over the world. Slowly Lifted as Zeus Unique Transcendental God. Zeus of religious circles and philosophers do not have any relationship with Zeus of Homer and poets (the Poetry is not Theology and aims are completely different from those of religious teaching).
Even his Theogony, Zeus is already an outdated divine form.
In parallel with the Elevation of the deity in a Transcendental Unearthly Level continues the perception of a Gonimopoio God that is in relation to the creation of.
Between the Cosmic God and the natural world necessarily mediate the Organizational strength of Intellect (imaginary Power) and the Dynamoycho Spirit, the area of mental Causes and life-giving Activity that animates the world, embedded in the material form of the world of the senses.

Such well religious compositions trying to assimilate all human metaphysical experience and to formulate a unified theory of everything. In this composition course integrates and man, ontologika, which is identified with the Pan (as microcosm) and as a whole and in the individual components of which are just copies of cosmic.
So the cosmic (Ether, Spirit, Light, Water, Earth) Oysiwnetai of the divine (Timeless Chaos, God, Mind, Soul, World) Merges with the human (Pure Essence, Is, mind, soul, body), Refers to the Space (Heavenly World, Section, bright world of the mind and ideas, Psychic world, material world), and expressed in philosophical terms that have many reference systems, many perceptions and reading levels, and explain the phenomenon of existence from the innermost level until more abroad and from the general concept to the partial and particular.
Such a Religious Composition by Orpheus, as we will see below.

The century of religious reforms in Greece (29 centuries ago) fermentation was a century of religious perceptions, symbols and theories about the world. An attempt was made to not only mastered the universal religious thought but also provide internal and specific descriptions of the phenomenon of existence. The official theologians and poets in Greece, in Ionia (and a little later in Great Greece) work on compositions according to the traditional line are those associated with the cosmic power.

Talking about Poets like Homer and Religious Commentators like Hesiod certainly there have been major forms of global intelligentsia but stay in a foreign (fabulous) description of the world and the scholar needs to go beyond (and from the intentions maybe poets and) the text to find behind the allegorical description of some elements of Truth.

Orpheus was a completely different man. It is certain that belonged to Royal generation of Livithron, at the foot of Mount Olympus, and there was Prince (like the other big, the Gautama Gkotama, who was Prince in a small Kingdom in today's Nepal, in the foothills of the Himalayas). But his relationship with the secular powers gave him just the ability to study and follow your own path, that was not the Kingdom but the dedication to the Divine and sacred things (as the Gautama who abandoned his Kingdom to become an ascetic, Enlightened and teacher).

Orpheus was a Mystic and in principle after theologian and Mystic and Teacher. If you do not have Internal Inspiration, If he had not Experienced the Infinite God, the Chaos of God, the Timeless existence, could not be persuaded to organize religious knowledge of his time in a single composition, nor could describe (through the Initiation and mysteries) the Elevation of man As God (the Timeless Jupiter), and I certainly would not be the great Ieroyrgos that ever possessing the inner Experience is not despised foreign Worship, the teaching and Guidance of people. Orpheus was above all (like all great Initiates, the Laozi, the Buddha, Jesus later) A guide of people. According to the standard of the God of, of Bacchus, they come in front of the Procession of initiates, keeping first thyrso.

Let us remember that the eleusinian Mysteries was God himself, the ΄Iakchos, (the Sacramental Form of Dionysus) leading the procession. Orpheus, like the God of, the Bakcho, It was a guide, the Adept who went in front in the sacred circle of initiates, to unravel the mysteries of the Afterlife, and to explain in detail the processes of spiritual evolution. So did many centuries after Jesus; It was not he who lead his students into the mysteries of the Kingdom of heaven;
Orpheus certainly had the opportunity to devote time in Mystical Theology and ekstasi Enatenisi and to elaborate the Initiatory path that leads to God, but also authored the sacred Word and to devote himself to Teaching that began slowly, with discussions with their closest friends to be extended later to other people far away from his hometown.
Those who consider the Orpheus (either due to lack of information – imposed in the years of slavery – whether due to ideological hostility) mythical or nonexistent person (Despite the testimony of ancient writers and historical data) certainly it is prejudiced and face with disbelief what we say here. But it is a matter of logic.

That is why in Distant China, around the same time displayed teachings and explanations of the world similar, why in Distant India shows the masters of Oypanisad who speak with abstract way about the existence (Brahman, Atman, Manas, Prana, Akasha...) and why a little later (by the time of Orpheus) you will see Great Greek philosophers, like Pythagoras, the Parmenides, the Heraclitus, Plato, you will speak with philosophical (Abstract) conditions for the existence of, but excluding two centuries before Pythagoras was an equally wise man who spoke for God and the existence of; (IE just two centuries before Pythagoras Greeks were idiots pagans and their religion was the shadow theatre of Homer; You have to be paranoid, pervert to teach such Greek history ... and unfortunately this make two millennia now, the stupid and sorry state of fellow travellers).
Orpheus and the Orphic Thought are the source of (Real) Greek religion and Philosophical Thinking. If you delete from the Orpheus Story stays without foundation all subsequent Greek thought. Cannot be explained nor Dionysian cult of Classical Athens, Neither the philosophical language of Pythagoras (for the Great future Such will devote special extended article), Neither the philosophical ideas of Plato, Neither the Universal Reason of Stoics, nor the One of Plotinus, nothing ... Thus not only the historical information (and references of important representatives of Greek thinking, like Plato and Aristotle BIOS) It is sufficient to consider the Orpheus a true face, a living Master, Real Humans and not mythical figure, but all the ideological development of Greek thought refers to a unique person, commemorates for a single man: Orpheus.

What was it that experienced Orpheus; Logically, You must have had a revelation of reality, as described centuries ago in world religious tradition: A timeless Experience of ... Like the Buddha or Jesus later.

Of Course, for millennia, most mystical conception of God is one in which the perception stands helpless without may interfere, without being able to move, to capture, to explain: the Concept of open Chaos. Not just the unknown (perception that maintains a hope of knowledge), but its Impossible to Gnwristhei, The Complete Resignation of perception. Chaos can never get into the classroom of perception. As it is for ecstatic, indoor living experience, It is something that is given as, It's real, even if you can't understand or say something about this. So the Amorphous form in which Experienced the Divine Orpheus was the open and Live This Chaos (zero, of nothingness, but Full Existence, the absence of features in the Perception). (This perception of chaos is the starting point and in other ekstatikes experiences, and other theological systems, or theories about the existence and the world, as Hesiod...).
This perception of chaos (in the Experience of Orpheus) with the Uncertainty and weakness of organization, It sucks In all the Conceptions of the divine, perceptions tend to transcend themselves and sink to zero, into the unknown, to infinity, in the Eternal (all the perceptions). So with the Mess Is the Timeless God. It's like the black hole, Without Center, Without Limits, that sucks everything. This is the Timeless Zeus.
At the same time, however, this Bottomless Zero represents the most Complete Existence, A Sun substance Gush to the Creation. The Self-consciousness of chaos, zero is denatured at A. Thats the Phanes, the Creator God, the love of Hymns, the Zagreas (ritual Myth), Dionysus cult, the Bacchus of mysteries. Is the world spirit, the giver of life air that is born from the non-existent almost Ether, with the instantiation, with the katakathisma and the progressive evolution of perception to the Specific. In this Form of the World Spirit, the love of Hymns, the initial global power will gather all the perceptions of existence. It is the beginning and the end, the source and stuff, the True Is, the mainstay of the worlds, everything was done through this. Is the Universal Reason of subsequent philosophers, from Heraclitus and the Stoics, until the Christian philosophers. This God reason is the Model of Christ – Speech many centuries after.
. .
Is natural a perception of A collecting and digesting, like clean is, all the perceptions of existence. So sulfur appears to have not one but many facets. In the Form of God I Digested all the Divine Forms. He is the son of the Timeless God, is the creator, is the Gonimopoios, is the Guide, is the Redeemer. It is the essence of beings and each being individually (with the form of facet of God). Is the Sun of nature, the Solstices as Excess time and the Equinoxes as a balance between light and Darkness. Is life, animals, the bull and the deer, plants, Ivy, and the vine, and the wine. Is life itself, and celebrations, and every day of life and experiences, the life and death of ...

All refer to Him, the one God. What does it matter how I call him; Is the power of creation, the Forever Love, is the Secular Zagreas of the Mystic Worship, is the spirit of nature, the Gonimopoios Dionysus, is the Adept Bacchus, is the Ritual Iacchus mysteries, always be the One, He came from the metaphysical Zero, God's unfathomable Chaos, the image of the Invisible.
When one (that is an Instantiation of the Zero, Emergence of the substance from scratch) Realizes himself in the context of Zero then pops up the perception of the End, the limitation and meticulous. It is this perception of finite is that creates the possibility of multiplicity and is both the realization of. So one is reflected in the very essence of infinite times. One Is A, It is all, and what special is whole A. This Holographic Universe is the world of the Cosmic Fire, of light, the Bright World of mind, the eternal world of ideas and the multiplicity.
Any perceived – is a core Idea being, a dynamic factor that can act freely in the zero (but not at Prime Zero, only poor image in the creation and evolution). So from idea created the dynamoycho spirit, the soul, the secret Nature, the Lifegiving Cause, the Water of life, that is (the intermediate between Idea and matter and) the standard physical form.
The material form is nothing else than the implementation (through the life-giving soul) the idea, again and again in the world of material abundance, that is incomplete and impermanent, He and the forms of.
Orpheus worked, After the Concept of open Chaos in the center of existence, After the Experience of the divine Substance, like Visionary, watching it Unfold in front of the Panorama of existence. Others before him had pave the way, were reported in the Essence of the world, and they describe the Symbols of. Orpheus was able to compose a picture, in a Single Theory, putting the Foundations of theology.
Understanding (Orpheus) that the relationship with humans is Given (the same substance) could not only to infer the evolution and the destination of man but also to the possibilities of human bythometrisei, to fasten the Steps that lead to God, through meditation and ecstasy and accurately describe the path of Initiation and the Myitiki process that transforms humans into God.
The essence and content of Initiation were already inside the Initiatory Experience of Orpheus, erased already inside Theological vision and perceptions of for Myitikes Tiers, stages of spiritual evolution, already defined by the description of the world(as the match Orpheus in his perception): The Metaphysical Zero (the Gaping Mess, the Timeless Divine) Embracing the four lower worlds, the world of a global Spirit, the world of bright Mind and ideas, the world of soul, and the natural world.
The Zero and the inferior Tetractys (during the later Pythagorean descriptions) is the Holy Quintet of existence. There is a full match in five elements(Ether, Spirit, Fire, Living Water, Earth) that lifted to symbols within the metaphysical thinking. The elevation As God can only have Five Tiers that correspond to the sovereignty of the inferior elements of being, and the final Achievement being his Timeless Anadysi. Five Grades of initiation handed Orpheus in mysteries and Five Rungs Initiation knew the Mystics of Eleusis, centuries after Orpheus, (and not three as incorrect, from a lack of evidence of some supposedly scholars supported). How is it possible, When the worlds are Five, the elements of being is Five, the evolution of man, the Initiation, upon elevation As God not to have five Tiers;
Any (even amateur and frivolous) scholar of religions soon realizes that the Street Myitiki of Orpheus is similar to that of other Large Initiates, of Laozi, of the Buddha, of Jesus later. It could not be otherwise. We all talk about the Same Nature, the Same Being (man), the same composition, the same evolution of being. Nobody could say something different. In fact (to talk about the higher levels of Initiation), the contemplation of the mind for which speaks the Orpheus and thoroughly analysing Pythagoras and Plato later, is nothing but the Ntyana (the four lower Ntyana) of the Buddha. And the ecstasy of Orpheus that leads us gradually under is, described as the four Sammapati of the Buddha.

And when Orpheus Emerges through the virtual world of creation in the Primordial Chaos of God, What else is this from the Nirvana of the Buddha; (the Adimioyrgito of); Yet, full match at Myitikes Tiers of Orpheus and the system of Pantazali. The contemplation of the mind is the sampratznata Samadhi and the Rapture is just the Asampratznata Samadhi. The Timeless of Orpheus is the Kaϊbalgia of Pantazali. Yet, the Christians secret, starting from the Preaching of Jesus that Felt the presence of God, and John, and after the Origen and the other fathers Eyagrio, such a system shaped prayer with their respective intellectual levels of spiritual evolution ...

The Initiation, with the general meaning of the term, It is an age-old process (more correctly processes) designed to introduce young (or anyone else) in a new, practice, social, psychological, the spiritual reality. The Initiation from adolescence to maturity, the initiation on the hunt (or occupation) It is ancient. Could not continue any knowledge otherwise. Admission to a religious group (Companies in ancient Greece)with a specific worldview and activity is an initiation.

Attendance at Ancient Schools, like Plato's Academy is also an initiation. Even today the attendance in schools is an initiation (but in a katakommatiasmeni knowledge, without real orientation).
The Initiation, beyond any theoretical elements has (Perforce), It is mainly a practical activity that must be performed to produce concrete results otherwise can't proceed to higher levels. The Purely Religious Initiation is Inner contemplation of our own Substance, associated to the characteristics of the very essence Of All, of nature, of the world.

But in order to get this full perception of reality needs to go through some process (Although in the upper layers of Contemplation every process stops seemingly and we enter into an undifferentiated Flow of perception). Such a real experiential course which transforms the consciousness and perception and our business, has a specific evolution, distinguished stage existential situations identified and (starting from the simple awareness of existence in space and arriving with the expansion of consciousness to the point to Dialyomaste in to infinity, to Become This.

The Initiation as a Path through the various spiritual levels are naturally connected with the Composition of being, with humans, with the composition. In this sense the Initiation is nothing but practical application of Mystical Experience and Theological vision is consistency.
Orpheus, Having himself Experienced the Primordial Chaos, the Timeless Divinity, the source of everything (people in his time called Zeus, He who Was, It is and will be) and having understood the whole process of creation via Divine Action (people call God and God's Son, Dionysus) and having explored their experiential worlds and having exhausted any reflection on the human entity and its evolution, wanted (like all great Masters) to Convey this Experiential Truth to other people, to Initiate the man in fact that he himself Felt, that is the essence of the whole religious tradition of his time. Why Orpheus (like all great Initiates) He was not a pioneer but a Reformer. It should be understood that humanity as a whole is progressing, like kind, not like people, or like a flock (those who have this last impression are enemies of man).
In Orphic Notion there were Five Initiations that correspond to the five worlds or in the five elements of being, or the five functions of human existence (Divinity, Is, Mind, Soul, Body).When Orpheus decided to talk about the world of the deity, didn't even theoretically speaking public (There are these things so), Neither massively. Confided in the beginning few people and slowly organized by the circle of initiates, adopted standard procedures and Initiations, the Space, the Time, the activities.

The initiation to the Orphic Theology, or to the worship of the true Deity, or to the worship of Dionysus (as you say it is the same) made from the same Master and with the presence of other typically Initiates. The Privy was entering the circle of initiates where all were equal and the Teacher stood out quite naturally with the real greatness, as a father and mentor, not as master, tactically with wisdom and not by arbitrary or violent way (as secular rulers).
On the broadcasted Initiation, beyond Truth and practical guidance that have to do with management of human existence in the different levels of. The practice directions related not just to its external activities, but mostly the inner workings that created and, above all, the process to release the actual entity, the Consciousness of all these activities (bodily, Psychic, mental, spiritual), to solve completely the four-fold shackles at worlds and at the various levels of the worlds and Heaved As the deity. A detailed report of these practice instructions will give below (in the next article) When we talk about Orphic Initiation.

It is true that the process of Initiation rituals and rites included, use of music (that is a deep metaphysical sense), hymns to God, tributes and external acts, but never in all these exantleiotan. As this is a practical personal development Process (that leads to excess of self at the end of) the Adept ought to experience the truth and to prove the extent of achieving it with his understanding and his activity. I had someone to impose with the Knowledge and experience of his presence in the circle of Initiates, otherwise could not stand. It was a difficult case but within the human potential.
Also the time of Initiation (and each particular Step that initiation) It was not arbitrary or random. As the divine Creation considered Circle (Once everything starts from the Timeless God and all end up Here, at the end of their evolution) Orpheus was seeing (like many others before him and many of his contemporaries) a symbol of the divine creation of the annual cycle of nature (There was a Holy Match, no identification) and «taytize» important Phases of creation with Times in the annual cycle.
The Winter Solstice (When the Sun's apparent motion in the ecliptic is at the lowest point and throws his beams perpendicular to the Tropic of Capricorn, at a distance of 23 ° 26 ' 22 ″ South, at 22 December calendar – Christian speaking course for the northern hemisphere of the Earth, because the southern hemisphere things are upside down) is (for Orpheus) the Most sacred time of year, the a to z, where time dissolved in Anything and is reborn to begin its cycle.

So this Time connected with the Timeless and Zagrea (that is the picture of) Ki expressed later in Delphi Worship with the ceremonies of winter. The winter season belonged to Dionysus the creator (that is the Winter Sun, While the Summer period is of Apollo, the sponsor of life (that is the summer sun). For Orpheus Dionysus and Apollo is God himself (inside the circle of creation, and symbolized by the Sun in the Annual cycle of nature).
This is evidenced, beyond the testimony of Orphic and philosophers (as Aristotle) from the Delphi Worship where Two Gods Worshipped like A God Faces, of the same God. So to those who say that Orpheus adored only Dionysus or Apollo answered that Dionysus and Apollo is God himself.
Inside this well the annual cycle of nature that is determined by the motion of the earth around the Sun and around herself the most important moments of time are the Solstices and the Equinoxes. We know of course (σήμερα) that the phenomenon of Time is due to the motion of the earth around the Sun and the tilt of Earth's axis. But even today (so you will always be) We realize that we are still on Earth and that the Sun moves around the Earth by deleting a full circle in a circadian period.
This circular orbit is the ecliptic, that, however, is not constant but (because of the annual motion of the earth around the Sun shifted every day of the year from a little (like a celestial circle around the imaginary diameter of the equinoxes or else a diameter that joins two points on the Earth's equator that projected in the apparent ecliptic).
And to explain it more simply and more detail: At 22 December calendar of Christian (to understand those who use this calendar) the celestial circle of the ecliptic plane, or else the circumference of the noetic disk on which moves the Sun (IE the disk on which actually moves the Earth) and the disc that coincides with the equator of the Earth, whose imaginary extension is the celestial equator have difference 23 ° 26 ' 22 ″ with the ecliptic to be below the Equator (South). This Time the Sun's rays fall vertically on the Tropic of Capricorn (i.e. the inhabitants of the Tropic of Capricorn are the midday sun vertically above the – at the peak of the celestial Canopy)…

Every day that passes (due to the true motion of the earth around the Sun) the celestial circle of the ecliptic plane or disc in the region which moves the Sun lifted (to the North) and nearing the Equator (the actual extension of land and the celestial equator the Celestial Dome). Exactly at 21,22 Mar calendar disc of Christian ecliptic plane coincides with the disc of Ecuador, i.e. declination 0 °. Then the sun illuminates just as the northern and the southern hemisphere and we have the vernal equinox (equal day equal night). This time the Sun's rays fall vertically in Ecuador (i.e. the inhabitants of the Equator looking at the midday sun vertically above them – at the peak of the celestial Canopy)…

Then the disk of the ecliptic plane (continuing to the North) above the Equator and reaches the highest point in 22 in June of the Christian calendar and the two discs of the ecliptic plane and Ecuador have now cast 23 ° 26 ' 22 ″ with the ecliptic to be Ecuador's tallest now (North). This Time the Sun's rays fall vertically on the Tropic of cancer (i.e. the inhabitants of the Tropic of cancer see the midday sun vertically above the – at the peak of the celestial Canopy)…

After the disk of the ecliptic plane begins to lowers towards the Equator and at 22 Christian calendar September, When the deviation becomes again 0 ° the two disks are identical and have the autumnal Equinox ). This time the Sun's rays fall vertically again in Ecuador (i.e. the inhabitants of Ecuador see again the Sun noon vertically above them – the celestial Dome Zenith)… After the disk of the ecliptic plane is removed again, lowers to arrive again at the lowest point and the larger misalignment (South) at 22 Dec Christian calendar ...

All those who describe the realizes the resident of Northern hemisphere. In the southern hemisphere stuff is just vice versa. Who dwell between the Tropic of cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn see twice the sun spot their zenith. Those who live north of the Tropic of cancer and South of the Tropic of Capricorn does not ever see the Sun at Zenith, but looking at the higher (Once a year, in summer the) the closer it is to the Equator. As we climb towards the Poles things change.

The North Pole in winter, After the Arctic circle at latitude 66 ° 33 ' 38 '', due to the inclination of the Earth's axis is not the area for six months and more precisely it is dusk and only at the winter solstice the Sun, at the North Pole, completely lost, (While the opposite happens in the South Pole after the Antarctic Circle, in southern latitude 66 ° 33 ' 38 '', the South Pole ). After, summer (for the northern hemisphere (again due to the inclination of Earth's axis ) the area is lit for six months (While the inverse happens in South Pole).
All those described occur precisely because of the motion of the earth around the Sun and because of the divergence of the Earth's axis in relation to the disc on which actually moves, While the movements of the Sun during the day and the year is phenomenal. Nevertheless, these moves are of great importance to people's lives, on a daily and yearly basis, and so I used not only by ordinary people but also of the spiritual and religious leaders, literally and symbolically.

Orpheus (and Orfikoi) placed well for these reasons the Initiations in relation to these important Times (Solstices and Equinoxes):The period after the winter solstice is suitable to give the first Initiation on the birth, coming into the world and the sense of life. The first Initiation refers (as we said above) not only the proper settlement of external activity, but mostly the control of function of consciousness in relation to the body, who will prepare the Solution of ties with the body. Then placed and the Celebrations of spring.
The period after the vernal equinox is suitable to give the second Initiation that involves the management of mental functions (but mostly that connects the soul with the body and how it is controlled and terminated this bond). This tradition still followed many centuries later in Elefsina (After the spring committed the mysteries of Persephone in Athens with supervision of Eleusis).
The period after the summer solstice that stands as a symbol to the winter solstice and is the Sacred Moment of the Fullness of nature, of man, of evolution, the beginning of the Eternal Return was deemed appropriate to give the third Initiation that involves Contemplation of the mind from the world and turn medially, to the unseen world of the deity.
The period after the autumnal Equinox was considered ripe for loving man in Ecstasy, i.e. in excess of skeptodiadikasias and expansion of consciousness until the Infinite God. Guide here is God himself by the name of Bacchus. This period and later in December the Winter Celebrations by the maenads of Parnassus.
Close to the winter solstice (and essentially out of the flow of time) Orpheus has placed the most sacred Moment in human evolution, the Total Absorption of the entity to God. Then there were the fifth Initiation, Although few are even today those who can accept the full Revelation of truth. '
So wisely placed the five Initiations during the Year and the Natural evolution of nature connected with the evolution of man to remind man that comes from God and God Ends. At the same time introduced some feasts associated both with the annual cycle of nature, and the evolution of man and the Initiations. Also assimilated Dionysiac Celebrations, even secular celebrations associated with the life of people.
For the substance of Initiation (or Five Myisewn) We will discuss in detail in the next article.
In Ieroyrgiko and level of each religious ritual, myitiki, the Thanksgiving activity expressed in five levels:
In God and refers to the substantive content of each activity.
In spiritual unity represents the music, regarded as Divine Art. Music is Harmony that symplekei not equations but inequality to create a solid and comprehensive set of: a section. Orpheus was not only a great Musician but also the Music used in Worship and not only.

In Mind the Ritual lighting of the Fire, revealing the reality and the Sacred Ground named things, (The highest form of Speech is Sacred Hymn to God).
In the soul represent flowers supply. The blossoms are the flowers of life, something precious, real flowers, fruits, animal, or something else ... End the body representing the "empty hands of prayer».

These are the Five Sacred Offerings: The essence of the activity, the music, the fire and the hymns, the blossoms, and the attitude or the movement of prayer. Of course depending on the level of Initiation was changing not only the substance of the activity but also other items, music etc. to adapt to specific conditions. However in all the Initiations were using these sacred quotes, There was not a sacrament or ritual act to not have these five elements.

The Citadel of Livithron where there was Ancient Temple (Why always people were religious) Orpheus (using the temple existed, or update the, We don't know exactly) Telestirio established the mysteries of. After the death of Orpheus was Temple worship, until the physical destruction of much later by flood.

The Citadel of Livithron on the outskirts of Olympus, σήμερα. Here stood before 29 Telestirio sanctuary centuries of Orpheus, where they arose for the first time the Orphic Mysteries. The town of Livithron were b., NW. the Acropolis. Content of Initiation (the five Myisewn) We analyzed, as we said in the next article (The Orphic Initiation).
The Orphic Mysteries as Introduced by Orpheus and maintained after lonely Mystics or later in Orpheus Orpheus Troupes, transmitted as a Holy Revelation and deeply influenced both the Delphi and the Eleusinian Cult Theology but although the reputation of Orpheus as a Great Adept and Devine was spreading in the history and society of humans, never explained as well as the time when Orpheus lived on Earth. In terms of content, Organisation and Practical Usefulness the Orphic Mysteries are something far superior than maintained and taught after people.

So slowly that knowledge dissolved into history until today, that detect traces of (and we must make superhuman efforts to Anasynthesoyme the Teaching of Orpheus). And while Orpheus was not only a real person and a great Teacher who taught and left Traces of his teaching, σήμερα, When talking about Orpheus and the teachings of many of us listen with distrust and let's say few compared with those that we explore and know, After we submit to strict control to not stray from the factual story in the realm of fantasy and myth.
Unfortunately today's Greeks after so many centuries of slavery (the Greeks Macedonians, to the Romans, the Byzantines, in Ottomans, Today Europeans Simian) have lost all contact with their historical roots, with the ideology of their ancestors and with the old perception of reality that is the Eternal Truth. Have become stowaways in history.

To make the end, closing article, that Perception of Orpheus the Timeless God who gives birth to the creator and the creation of humans and nature, the Embraces all and accepts all, and the Divine and human (προσωρινή) situation, Including them all in the cycle of evolution.

Orpheus, Although uplifted As the divine Is (the God Dionysus) and the Timeless and broadened his perception to infinity, There has never been a reclusive mystic who rejects the world. The opposite. Accepts the life and the world and even the honors. How though; Guided by the Holy life builds Knowledge within the circle of divine evolution and transforms into a path of God in life, in the world back to God.

So all find their place. The man has to live the life with Knowledge and again with Knowledge required, When the time comes, to leave the life, to Return to the source of. Orpheus has never been an enemy of life and of the world and the body, όπως (incorrect) they say some fools. Though it considers the body soul's grave (as taught and Pythagoras and Plato, αργότερα) It was only when the man completely lismonoyse the Divine origin and lose the eternal destination of the, He is to return to God.
This is the reason (This perception) that Orpheus not only worshiped the annual cycle of nature and the Solstices and Equinoxes in which found signs of Divine Evolution but also accept fully foreign Dionysian Worship as one more way of approaching God and set Feasts of winter, of spring, summer and autumn, Celebrations made after Model officially established in classical Athens.
Orpheus was an accomplished man who At all levels of human evolution, every year (within the annual cycle), in all his life, teaching people to live and they entirely, the entire route, from God (from birth)on completion in life in the world, and life in the world (through the Initiation) back to God. Only when the man made the entire journey could be accomplished. Like to have those who followed this path of evolution was most numerous in ancient Times than today in the "civilized world".
Orpheus does not only adored the Timeless Jupiter, I adored the winter Zagrea, but Dionysus and Apollo spring summer, and the autumn Bakcho. Adored God in every aspect of, lived the life in every manifestation in the Light of knowledge, on the path of Virtue, in the Eternal Abode of fully Fulfilling each destination.
This was the Orpheus! How not to feel no respect but AWE, for such a big Man; The least we can do is be humble students of.
Costas Prokopiou

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