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“Historic vitamin injection for this identity crisis” featuring a reference to Mega Alexander the Assistant Professor of the Department of history and Archaeology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Hassan Badawi, speaking to Ana – EIA for the situation in Greece, the crisis facing and deficit values found.

In the light of Greek history, indicates that the reproduction of brilliant moments of the past is necessary luxury to illumine the dark present. In an effort to convey a clear note of optimism, believes that optimism is a key condition for success and cost nothing and explains why the Ministry of education is the real Defence Ministry of a country…

On the occasion of the celebration of the “Alexandreiwn 2015” from the International Foundation Alexander the great, in Litochoro Pierias, Mr. Badawi stated on the face of Alexander the great and why he is best known in history as a statesman and as stratilatis.

“Alexander made two conquests at the same time: in the East He won the bankrupt regimes that ceased to meet the needs of their societies and the hearts of oppressed peoples from their own regimes. This managed through the respect of their own identity, their own tradition, their beliefs, forms of worship and the participation of local customs and traditions as a sign of acceptance and respect for each other. This was the greatness. The winner to share the “is” the conquered and recognizes the existence of” mentioned features.

At the same time clarifies that from contemporary culture absent the criterion of the acceptance of the other, What was the basis of philosophy of Alexander and opening through “his visit to the Temple of Amun in Thebes, Egypt, through the proposal of mixed marriages himself and his generals with the women of the Persian Empire, through his attitude towards invocation – request of the Indian King Porus who was a aichmalwtos of”.

With clear allusions to the present situation of the country, Mr. Badawi stressed that “the reference to Alexander is a historic vitamin injection for this identity crisis” and stresses that “ever the amount, Neither the numerical reality of a society or a nation can not determine the fate and the future of”.

Instead, “What determines the future of a nation is confident, is the brilliant past which illuminate the weak and unstable present, is the example of Alexander the great who has been accepted by all peoples of the world as a national hero of all peoples. All of gladly provide their own identity and for the assets as a political and as a commander. (E)is the determination of our relationship with each other that determines the tendency towards unity or separation”.

At this point talks about the role of education, pointing out that the philosophy of the Grand political man was a product of the education received by Aristotle. “So was politician and strategist with clear vision, because without clear purpose there is no success” reports and stresses that from the political environment in which we live there are universal values, which has lead to self-destruction.

“Modern civilization boasts producing weapons of mass destruction and make international reports of weapons of mass destruction. This is due to the shortage of education, that is the only institution that can implant in mental territory a society the timeless human values that provide value to the user, the man society. This is the unique shield of society. What's missing from education is not information but is the reason for the transfer of messages and arguments that form the true identity of a society or a nation. And this is why the Ministry of education is the real Department of Defense of a country. In the face of such a situation should in General be always optimists. Optimism is a key condition for success and nothing because everything,What is worth never costs” mentioned features.

About the Organization of this year's “Alexandreiwn” reports that Guest country is Egypt and notes that Greece and Egypt share common universal values, the root of which is lost in the infinity of time. “It is perhaps the only countries in the timelessness of their relations always maintain a harmony, a mutual support, an intercultural consensus, a solidarity” says.

Explaining the reasons why this happens, the finds in the presence of epigonwn of Alexander the great in Egypt, Greek Macedonians, the Ptolemaic Dynasty, in which liability for the fact that the Egypt gained a second cultural identity, the Mediterranean identity.

“Thanks to Greek Macedonians, the Ptolemies, the Greek language was official organ of expression of Egypt for over a thousand years, i.e. by the end of the 4th BC. century until the beginning of the 11th century ad. and complementary partnerships with the Arabic language. This historical property relations remain undisturbed until today. This may be attributed to the public historic depth because the historical depth of a people is a guarantee of solidity and solidarity with alike peoples or neighbors” Adds.

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