Τι συμβολίζει η αρπαγή της Περσεφόνης από τον Πλούτωνα;

The amazing Macedonian tomb of Amphipolis found the mythological expression that shows the abduction of Persephone by Pluto. Same with the expression of Royal Tombs at Aigai! Only at Aigai is painting in Amphipolis mosaic. It should, however, like to emphasise another important difference: In relation to all the respective performances of this myth, not only at Aigai, but in vessels or elsewhere, only in Amphipolis Riches is the laureate! It may be no coincidence that! If therefore implies a glorious death, I suggest the endoxotero of all deaths.

With each commitment to humility of an unskilled, This article was written shortly after the revelation of Persephone in the mosaic of Amphipolis. Participate in the discussion of unskilled, no special, and, as such, does not address at all the archaeological work, Alas! But he wants to make some comments on ... observations and published by specialists and non-, always in everything,What is the myth of Persephone and the reason parastainetai in Amphipolis, We don't want to say anything about the actual tomb, only t "necessary connecting factors matter:

Although they have excavated more than a hundred Macedonian tombs, only at Aigai and Amphipolis shows the representation of Persephone! So to be "hallmark" of a certain dynasty. As the laureate Pluto, This means something, It cannot be a coincidence. Clearly define a dividing line between the tombs of Kings and, from the other, the graves of generals, of officials or of the rich. So if the expression implies that the "abduction of Persephone" is used only in the Tomb by members of the Royal family of the Macedonians, will be confirmed or disproved in the end of excavation.

For the moment, even thinks or hopes, No one dares to say that it is the tomb of Alexander, because historical sources nowhere report transfer of remains of Macedonia.

Our theme is: What job does the "abduction of Persephone by Pluto" in a funerary monument and even in "replay; That the show is not on another Macedonian Tomb, but it is in Amphipolis, does that mean the lodger belongs to the Royal family the Temenids; If Yes, why in Amphipolis and not at Aigai;

The answer is not at all easy, at least for now. Impression indeed cause countless "kotsanes" that incident involving countless locals and foreign specialists, archaeologists or teachers of reputed universities, articles or analysis of which host famous newspapers and magazines. Impression causes the sebastiki and view these "scientific opinions" from the domestic media who (chazocharoymena, you would think) show the one and the other theory cultivating supposed magic and awe that causes the monument, but cultivating the overall confusion. Not only is that they all have ruled before finishing the work of excavation (act constituting an unscientific, and unethical behavior, Anyway) is that in practice they proved their incompetence in the reading of ancient Greek Thought. Do linear view of history, Unlike the philosophy of Hellenism that is circular. The aposymbolismos of ancient legends and paintings or mosaics expressions illustrating the ancient myths, is, as it seems, unknown to the scientific community, unknown even to lovers of ancient Greece! In this case, in the face of Persephone who grabs the Pluto, looking at the ... Roxane. Other, After, says that, not, Roxane descended from today's Afghanistan, Hence cannot be kokkinomala, Therefore it is the Olympics that descended from the continent and was the mother of Alexander the great! Other sees in the face of mercury the same Alexander at a young age. WHAT,what being "Yes! Scientist is, What,what they're saying! Who will challenge;

The General Secretary of the Ministry of culture, Lina Mendoni explains that this show has symbolic importance and may indicate some relationship of the deceased in the grave with the Macedonian Royal House. "We find the scene of the abduction of Persephone in the mural of the so-called tomb of Persephone, in the Royal Cemetery of Aigai. We have a second display with Pluto and Persephone, in a scene the sacred marriage, the marble throne, the tomb of Eurydice, Philip's mother, στις Αιγές. The political symbolism is very powerful in all seasons. The clean burial theme with Persephone is linked to the cults of the underworld and the Dionysiac rites in which the priest was the head of the House of Macedon "stressed the Secretary General.

Very properly! Only that "the abduction of Persephone" does not relate only to the Dionysiac rites, as Mrs Mendoni notes, connected with the Orfikes. It was the main topic in the eleusinian Mysteries, where worshipped Ceres and Persephone along. Also no coincidence, After the Kings of Macedon, Therefore and Alexander, He was privy to the Cabeiri Mysteries, which was not at all different from the eleusinian, proof that "the abduction of Persephone" is common. The Cabeiri Mysteries the Macedonian Kings member served as high priests. Very important information! The question now is: Could join "the abduction of Persephone by Pluto" in a (Macedonian) Tomb, the lodger which wouldn't be high priest of the eleusinian mysteries Kaviria or; The answer is categorical: Not. Thus the tomb of Amphipolis definitely belongs to the tenant in the Royal family of the Temenids and, definitely, sigoyrotata, It is not some general, is not Ifaistiwna, Neither Nearchou, Neither Roxanne, Neither of Cassander, nor other. Did the Olympiad; Could be in the Olympics, If there wasn't in the middle of the Leo. Does, then, his son Alexander; Could the small tomb was the son of Alexander, If he had he could become high priest of Kaviria Mysteries! It is clear, however, that he did not, After amoystako child murdered. So is neither indeed.

That being the case... Let's take things from the beginning and let's remember the ancient legend that recounts the abduction of Persephone by Pluto. From the narration that something can come out ...

The myth of Persephone

Persephone was the daughter of the goddess Demeter and Zeus. Zeus decided to make his own Dimitra that, Although Belle, disregards for men, If it is possible! What to do and he; Transformed into a bull! Sue says, not content with half measures the Lady, exceptional qualifications are needed here, not interested in men the woman, (e), cannot, a bull will sit ntabrantismeno, will tell me a song. The calculation of proved infallible. What would God incidentally if they could not see into the depths of the mind! Abyss of the soul of a woman, even for a God, ναι, but for a mpermpanti God like Zeus, such was certainly something knick knack... The bull ghastly Dimitra, He was given more pleasure, body and soul, as they say, a sunny day, There's something solitary meadows. Put now scene! Nowadays the bestiality is a criminal offence. Em, the opposite, What was supposed to be; Anyway,, as always happens with the divine love, the Nice Dimitra became pregnant. Nine months later he was born a girl, named Persephone.

As grew Persephone, grew and the beauty of. The Riches and sees suffers psychic tralala. God of Hell like fell in love and decided to steal. I could ask her hand like a gentleman, But what mother would give her blessing to a marriage with the ruler of the underworld; The legend in the bosom of the will to evaporate from in front of the exapodw. According to the Homeric hymn to Demeter, the young Persephone was gathering flowers in Nysio field. The syntrofeyan Athena, Artemis and the Oceanid nymph. Carefree Persephone, moved away from the company of, seeking the most beautiful flower. When he bent down to catch a Daffodil, the land was divided in the middle and from the bowels appeared a chariot. Driver was the Pluto that with one hand clutching the reins of horses and the other grabbed the gorgeous girl. The cries are not heard by anyone and Persephone found Queen in the black Kingdom of the underworld.

Vain Demeter was searching for her daughter by day and by night. Than sorry, the land and the crops began to languish. After long, the Sun you see everything from the sky, pitied the inconsolable goddess and told her where her daughter was. Susan demanded to return Persephone, otherwise they would leave the Earth to xananthisei. Zeus, motivated by the prayers of people who were hungry, ordered Pluto to release Persephone.

God of Hell had no other choice than to obey, but, Sly and deceitful as it was (in front of Satan does not work trick) first gave Persephone to eat a pomegranate. And, do you think IE ... well, so long was not eating anything the girl, foodless had the bum; Details! The Pluto knew that, If the girl consumed food in the Underworld, I was then tied with him and could not leave. (E); Something like magic potion IE ... Persephone ate six seeds and thus sealed the fate of. When he learned the Dimitra, was furious (the law is the law, Sue says, even for the gods) and to tide over Jupiter, He suggested a compromise: For every seed that Persephone ate, I lingered a month in hell! Scalpel-like solution: Half outta, half from then! Well, the girl you spent half the time next to her mother and the other half with Pluto. Susan accepted the judgment, but it never overcame the loss of her daughter.

Since then six months that Persephone was in Hades, Demeter mourning and with mourning and the nature. The trees lose their foliage, asthenoysan crops and severe winter fall on Earth. Though, When Persephone returned to her mother, the joy of Demeter prasinize the Earth and plants blossom.


At this point I would borrow them one published a wonderful description of the mural of goats (We do not know the author):

The mural at Aigai

The mural with the abduction of Persephone has been found in a tomb at Aigai kibwtioschimo with dimensions of 3 x 4, 5 m. who is dating around 350 e.g.. and who belonged to a young woman about 25 years old who have died in childbirth and was buried here along with the infant of, which is believed to be one of the seven wives of Philip II, probably nicesipolis of Feres, the mother of Thessalonica. On the North wall of the Tomb lies the stunning fresco. In the middle of the image dominates the chariot with four white horses. Hades, more great than "all other forms of, grabbed the prey and jumps in the chariot. At the right hand of the King of the dead tightens the scepter of power and the reins of horses, shaken with the front legs in the air, starting already in their frantic Gallop. Between his legs, imprisoned in the dark bosom of the, the Pluto keeps tight Persephone. The daughter is naked. Her dress slipped and fell. Only stayed the lanyard that clutched on her shoulder and her purple cloak hides the IVI, it becomes the background for soft hips and lost his smigontas with purple drape of Pluto. In a last-ditch attempt to escape, her daughter shaken backward, her body stretched, tender like flower stalk, get away from the demands and the arm that clench like pincer. Perfectly weak, stretching out the armrests, desperately begging for help that will not come. The wind gets her hair, the eyes of the reign, the person becomes a mask of despair. The daughter's refusal to accept her fate, the desire to hook in the world who is forced to leave and "aversion to Hades it becomes obvious through the movement of the body of which is totally contrary to his own and through the removal of their heads. With an extremely dynamic and extremely bold design, Open composition, based on intensity, but to balance that produce two intersecting diagonals, a finding that rather he introduces in the traditional iconography of Rapture, the artist manages to "get all the dramatic tension of the confrontation with the Hunter's prey, the male with the female, of life with death.

Behind the chariot, in the eastern corner of the image, misogonatismeni in soil, a friend of Persephone is watching the drama, petrwmeni of fear. Her dress slipped and her breasts are naked, but the imatio of the golden brown in baggy menexelia edging the wraps still, forming a warm wreath, inside, which stresses the seductive whiteness of her skin. Bent in two lifts a hand to preserve, looks like it wants to leave and cannot, frozen like a nightmare, involuntary witness of abhorrent. Her eyes designed completely sparingly, two grammoyles and a boylitsa all and yet manage to express perfectly the ineffable terror ...

Like morphological, but conceptual counterpoint to the passivity of the daughter's syntrofissas, that with terror accepts the fatal, on the other side of the show appears Hermes. With the Caduceus, the magic wand that giteyei the souls of the dead, the only traditional and recognizable symbol of the show, at hand, the dark is here nymfopompos psychopompos wedding & running, almost flying on tiptoe of, leads the chariot in the West, in the land of the dead.

The interpretation of myths

If the modern reader or researcher could exculpate "n, even temporarily, from the Orthodox or Catholic christianokentriki reading East and West or, even better, and by the counterpoint of the Olympians gods with God of the old and New Testament, could identify a focal conceptual point, useful key to decoding of the myth:

In "West reading", but in "Eastern reading", Zeus is an incorrigible flirtatious and whatever hottie "of gyalize", the stalked up to make his own. But the "Greek reading", a number of both, says that any love of Zeus (every one love from innumerable erwtes of) It symbolizes the meeting of two natural forces, one fertilizes the other in order to obtain always a new physical strength. No love of Zeus is not "arid". You could say that no love of Zeus is not just for pleasure or, How would say some today, "on the bed". All the encounters resulted in the birth of a hero or a heroine, a new God or a new goddess, panapei, the birth of a new physics force. So: The physical force that fertilizes, symbolized with the male (Jupiter, who is the original, the primary power) and physical strength that is impregnated (every time one further physical strength) symbolized with the female. The known word "hybrid" means the intersection of the two elements to produce a new, which will be stronger component of parenting. But if this intersection is made by human rather than divine hands, the "hybrid", that means: Hubris Zeus. I.e., hubris in God. I.e., violation of nature. So Zeus is the nature.

All are symbols. And these symbols were taught in the eleusinian or Cabeiri Mysteries, where was high-priest says, the King of Macedonia! Hence the persistent representation for the abduction of Persephone by Pluto "in Royal Tombs. Zeus, Dimitra, Persephone, the Pluto. Is Holy, It's archetypal symbols by themselves mean something very important and all together, at their meeting, something very important. But ... What;

With the revelation of the funerary monument of Amphipolis discussions and publications worldwide. Eminent archaeologists and university professors are trying to interpret what that highlights a little-bit the hoe of k. Peristeri. We have listed here some sample excerpts of publications:

Ian Goyordingkton, Professor of classics, University of Missouri, believes that the excavators are in a tomb belonging to a woman, as the mosaic shows a woman driven to the underworld. If proven, Adds the Goyordingkton, then the Tomb might host the Roxane, wife of m. Alexandrou, or his mother Olympias. Both women were from cassander, one of the generals of Alexander the great, When he ascended the throne of ancient Macedonia», complements.

"Based on classical texts kassandros burried the Roxanne and her son in Amphipolis the 310 eg, so it's likely to be that the mound dweller ", noted Professor, According to the magazine. "But other evidence suggests the Olympiad. Alexander wanted to deified his mother, like the woman in the chariot of Hades. Extra, the Olympics continued to retain political power and after the death of Commander. Although murdered by cassander and his allies, "I think that could be honored with a tumulus ', highlighted by Philip Freeman, Professor of classical studies at Luther College in Iowa.

The author Andrew Tsagk speaks at Discovery and analyzes his opinion because the inlay this might be the most complete portrait of Alexander the great at a young age. Through this view Chang believes that strengthened the theory that the tomb is buried the Olympiad, mother of Macedonian King.

"The mosaic depicts Hermes, the Pluto and Persephone. In fact the representation of Rapture Persephone has human matches "argues Andrew Tsagk, author of the book "in search of the tomb of Alexander the great".

"I believe that Persephone represents the face of the woman who is buried in the Tomb, which led to the underworld "notes the author.

This means that there is some major Queen of Macedonia, which died somewhere between the 325-300 e.g.. probably in Amphipolis, so we can assume that this is the Olympics or Roxanne.

Andrew Tsagk considers it more likely that the grave be located the Olympiad since archaeologists discovered the female statues and Sphinxes of Karyatidon inside the Tomb.

Roxane, the wife of Alexander the great, came from the area of today's Afghanistan, something that makes it extremely rare chance is in reality redhead. In contrast the Olympiad originated from the Molossoys of Epirus, where the red hair was something ordinary, "says author in Discovery. However, in its analysis of the Chang go one step further and claims that the other two persons of mosaic, Mercury and Pluto, have significant similarities with both "protagonists" of life of Olympiad. Pluto has a form that looks pretty in Philip II ", her husband and father of Alexander Olympias. It's uncrowned king and has filmed like the right side of his head. The right eye of Philip were mangled because of a wound from an arrow during the battle.

Another approach

The abduction of Persephone by Pluto is a grave issue that comes straight from the Orphic and Eleusinian philosophy or the Cabeiri Mysteries. It may not be a coincidence that Philip's mother was called Evridiki, just like the beloved wife of Orpheus descended into Hades. The story of Orpheus Evridikis House closely resembles the story of Persephone, Demeter. "Grave matter" means that the expression does not represent persons who descended into Hades, as the Honourable Prof claim "all teachers around the world, but symbolizes the deeper substance of death, parastainei mythological soul and highs of the soul from the spiritual to the material world and vice versa. In the expression of Amphipolis, where for the first time we meet Pluto dafnostefanwmeno, indicates a glorious death, the endoxoteros of all deaths. And such was the death of Alexander. Consequently, the tomb of Alexander, either inside of his great Commander, or not. This at least through the use of symbols tells the mosaic of Persephone!

The architecture of the monument "tells" and something else important: The Sphinxes, the Caryatids, After the mosaic with the abduction of Persephone, represent a climactic sequence myitikwn levels, each higher than the previous, with its own booth each. The tomb of Amphipolis the halls are more than any other Macedonian tomb and this means that the lodger is the more versed than "all, someone who possesses the maximum degree of initiation, in other words, high priest of the mysteries, superior property and from the Royal, so here we have a Macedonian King, No General of Alexander, Neither Roman or Romans, If, Anyway,, regarded as correct the case of some archaeologists that the tomb is a downstream. It is not and that is why "downstream!

At the end of the excavation will learn why the tomb was in Amphipolis and not at Aigai. For the moment, We can make the case that, most likely all be, the Macedonian empire built by Alexander, to have a new capital, a large port, right next to the chrysoforo Pageo and huge granary of Struma. Amphipolis was then a city much larger than the glorified Athens, the wall was 7,5 km, of Athens was only 6 km! Where else could a better seat for the Navy of the great King, in force which was based the land campaign against the Persians; Moreover, we know from historical sources that Alexander was interested in the West and had begun preparations for the campaign of the West. How I did it without Navy; Could Alexander n "ignore the experience of (Very Amfipoliwti) war Nearchou; Excluded! The transfer of the capital to Amphipolis could therefore be the first strategic step for the campaign that has already begun to prepare Alexander against the West.

But let's see in more detail the mythological theme: Where it comes from the word "Persephone" and what it means;

Persephone. Persefassa. Fersefassa. Ferefassa. Ferefatta. Fersefaassa

As the ferolbios, the bearing eytychian or feroplos, the bearing arms. Trustworthy. Promising. Mouthpiece. For the first part and the second synthetic: Decision. Contradiction. Affirmation.

Fersefaassa well. The bearing the ancient reason was said to be valid forever. The connoisseur of ancient Speech. The adept. For "this and the Temple of Persephone was called Ferrefattion.

Persephone was the daughter of Zeus and Demeter. Dimitra = Ca Mother = Earth Mother. On the relationship of Zeus with Dimitra Zeus represents the celestial world and Ceres represents the earthly world. Their daughter Persephone represents life that is born from the conjugation of celestial and earth things, It implies that life on Earth contains uranium and the underground element. Life on Earth is a conjugation of celestial and earth elements. This shows the "love" of Zeus and the Mother, the Earth Mother, Demeter. In the Homeric hymn which meets and as a daughter of Cronus and Rhea. He namely symbolism, absolutely he: Commingling again of the heavenly and the earthly element. Love of Zeus to Earth. Persephone, secondary to this love, represents the Union of the heavenly and the earthly element, as a carrier and two elements knows the ancient Reason, knowing the fate and has (or should have) consciousness of spiritual beings trapped in matter.

Persephone lives six months into the upper world and six months in the underworld. This symbolizes the births and deaths sustained by the daughter of Father Zeus and Earth Mother (Demeter) until it reaches back into the prior theosis, She had until I grabbed the Pluto. And which will rediscover, When will escape from Pluto. But until then I will go back and forth from the upper to the lower world and vice versa.

If Persephone eat the seeds of the pomegranate, trapped forever in the underworld and "it incites the Pluto. The seeds of the pomegranate symbolize the countless number of lives, the countless number of births and deaths, the countless i.e. number of incarnations of the soul, you will need to escape the Nice daughter, i.e. the soul, from Pluto's dark clamp, i.e. of matter. Persephone momentarily fooled and eats only six spores, for "this and descends to Hades only six months a year. The number six here and six symbolizes "Heaven" that correspond to the underworld, the six levels of spiritual elevation is required until the conquest of the seventh. The soul that ascends in "seventh heaven", relieved from the pain of multilayer and painful births and deaths. The seventh seed of the pomegranate symbolizes the next sky, which also consists of six tiers. If Persephone ate seven seeds of the pomegranate, would offload the captivity of Pluto. Like the "apartments" that has the pomegranate, each of which has many seeds, so are the many spiritual layers that must traverse the soul to unite again with God, as it once was.

So, the months that Persephone is in the upper world, the goddess Dimitra rejoice and there was good weather, While the other six months there was bad weather. The joy of Demeter corresponds to the release of the soul that has hardware offload body. Respectively the regret corresponds to the period that the soul is imprisoned in material body. The youthfulness of Persephone corresponds to the eternal youth of soul, i.e. in the immortality of the soul. That, though, some time trapped in matter. Is the time within eternity that begin births and deaths, incarnations and aposarkwseis.

Pausing a bit in "that phrase: "Susan has accepted the decision, but it never overcame the loss of her daughter ". To stand, because this means that God did not forget about ever drop of the soul to the underworld. "Sleeping and wakes" with anticipation to turn the immortal soul in the eternal heavenly dwelling of ...


The myth of Persephone encapsulates the entire Greek philosophy on life and death. So do many other Greek myths, everyone from "which illuminates in the same context, different applications. The decoding of the myth of Persephone reveals all the Orphic teaching for the before and the after life, reveals all that knowledge you have hidden from people religions, each in her own way and for reasons of.

In what,What is the funerary monument of Amphipolis, the abduction of Persephone by Pluto "testifies occupant of the same Royal clan with the occupant of the tomb of goats. The lodger he knows the maximum truth, in other words, Privy, knows the full aposymbolismo of legend, because it is high priest of Kaviria Mysteries, that has risen to the fullest extent of initiation, i.e. hold, Cosmic, of Knowledge yperkosmias. He too, in this period of time dating back to the grave, only Alexander. There may be other, not even the Olympics, because she was not high priest, Apart and left at the foot of leaving for his campaign, "but in this case, the fact that he was murdered by cassander, excludes such price performance. Such a majestic monument built only for the powerful of the day, never for the loser. The policy has its limits... But strong of the day, even dead, then and until today, none other than Alexander.

And if you make a mistake in this, never mind. The important thing is not in any case, the discovery of the tomb of Alexander, in Amphipolis or elsewhere, and the salvation of the country once again from the dead,, the tourist exploitation of the monument for the sake of the unemployed of cheimazomenis Greece, would a new hubris, Chiron of the first. It is clear: Most important of all is the revelation of maximal knowledge about what encoding and what wants to say to humanity the secular myth of Persephone. This, only this, will shatter the darkness prevailing on Earth.


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