Amphipolis: Tough confrontation with "rebel anaskafewn" geologist

The intense annoyance and frustration expressed by statements in Ms. Katerina Peristeri on the initiative of geologist-spilaiologoy k. Evangelos Kambouroglou to make a scientific presentation on the Tumulus Kasta in scientific meeting for the Archaeological Project in Macedonia and Thrace. The decision by Mr. Kambouroglou to participate in the Conference of AEMTH, by the excavators, does not violate an agreement between them just to give time to study the findings before any presentation. At the head of the excavation, Mrs. Katerina Peristeri, the move by Mr. Kambouroglou is unethical and unlawful, If contrary to the provision of law. 3028/2002 Article 39 Fri. 6, which stipulates that for publishing material arising from excavation or other archaeological research must be authorised by the person whose exclusive right, as defined in paragraphs 3,4,5 and 7 Article 39 the same law.

Extra, with his statements to various MEDIA, Mr. Evangelos Kambouroglou, bold style, especially against Mrs. Peristeri for which complained that having pushed and threatened not to participate in the AEMTH, promised revelations that will topple specific views that have prevailed for the Hill Kasta. Among the other, questioning the theory that Leo was on top of the Mound and that an is in a large part of human technical work.

Statements of the , Ms. Peristeri submits its own view on the dispute that is ongoing in the final hours between the excavation team and an "outsider" as characterized by. Kambouroglou. Specific, Ms. Peristeri highlights the following:

– "Mr.. Evangelos Kambouroglou, most stayed a 10-day period in the excavation, making visits periodically. It wasn't from our key partners, just enough that led us to the wrong conclusions, because they had told us that she had seen for a trap door in the fourth space, which of course doesn't exist, It was a spar that had been removed in ancient times. He and other errors, Why was telling us that the funerary Chamber had no disorder while ultimately proved that there was a big fuss of space, We said that there had not walked none and that the room is undisturbed burial etc something that certainly constituted an entirely erroneous estimate. I.e., Mr. Kambouroglou, not only gave the guidelines, but our research apoprosanatolise».

– "I do not expect to make any serious showdown at AEMTH, Why not yet completed some serious research in the area. It is in a stage of immature even over all, has not tabled the study of our service. Mr. Kambouroglou doesn't have to say anything he hasn't already said the excavation group».

– "Mr.. Kambouroglou had no substantial involvement in the excavation. Just came sometime, as geologist, to see what happens to the soils around-but also within the monument, If we went with the excavation. But it is essentially three other geologists that deal with the topic, There is a whole group of scientists led by Professor. Gregory Tsoka, was never alone Mr. Kambouroglou. Moreover it was external collaborator, It was not a key member of the excavation team. Err seriously when he says that the research is based on its own findings, because it is not an archaeologist, not even in Service Manager, the Ephorate of Speleology, which is headed by Mr. Andreas Ntarlas. Mr. Just came to Amphipolis kambouroglou like free scholar, and beyond that I don't know how they decided to carry as reported. But it is not good what they do ".

– "Neither pressure, Neither threats ever were on my behalf to Mr. Kambouroglou, These are unheard of things, completely unacceptable and implausible. The pressures and threats says to create impressions».

– "There is a document from the Central Administration of the Ministry against the k. Kambouroglou expressly indicated in that violate regulations and the archaeological law with his announcement at AEMTH. I got the phone. Kambouroglou and, very friendlily, I told him that "you can't talk to Congress, If everyone in the group we have decided together not to talk. Why declared participation without to our updates;"You don't hear me, of course, with ignored. I said "I will do my best,What I want ". This is not correct and ethical, or are we a team or we're not. And despite the fact that it was not a key member of the team, We hear, the agnooisame never. But unfortunately, his behavior has disappointed».

– "We agreed, with all the excavation team, that won't talk in AEMTH, to study, to resolve questions that have, to understand etc., in order to present our findings, integrated and fully detail in next Congress, the 2016. Mr. Kambouroglou, neither asked us, neither got any permission from the team to participate in the Conference, not even informed others three geologists who are in the Group, one of whom is an expert in sediments ".

– "I've filikotati all my colleagues, not only with Mr. Kambouroglou. And at times we had worked, but I am struck by the behavior of the, with much acuteness against us. I've not done anything, He just like other people, He wants publicized by Kasta. For personal benefits, I imagine. And I am very sorry ".

Architect and civil engineer belie the k. Kambouroglou

The architect of the excavation in Amphipolis, Mr. Michalis Lefantzis as one of three members of the research team, with critical contribution to archaeological research from the first moment of the task 2012, stresses that ' beyond unethical attitude, Mr. Kambouroglou not entitled to express an opinion on issues that are outside of the specialty. Says, l. x. that Leo was not atop the Mound. Let me remind you that in about ten days found in Amphipolis or in subsequent sporadic visits, Mr. Kambouroglou can't imagine how he approached the subject of Leo and plinth, let alone the architectural characteristics of pwrinwn four foundations which have an important role in research, the first at the top of the mound and the second to the point where he finally placed the sculpture to a conventional pedestal by Oscar Broneer. I don't think that can evaluate the scattered marble members attributed to the monumental this all or and sections that are attributed to sculpture. And you certainly don't know the architectural issues, the data of the excavation in relation to the historical topography of the area and nothing of what had transpired during the investigation. Also remind that the excavation team has offered its full support to. Kambouroglou despite the serious faults of, such as the case for the northern port of funerary Chamber wall. In General, However, We had every intention to share our views with him, He, however, refused even to discuss with us. Mr. Not written with kambouroglou excavation team and did not attempt to contribute to the composition of data in a multidisciplinary cooperation. Many times influenced the Administration even in technical matters, squeezing out the engineers, the architect and the civil engineer of excavation, Although we were the "substantive responsibility".

Mr. Dimitris Englishman, the engineer who was responsible for the heavy responsibility to keep, on the substance, the Monument standing, preventing the collapse of, is limited and that the issues of the specialty and does not wish to engage in scientific controversy through press statements. States that did not participate in deciding on the timing of announcements about the Tumulus Kasta, but this, as provided for the Archeological Law, falls within the exclusive competence of the respective head of excavation. However, Mr. Englander notes that "Mr. Kambouroglou indicates, with some swagger, that "was in danger of my life in a ramshackle cabin".

This could have adverse consequences for him and for his son, or those swept away to put him inside the monument uncontrollably before placed ypostilwtika measures. But the responsibility for anything that would happen within the monument, fatal will be passed to the project engineer. I think the risk was a completely inappropriate action on behalf of Mr. Kambouroglou, who preferred to ignore our recommendation for patience. Both I and Mr. Lefantzis and Ms. Peristeri insisted on completing the direct supportive measures before any of the workshop, researchers etc could move safely inside the monument.

Also, Mr. Kambouroglou support network called like "iron curtain": However "these, the metallic elements were necessary for the safety of the monument, There was some exaggeration.

And even by younger calculations, It seems that further additions for the stability of the monument in the medium-long run.

End, because the k. Kambouroglou compared the monument with a cave or tunnel, something that was released and in the media, I would say that the cave is a natural state, self-supporting, not even syragga, because they did not need to opened something and support. As analyzed in the workshop of the Ministry of culture to Amphipolis in November, This edifice is characterized as "technical work with excavating and epanepichwsi", "cut and cover". I.e. build and epichwthike, so from an engineering perspective of behaviour, has nothing to do with the cave».

Research on the Tomb continues

Closing fitting, the head of the excavation in Amphipolis, Mrs. Katerina Peristeri notes that "with the opportunity, I would like to say that we do a really important and serious research around the burial Mound complex Kasta, We have all the good mood and willing to continue our research. Already with his team k. Gregory Tsoka has launched a geophysics research will continue and indeed the Hill hides and other secrets, not only is the monument from, There are many more yet to be revealed and should proceed with small and steadily. But should all the partners to be United, There is some people to detach and aim at the little publicity that gives the Tumulus of Amphipolis. It's a shame, Sorry for "this".


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