| The shooting star SIRIUS and Macedonians

Returns to illuminate Greece again;

Sirius. The Super-bright Star, the shooting star who ruled the spirit of ancient Macedonians, xanastrefei the person in Greece, now that we are entering in Aquarius. Egyptians, Babylonians, Assyrioi,…. Sumerians, Etruscans and Romans have in their Pantheon one post for the star that, more than t’ other, shining in the sky bradyna.

Mystical cults and symbolism that hide lost secrets in the night time. Can we anasynthesoyme the marquetry of a large knowledge that was lost or perhaps still remains between us in places we don't imagine; A code waiting to be deciphered…

The heavenly body of Sirius

Astronomically we define the Sirius as the brightest star of Big Dog aplani. Belongs to the type of white stars and is just…8,4 light years from Earth. Is double star and together with the chaperone, the Sirius b ', rotate around a common center of gravity. The average mutual distance is the range of 3 billion km. and their orbital period lasts 50 years. SIRIUS has a mass 2,3 times larger than the Sun, but smaller density. 0(a) argue that resembles a Nebula.

The periodic variation in the brightness of each 25 years accompanied by powerful tidal waves, because of his neighbourhood with the chaperone. In accordance with the opinion of many astronomers, SIRIUS is located in "downtown" almost of our Galaxy. Etymologically, the word "Sirius, -(a), -being "meant the kaiwn, the· kaiwn, the vitriolic, warm and it was an adjective of celestial bodies, which emit a lot of heat. «Sirius» was called multiple times and the Sun, which created along the way a lot of confusion surrounding the separation of the two stars. (For’ This and others talk about ' Macedonian Star» and others for the "Macedonian Sun", referring to the well-known Macedonian symbol). Are the words "Omorrizes seiriokaytos", that meant he made from solar heat or from the Sirius and the "Siren", mythical creature that anaparistanontan allrte that as a woman-fish and sometimes as a woman-bird and originally meant "the fanerwnoysa of the dynamin by heatwave sunset at mesimbrian».

According to legend, "Siren" was the sister of Alexander the great (siren and depict the Dogon as Mermaid is the same for the delayed). Hung around on the seas and wrecked ships who dared to say that the King died (Live King Alexander;) Looks really funny, but also surprising how a myth – either as a parable or as a creation of the collective unconscious – to skillfully transform and protect one momentous truth…

In Egyptian and in Greece

In ancient Egypt, in accordance with the opinions of scholars, SIRIUS corresponded with the goddess Isis, that anaparistanontan as a cow lying on’ a ship, and (f)’ the statues are often depicted with cow's horns and the hairdo like a fish tail. Many times brought as Crown an eight-pointed star. Brother and husband of Isis was Osiris, the worship seemed too with that of Dionysus. With that the Isis gave birth to Horus. According to other sources, however, he gonimopoiise the Isis was the Ammon or Amun-Min-Ra, the same God who later called Amun-Zeus and that, According to the Olympiad, He was the father of Alexander.

SIRIUS(Canis in Latin). Tsakalioy or Wolf form and had the God Anu soymeriakos, It seems that he was also associated with the star it.

For Greek mythology, SIRIUS is the star that, the constellation of the great Dog, in which he had transformed his dog Orion. This of course is not random, as constellations of the dog, of Orion and Slow are th IUU in another.
The Orion was the son of Poseidon and Eyryalis, daughter of Minos and famed Hunter. Usually wore a lion's pelt and clutching the hands of bat (These symbols and of Hercules). There are many stories around the face and the faithful dog Sirius's.

Orion is associated with King Oenopion (or Oeneus in Boeotia), that had been the wife of (or daughter) the Merope, which raped the Limits under the influence of intoxication. The Winopiwn, outraged, the blinded, with the partnership of the father of Dionysus. But the Orion, with the help of an Oracle managed to rediscover his light. Specific, the Oracle saying that they will, If you move towards the East and expose the eye cavities of licenses at morning sunbeams. So aided by the noises made by the blacksmiths of Hephaestus, arrived in Limnos, where the Kidaliwn (the teacher of Hephaestus), the koybalise on his shoulders and brought him in front of the Sun.

-Some believe that this myth has some connection with Sun-Sirius, that is done once a year, but with the mysteries of the Cabeiri. We know that the marriage of Philip and Olympias was the result of their meeting in Samothrace, where were running the Cabeiri mysteries "or", otherwise, the "mysteries of the great gods". Philip was initiated early in these mysteries (rather in Thiva), While Alexander's mother was a priestess.

Cabeiri also regarded as deities of fire – the word "Kabeiros" has etymological connection with the verb "burn; – though their symbols, e.g.. agistri, having to do with water and encounter later in almost all religions. According to one view (Herodotus, Strabo, Pindar) they are descendants of Vulcan from his marriage with Kabeirw, for’ This and always found near volcanic areas, While often represent the boundary or ypochthonies deities. The heart of worship was kabeirikis in ancient Macedonia, in Mount Athos.

As though called the Cabeiri at various locations, considered ancestors of the human race. Indeed, mentioned that one of the persons of the mysteries of Samothrace was called "Adamas" and considered man-archetype, the first male in order of creation. According to tradition, Artemis killed Orion out of jealousy for the hunting of art and Zeus made him next in the constellation Pleiades, While in another version died from the deadly sting of a Scorpion, view grounded apparently f’ astrological data, as it had been observed that the constellation of Orion and the Big Dog disappear from the horizon where rises the Scorpion. But the wriwn and Sirius were hunting wild animals and to the Kingdom of Hades (as described in the Odyssey), Although she must be a foreign delivery, Maybe Egyptian influence that was associated with the mysteries and the cult of the dead.
The Ntogkon, the Ark and the fifty "Nommos"

(Two-way e in their head – the encoding of the Seirioy)
In Africa and in particular in Mali, There is a people, that is literally amaze the modern astronomers with his knowledge on the subject of Sirius. They seem to know everything about the nature and the properties of the star, He and his escorts, I think it is two, not just one, something that the astronomy just now investigates and discovers. The Dogon, s who claim that related to the star who literally worship. The largest is the God Amma, a kind of residual Jupiter- Jupiter passed to them by the Oracle of Sivas and, According to their tradition, He created the universe and biota, but the same people, they originally eftiaxe as amphibious beings, with the name "Nommos".(The faith she resembles that of Sumerian and Babylonian).
«ater KUBILE», i.e. the Cybele of Cretans. The Isis seems to have a direct relationship with the Cretan goddess with snakes, but it is at times and with many other Greek deities such as Artemis, Dimitra, Venus, the Hecate etc. In Samothrace believed the Cabeiri were the only ones who were saved from the terrible cataclysm struck the island when aoy, According to tradition, the Black Sea overflowed and broke the dam that formed the Symplegades and the rocks of the Hellespont.
The most famous and familiar traditions that arrived to our days around the theme of Noah's Ark is such, but Deucalion and Pyrras. The latter stopped in Dodóni, where there was and periwnymo Oracle, that too often consult the Olympiad and which even prophesied the coming of Alexander. Iasonas took wood from there and made the helm of Slow to launch from Boeotia the Argonautic expedition along with the 50 relatives of (as the first "Nommos" Dogon) in the direction of the flag of Kolchidos.
The most ancient saga of the East, in Assyrian mythology, We meet the hero Gilgamesh, who begins an aerial trip with a boat taking with him 50 companions. But there are other similarities between Jason and Gilgamesh. One of these is the planting by Jason Dragon's teeth in the soil, Re’ They trotted 50 Warriors. Something similar done and the Gilgames to gain strength. But the coincidences do not stop here. Danaos, the King of Slow the primogenitor of the Greeks had 50 daughters, that their nymfeythikan 50 sons of their father's brother, Egypt. With all the Danaides had erwtotropisei and Hercules, the mythical progenitor of dorians and founder, When the legend, Macedonian dynasty. Many traditions indeed flying Hercules as head of argonautic expedition even not the Jason… (Hercules, Anyway went from Crete to Libya).
The constellation of Orion is next to Slow and the big dog. If SIRIUS symbolizes the great mother and the matrix or the Ark, where larvae are kept, then it surely Orion is the moment of nomination and of the hero's andrwmatos and Argo ' the journey ', that is the mission, the hero must perform for the spread of his tribe and its features. If you look at the "Demi" Alexander under this light, then I understand that he knew very well the role that ought to embody, the name of the values of those who were the only institution and guarantor, due to the direct connection with the divine. Note that the constellation of Orion is next to Slow and the big dog. The sacred importance of the number 50 has been attributed by many scholars in Egyptian mysticism and if you remember that the orbital period of Sirius lasts 50 years, then maybe the emphasis given to this number is not at all random.

Macedonians, Sons Of The Gods

Herodotus (Cleo, ch. 56) speaks of the «nation» Makednon, arguing that dorians and were named so by the time that resided in Greece, in Pindos. As we all know, the dorians considered their progenitor Hercules, something that he himself believed Alexander, who is often portrayed as one of the Dioskouroi alongside another Hero, bearing the features of Hercules or Achilles (stepchild from his mother's side). According to legend the name "Macedonia" is due to the Macedonian, NIO of Zeus and Thyias, Deucalion's daughter. Diodorus Siculus, though, He writes that the Macedonian was the son of Osiris and brother of ' Annoybi, thus leaving some suspicion about the divine origin of this nation.

Under Orestida, When the 700 e.g.. officially starts, the history of Macedon. Even in this region is said to have started and the history of the Macedonian dynasty, named as then "Argaiades" or "Timenides". First name brings to mind the ' Argaio the '» (652 – 621 e.g.), the second King of the Macedonian dynasty (first was the Perdiccas, a descendant and that of Hercules). The second belongs to someone Heraclid "Timeno», they captured the Slow. This not-so-random coincidence of names indicates perhaps the relationship of the Macedonians with the Peloponnesian Argos. If we associate with the myths of Viruses and danao and with the version of Diodorus for Macedon and if we consider the history of Alexander, is easy to assume that there is some mystical touch of Macedonia with the happenings of Egypt. (Note that in Thessaloniki and elsewhere have found many elements of Egyptian worship, like Serapeia etc.. Various inscriptions found in Delos testify that the Egyptian religion prevailed mainly in northern Greece. At the same time there are Egyptian sanctuaries in Tithorea next to Delphi. Delos, in sanctuaries of Isis, tributes to found the Egyptians gods, which had offered Macedonians. The goddess Isis in Philippi had a leading role. They even have found recorded and the names of the priests of).

According to another version yet, Macedonians have nothing to do with the Slow of the Peloponnese, but with the Slow Orestiko of Western Macedonia. The presence of primitive peoples in Macedonia confirmed by the latest excavations. In fact, history of the Macedonians is unknown. Many scholars argue that gender is native, Maybe "Pelasgian". But of particular interest presents the history of Thessaloniki. By cassander (315 e.g.), the place where today there is a city called «Thermes», Hence the name "Thermaikos Gulf». In Thessaloniki, well, was accepted with great enthusiasm the worship of a demon named «Thermaios». The paradox is that the area has never been hot springs. However the demon he was identified later by the Thracian Dionysus…

The secret history of the birth of Alexander

Many traditions, as well as a series of oracles entwined with both birth, and the life of Alexander. His mother Olympias was said to have snake enchantress. The night before her marriage to Philip, the Olympiad dreamed that entered the body of a lightning bolt that filled fire. Ο Φίλιππος, from the other, after their wedding he saw in a dream that sealed the body of his wife with a seal that had the image of a lion.

Plutarch mentions that the Olympiad he gets in bed of serpents and, Indeed, that Philip had seen one night goes to bed with a snake, that might be one God transformed.

KaerstBerveHamiltonBelochHammond, etc.) date of birth of Alexander the 6th day of the month Aoos, that corresponds to the beginning of July, i.e. the period that started the flooding of the Nile and the ancients called "dog days". Alexander's relationship with the Amun-Zeus was also confirmed by the priests of the Oracle, When he arrived at the oasis of Siwa. There the child of Zeus proclaimed "and left indirectly hinted that he is the son of Philip. The Oracle was consulted and Hercules, He is considered the ancestor of the Macedonians. The Olympiad also believed that her son was destined to save Egypt from the barbarian Persian conqueror. Alexander adopted as key symbols of the horns and the Thunderbolt of Zeus-Ammon and the Crown of Isis with the three oktaktina stars, and even in honor of built Temple in Alexandria, in the city that brought t’ name of.

The star of Vergina

The 1977 Manolis Andronikos unearthed Royal Tombs of Vergina. Among the other treasures found and a golden Larnax the bones of Philip and which brought as decoration the 16ktino star and three plates with 8ktina stars. Was well clear, how the stars they were the emblem of the Macedonian dynasty. So began and the whole literature around the importance and meaning of the symbol.

In principle, It must be said that there are many kinds of stars with different numbers of rays, but most commonly encounter stars with 8,16 and 32 rays. This was the emblem 2500 e.g., Babylonia and later in Chalkidwna. The 18″ century. in Assyria and Syria during the 1700 -1300 e.g.. in the Phoenician, Chittiko and Minoan civilization. Mid-6th BC. century. It is now known in Greece, While a little before 5 ° c.. begins to circulate and in currencies. A century after spread in Italy, Alexander the great arrived later with the Romans on the Iberian Peninsula.

Depending on the perspective of each researcher, the star symbolized when the Sun and when the Sirius. The fact remains that all forms that occasionally escorted were deities directly or indirectly associated with the worship of Sirius, όπως: the Isis, the Istar, Dionysus, the Nappy, the ocean, cabeiri, Cybele, the Castor and Pollux (which for some are identical with the Kabeiroys), Artemis, the triple Hecate, Hephaestus, Juno, Hercules and Sirius, Lucifer and Hesperus (deities associated with the worship of Kaveiroi, of ISIS and Mithras), Jupiter with duplex (Heavenly or dionysiakos), the double-headed Ammon-Zeus, the Minotaur, etc.. In currencies of Aegean Islands we find the star next to Jupiter and’ a dog that turns out rays. Babylonia there are too many seals and gems that have carved them up a star 8aktino. In these illustrations, the star is located near’ a man-fish. This is the amphibious God Oannes. In Egypt again we often see three 8aktina stars in the hair of ISIS. Indeed, the Crown has, at the top of the , a larger and sideways two smaller stars, that may symbolize the escorts of Sirius.

SIRIUS was trying to expand his power and at the same time uniting the Greeks (Athinaioi, Laconia, Macedonians) under one authority. This emergence and the homogenization of all elements of each separate City-State was, something was happening only in Greece and never happened in Egypt, But even in the Latin world. SIRIUS and the cult of the great mother» in Greece were enriched, parallachtikan and formatted based on Greek philosophy and reality. An entire complex mysticism there is around the Star Makedoniko, that has too many ramifications, always around the Sirius satellite, the constellation that still keeps kept the secrets of the night sky…


THE C. KOYMPOYNI is author, graduate of the Department of philosophy, University of Athens, with post-graduate studies in Italy.
O E. SYMEONAKIS is a researcher-translator
and the x. KOYMPOYNI philologist., (TX scans 22. January-February ' 98)

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