| The death of the ancients

The death of the ancients

(Of Kosti Palama)

And the triple doors Golden
and the doors trixane chalkenies
Squeak as boggixan
and without any ggiximo,
seems enchanted, diaplates,
from their own anoixan.
And TextBox below the walls double
with the dynamaria t ' aparta,
and TextBox below it from the side that Geraniums
and green and roympinia around rising,
spank the waters of the Marmara Sea,
the kalochtista ports.
And sorts of ships of the Fragkies,
and gallows genobezikes,
Venetian undulate trechantiria·
and it is like karteran
expensive cargoes
for travel and for festivals.
The masts banners, at plwres
akrofigoyra, liokamata at opses
from locations distant from kingdoms,
tinkle hearts and hands and spread,
so to want something to embrace,
and mpaϊrakia seioyntai and handkerchiefs.
And the stairs and from the beaches
Asian t ' opposite,
Apart from Bithynia,
something stretched pitch black,
and all breaks and zygwnei,
God demon rage and fury.
The murmur of the waves when lost
in a slam land, and when done
trying to match the quiet mourmouras
and restless of slam· and grikas
When the horse Horseshoe,
When running pezoyras.
And diaplates you who opened doors
world comes out, Ki argopatito
drags and heavy foot,
It is a procession, and don't you know
deximo though is, xeprobodisma,
wedding, or funeral procession.
Ki is synodeia without xafteroyga
and without crosses and banners
and baggelia and popes •
cult mysteries is how these;
No touting Psalms,
their feggoyne not candles.
And women nor, nor children·
and men only aspromallides
and misokopies and lads
and come with effort and bowed
like from hiding places, straight on Earth,
like from sunless kellaria.
Kontostekoyn and stagger
unusual like ' Hun
katou from Sun such road •
and the fronts of their hands
and in the eyes of their hands
place of thampos and terror.
So everything, and the scaring
the sunlight, beyond the sea,
t ' akrooyrana, and the air,
and the sky above the, and around them
the great creation and life
and the play of the day.
And it's like ' to bgalmenoi by Crouching
in old books dyskolosimwta,
and legendaries,
and something what more expensive
AP ' t ' ground Topaz, AP ' Ta choyrmoyzika
the pearls.
And it's like bgalmenoi from logariasma
forth in whistling apantecha,
in dyskoloxanoichta defteria.
And everyone as they come klitoi,
and as argozygwnoyn,
what keep straight in the hands;
And kratan sticks proskynitadwn
dialalitwn and akrostefanwta
m ' "agrilia", also with Myrtle twigs
rough sound their chontrokarfwta santala·
kremoyntai on their shoulders
taxidiwtika tagaria.
(And the marble mwloys
suddenly swells and gets wild
Ki afrostefano launches wave.
And fast makriathe a ' another outbreak,
and is the horse salagos,
and pezoyras step.)
And a one and two
and three antamwmenoi,
and by tesseroi and more
most many, kratan and tighten
tyligadia and books
in Golden and elefantenies
richly carved holsters,
and go with those,
and in the arms and shoulders
and in korfoys the bastane,
leipsan ' Aya seems to ' Yes
and thamatoyrges images
and heavy stamnia giomata
with the ashes of ancestors.
Tyligadia and books
pochoyn faces porfyres,
that is the flesh the silks,
and all sorts of the length
and shape and color.
Covered and makriathe
the thwreis and say that it is
Temple, Les altars switched off
and flags and incense burners
and rigadikes crowns.
Like gods statues are,
like bas-relief is heroes,
visions are prophets,
and kiboyria and mnimoyria.
Tamata are and go
to t ' afisoyne in the legs
some eidwlwn and worlds
the karteran and stand
and celebrate festivals
in temples and places,
beyond olomakra, and stand
and the temples and sites and all
and expect and anticipate
to fwtontythoyn with those.
'T ' is the defteria that hold
the pergamina,
respected schools that take
so persecuted by kakokairia;
And in these books,
and tombstones all these,
What are diamonds, What wisdom,
What dead, What bones Holy;»
Something took, they waved the crowds,
my voice broke and apokrithi:
"It's here closed amid the kiboyria,
amid the tyligadia are hidden,
– for dead the creation let not them weeping!–
Oh the atholwtes sources of thought,
the Art of asygnefiastoi skies,
The Immortals and Bonny.
What is the didachoi of truth,
the akerias Omorfadas the loyal,
old men, apeirachtoi, all young,
and Suns that are given to the stage
always straight in April's dew
the Bonny Athanatoiki.
From the beaches of Ionia
Athens by air
all pnemata do it as blowing,
and from Greece t ' pure soils,
the wisdom, the reason, the pace
The Immortals and Bonny.
What is the Platwnes, and behind them,
the idea of heroes, the philosophers,
and the virtue I'm brave these "!"says
What is the ' Omiroi, and behind them
all chanters and the olympwn plastes
The Immortals and Bonny.
The last home the paratan
by murmur due ormitikotato,
are Gypsies and Jews,
though always, Ki ermospites, winners
and the world become citizens,
The Immortals and Bonny!»
"They know, the know,
– I spoke and I,–
they know their dialalw and·
I know of all the songs
but to say,
the suited the songs
in my own view».
And the reason that archinisan
so the finish I:
"And over here to account
The Immortals and Bonny
from winds and storms
and earthquakes and chalasmoys,
and karabotsakismenoi
and hard katatremenoi
and by strangers and her own!
And hiding places iyrane and cloisters,
monasteries and Kellia,
and iyrane palaces and schools,
and do not iyrane the Sun
and freedom,
and dethikan and arrwstisan
and chtikiasan t ' apollónia the bodybuilders
and ginikan brykolakoi and Gnomes.
They found the dungeons and castles
and a foreign creation, a close
creation seductress.
Vultures made mpalsamwmena,
relic lypitera,
marmarwmena and basilopoyla,
life and youth and joy.
Joining or like diseased flowers
tropical in greenhouses,
or fytrwsane together
with the Greens that agkaliazoyne the ruins.
Koyloyriasmenoi too
MES STOU master hands,
and apokatoy from the kontofwti look,
life amid the defteria too,
life too straight into slavery,
tyragnismeni life too,
their iyre and a cult cursed
like the suffering and like the scorn,
a thousand years, a thousand years!»
Their scrolls and those a soul
tharrepsa how chythi,
and grikithik ' a triumphant anthem,
and of the graves came the bythi:
"We will cross and lands and sea,
will stand where the foot cannot
Turku any stepped us •
from our hometown due,
and switched off from the East,
th ' anateiloyme in the West.
' Where we go, I ' homelands vroume
and will create, from the Bosphorus
Andrias chaideyta synebgalmenoi by •
will fwliasoyme in Venice,
will xanarrizwsoyme in Rome,
We embrace the Florence.
T ' Alpeia mountains will draskelisoyme,
I xafnisoyme the streams of the Rhine,
STOU Voria will asprocharaxoyme the skoti,
I chythoyme like magiaprila of mind
where land, where old age, I sow
a Greece and a YouTube.
And planets with our own light,
our own light will take
where blur and bradiasma in nature •
and the hermit will filiwthei with life
and the milk of joy will drink again,
nisteyti, and a wine will get drunk.
And the Keltos and Goth and Alamanos,
every barbarian with us th ' anagalliasei,
and all first Italos •
rasoforoi and pontifikes
I prospesoyne Helen's legs
and the Swan will latrepsoyne of the Evrotas.
The Builder will show's rhythms,
laws of the wise, us will run
similar masters and craftsmen,
the United States will put up towers and,
and everywhere will stilwthoyn again
the good and the beautiful dikiokrites.
Just get out of this tiny little the cemetery
toward the light and air tetraplata,
like the first I ' MOU Hall,
and out of the narrow kiboyria,
Caesars and Alexantroi, th ' open,
with the sword, the strata.
Parnasswn and olympwn peaks!
And the thought and our measures
Arri’ people and Parthenons •
In addition to beyond a soul resurrection!
The great Diaper olocharoi
xanaproskynoyn centuries.
And the wise and sterfoi kakosortoi
teachers, years and times
kratoysane sabanwmenoys us
and with us go by dragging us,
Holy sternoleipsana
of the lost Race,
so seeing chrysofteroygoys us
from inside their hands to leave
in apotheosis will redo,
I believe that sarkwthikan chrysoneira
and since our altitude of t ' antifegga
like demigods will fantaxoyn to those!»
And responded my soul
and tells them
If that was my front orthostylwtoi
The Immortals and Bonny:
"You will pass by Panou
from the sea of the world
like breath
malakwtatoy maistrou,
the mould till the wave
making a Virgin
poor girl body.
But at Sea World,
and after you and always,
like yesterday
and like now, They Alla take it out,
They kiss each other and will fight
others thousand anemoi, a thousand
Sunshine and chionies.
But at Sea World
again the birth you May
wouldn't rthei.
Auras are diabatarikes •
the eternal checkered,
like first, will dernei
every anemiki.
So what if you are immortal;
Life alive
a modified
tine lived like creatures
with your bodies allowed
in your homeland makarismenis
the air and the Sun •
other air now another Sun
for you anymore • and never anymore
We relive your life,
And hearts and States
your xananthismenes from
and skyftes
back to you and ellinolatrisses,
and shadows of a Greece and idols •
but the Greece a, and agyristi •
go, and her cry!
And whoever will make your slave
and your footsteps get,
or one only, or the entire genus,
I wiped it with you.
And only someone with you
you will not lose himself
and I only cut AP ' t ' your anthia
to be awarded his hair, –
only one here katou
ornate will pull like a bridegroom,
you pull your ornate with grace,
will pull forward!
Learn • the prosperity is not for the slaves,
and as Lord lets thene slaves have
the wealth and beauty of each master •
Learn • the prosperity for the eleyteroys,
for us!
Like us they will hike gyftoys,
sowing the seed of eleyterwn,
and the scorn of slavery,
any, I anyone name slavery •
and so you will come to the world
closer to us.
And as we're manned thete
from meter and health and by class,
Hi joy, White brothers bright
of olomayrwn us.
like us is your race will not sail •
As long as he wants so be it moysikotero,
my white brothers, your passage
from the passage of gyftoyrias •
stom ' silly and opens to thamazei
always the world, always you •
thief's hands even though it stretches for grabs
every pure and every fake diamond
who will shine upon you.
Th ' apomenete aside from the Nations,
Although pleyrwnete Nations,
and your Nations separately from.
MA or their triskataratoys with us,
or with you, Oh triseylogimenoi,
Barbarian people traverses
and * ragias *.
The Immortals and Bonny will help
Nations the strata,
but the Immortals and Bonny will not give
feet in Nations and feathers and youth •
the legs and wings are of Nations,
the wings, the legs and the youth •
The Immortals and Bonny will help
Nations the strata,
like t ' pochei years star,
years and occasionally wiped,
but orphan light yet walks,
straight f's vast and achnofwtaei
the tireless nychtotaxideyti…
Fobam ' not I from Turkish,
and t ' arpagia to catch
your Greece the oyt dazzles with,
frankincense with got drunk
any glory last
and worship any.
Cana Papyrus though euro,
tone burn to accomplish
zesta or light •
my fire anaftw axetasta
within any repethemelo,
or Palace or monastery
or skoleio or temple.
And the flame and the pyri
my birds and trees around
and reptiles
shine, grind, seioyntai, change their services,
and all nature is pnema
and my kryfopsithyrizei
mantika words.
Either music or Flash,
you are ' a lost passage,
a breath •
Oh ghosts pentamorfa,
I m the akerios, I m the truth,
I m I t ' two inseparably •
flesh and soul!»

But the procession with the Holy relics,
without anymore to respond,
go, took the ships
KI was elusive the procession.
And guided same Doors diaplates
before the stochasteis,
the Sultan Horseman
He entered, the chalastis!


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