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The panic of the Minister was not justified. More highlights anxieties.
Details of the dialogue in the minutes of the House:

We are entering in the number 142/21-4-2015 timely question by Mrs Serres the new Republic,. Light-Arabatzi to Minister of culture, Education and religious affairs, on the State of financing and development prospect of Amphipolis. Will answer the Deputy Culture Minister k. Nikos Xydakis. Madam Arabatzi, you have the floor.

FOTEINI ARAMPATZI: Thanks, Mr President. Minister, It is true that the beginning of your tenure up to ministerial us an unpleasant surprise. And I say this, why in one of the first interviews I spoke with demerit for Amphipolis, the excavation in which for a long time engaged – and rightly so- the whole planet. And in a mood to put a padlock and extinguish the spotlight, said ironically that is not looking for famous dead. This certainly gives me a first-class opportunity to say that I am one of those who believe that the importance, the value of the monument of Amphipolis must be disconnected from the identity of the dead. And that's because what,What has so far been excavated, and discovered the diversity and is highly important. The emerging intentions became, Unfortunately, more clear in your next interview, When you said "Further finance characteristics for the excavation is not provided. Moreover, the excavation has put a semicolon, This phase has ended». Not staying, of course, There. During your visit to the Hill Kasta, your references that no excavations in Greece that have gotten such financial support, except of course that caused by their announcement, consolidated the belief that you want to close the chapter "Amphipolis ' and put the final dot in the developmental prospect who can give the monument so under, and of course across the country. Unless you're a devotee of scripts and publications, you see unfortunately, the light of publicity, and talk about agents, looters and excavation of the EII funding. Because, of course, I don't want to believe it, but I fail to understand the reasons for such an attitude apaxiwtikis, I ask you directly and I want clear words from you: Tell me what you would do with the Amphipolis, If you have financial planning on funding and strategy for the holistic enhancement of the monument. I repeat that I would like a clear answer and not an essay on culture. Thank you.

PROEDREYWN (George Lambroulis): Thank you Ms. Arabatzi. I now give the floor to the Deputy Minister of culture,. Nikos Xydakis.

NIKOLAOS XYDAKIS (Deputy Minister Of Culture, Education and religious affairs): Thanks, Mr President. Madam erwtwsa, amazes me the aggressive tone of your question first. Also, you haven't read any of the announcements or interviews I have given about Amphipolis. Using some words selectively, isolating them them from context and use it with very nice way – and thank you, why you giving me the opportunity- What does holistic development of an area and a monument. I never said that it would stop financing. I never said that the monument has no value. I said the opposite. Rather, you didn't read well the lines. I said that the monument itself is of unique value. I said that the landscape that surrounds it is unique natural beauty and vast archaeological wealth that has transpired over the past several decades, that is accompanied by at least two archaeological sites presented and ready and a very nice Museum in Amphipolis. I also said that this whole landscape, from the estuary of the Strymon and the precious ancient mines of Pageos, the almond groves, the olive groves and the Hill Kasta, It is a jewel, a miracle of nature and man-made interventions and the need for a holistic approach, a holistic thinking. This thing is not only about the excavation activity. The excavation activity has put a semicolon. When an excavation – ask the archaeologists, before you ask questions in the House- is the maintenance and restoration of the monument. Make a visit to the Hill Kasta. You will see that the monument, If not restored in time, will be buried under the sand. See the precinct with magnificent marble thasitika. Drainage projects urgently wants, tasks which are not typically excavation, but it's restoration and rescue. See them and you will understand. Understand, also, that funding continues. It continues to dig itself, to get hoe and digging. But the spending continues and the work continues in other areas and highly skilled, όπως: anthropological analysis of material, maintenance of the findings, study findings, laboratory studies and a technically complex and expensive process of restoration of the monument. These are all public information, posted too many times. What you may not know is that in a meeting, the same days with the autopsy that dienirgisa in Amphipolis, with the Voivodship, k. Tzitzikosta and we did some initial thoughts about what it could mean a complete archaeological route, a cultural route rather, that will enable the visitor to visit the monument. The monument is not visited as it is now. With no international Protocol can not a visitor to visit this thing. With no international Protocol is not allowed on funerary monuments, where required specific climatic conditions for the preservation of artifacts, to enter the world and upset the microclimate and put at risk the lives and health of visitors. These all need time, study and a lot of work. No hurry, well. Stay at this right you, the holistic approach, and you're a patron in the enhancement of the monument. The monuments are not looking for famous dead and for petty reasons. The groping and anaskaptoyme and study for knowledge, the information, the culture and information for undisturbed historic continuity of people who inhabited the area. This was one of the first that I spotted, which also doesn't read. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak to Amphipolis.

PROEDREYWN (George Lambroulis): We thank the Lord Minister. Why has Ms. Arabatzi for summing of.

FOTEINI ARAMPATZI: Minister, your tone is aggressive, After I said that obviously I have not read or that you don't know to read the interviews I have given. I imagine, in the same situation – not to understand what they read- We are fifty spiritual people of Serres, in their letter, immediately after your first interview, which kind, in "VIMA" Sun, you make a call to continue the excavation work seamlessly on the Hill Kasta. Obviously and they will got some stimulus from the wrong readings which you hinted at. I would like to thank you for your suggestions to visit the Hill Kasta. I've done it, Minister, from the 2012 as a prwtoeklegeisa Member, When even the grave yard was located in two hundred and ninety-eight meters and when there was no funding from the Ministry of culture and by a parliamentary scrutiny given the first fifty thousand euros. I've visited, well, the Amphipolis. I'm in touch with the excavation team. I agree that it needs restoration. I did not hear, though, nothing about numbers, Minister. Numbers we want to hear. We want to know what is budgeted for these tasks necessary for the restoration of ...

PROEDREYWN (George Lambroulis): Madam Arabatzi, Sorry for the interruption. Just now I was informed that there is a problem with the microphone. Can you please move to an adjacent seat, so they can be recorded and listened to, basics, These, which you say;

FOTEINI ARAMPATZI: They have recorded what they've said or have to repeat;

PROEDREYWN (George Lambroulis): Yes, apparently. Απλώς, It sounded good from the microphone in the room.

FOTEINI ARAMPATZI: Say, well, before stopping this because of the microphone, that I have not heard anything about numbers, Minister, that is extremely important. This reminds me of the "creative ambiguity" of k. Baroyfaki. I want to stress the issue of financing, Why not answered anything for your statement that there is no excavation that has gotten such financing. I will say, well, from the information I have at my disposal and I hope not the seems, that the Culture Ministry has spent the mythwdes amount of two hundred ninety thousand euro to Amphipolis and other ministries and the Region have spent one hundred and fifty thousand euros. Total, have spent four hundred forty euros, Minister, for Amphipolis. Nor the one thousandth of the advertising that was worldwide and by all means we could not pay them money for our country tourism. With these little money, from 2010 and after, one small, tireless and inspirational excavation team ... (At this point, striking the Bell end of the airtime of Mrs Mr) Mr President, I would like to give me the time that I lost, Mr President, because of the problem with the microphone.

PROEDREYWN (George Lambroulis): Madam Arabatzi, I have the tolerance of the Bureau. Don't worry.

FOTEINI ARAMPATZI: Thank you. Headed by k. Peristeri worked quietly, to highlight and offer us – with peanuts, I will say- a unique historical and cultural monument, the less you ought to do as a Minister of culture, who respects himself and the portfolio assigned, is to make every effort for the promotion of any cultural, tourism and economic aspect of this radiant monument. I am glad, even though you said that you will not overwrite the k. Peristeri and will allow it to complete its work. I hope you stick to your statement and will not display this behavior depending on reception at the national theatre and to the. Chatzaki. I do not know, of course, whether your decision will come in contrast with every corporatist dissonance, We unfortunately cannot accept the work of Amphipolis and Ms. Peristeri. The excavation, though, miracle of Amphipolis, Minister, is over policies, partisan and interest considerations, It is a national issue and as such should be treated. I am really sorry, because at a time that the country is adrift between tactical and disorderly bankruptcy of the Government negotiations, at a time when the "wipe" the reserves of funds to pay the obligations, at a time when lightly decide to give 500 million euros to repair planes sarabalakia, in this, well, juncture take the broken an alleged good administration in Amphipolis. Complete, well, the project as you prescribe, with the restoration which describe, but to give numbers, Unfortunately – will insist. And then the Amphipolis, Minister, visited monument an hour sooner rather than later, to cut tickets from Amphipolis and not having to make a Legislative Act that will engage even the deposits. Create archaeological site can be visited all year round, agreed not every time you visit a monument and see it closed Sundays and holidays. You said for political expediency and we made a timeline parliamentary control. I understand that you have not had the luck to be discovered Amphipolis on Alexis Tsipras Premiership. Because I am convinced that in this case you would have set up the tent on the Hill Kasta. Artheite, though, Please, to the occasion and exclude, as you owe, the polyproikismeni Amphipolis by the logic of partisan liquidations. I will conclude with a statement. I hope this to convey as unmetabolized said. You said that culture is not a luxury for your doggy, but the daily bread. I hope you don't consider luxury Doggie the Amphipolis and not leave it to die of hunger, denying even the daily bread. Thanks.

PROEDREYWN (George Lambroulis): Thank you Ms. Arabatzi. Minister, you have the floor.

NIKOLAOS XYDAKIS (Deputy Minister Of Culture, Education and religious affairs): Thanks, Mr President. First I would like to make a technical remark. The archaeological work and excavations are not made with budgets. Made with the method of personal supervision and debriefing. I.e., start with a site survey and moving from raising capital and resources. And when you put a semicolon and created a half-sentence project – why a task may keep many decades-, becomes an initial evaluation. Those for the budgets that you request. You have to tell me you if there was a budget when she began the excavation of Amphipolis; Do you know any such number; And all these numbers that you, where do you find; You know exactly how much money was spent there; It's not exactly like you say.


NIKOLAOS XYDAKIS (Deputy Minister Of Culture, Education and religious affairs): Don't ask me to timely question. To cause another. Ask other things.


NIKOLAOS XYDAKIS (Deputy Minister Of Culture, Education and religious affairs): Look to see. I told you how the work. What you say on partisan prosecutions are woefully. Do you think that on the occasion of the Amphipolis will speak for airplanes and for anything else it has been brought to your attention in the last quarter. So I don't think that benefits the special monument of your constituency, a monument that I went and on behalf of Government timisa...

FOTEINI ARAMPATZI: Obligation had.

NIKOLAOS XYDAKIS (Deputy Minister Of Culture, Education and religious affairs): Βεβαίως, I had told all over Greece. And what do. As a Government we do: We honor every corner of Greece, every aspect of Greek civilization and every Greek citizen. Neither divide nor divide. What you say here in the House on the occasion of a Memorial, which we honor, We respect and do everything to showcase, no honor nor Serraioys nor the effort that has been made available in Amphipolis. To be more condescending, to provoke the interest of the State and to steer, the omissions to stiliteyete, but don't divide decorative adjectives and ratings, who are groundless. What happened to Amphipolis will continue, According to all the protocols of science and of the archaeological service, According to the ancient law. You talk about protections and demolition, without knowing even what provides the archaeological law. We are avid defenders of corollary, we catch offenders of their offending and administration and those who make fake contracts for themselves. To read very well what happens. You're new, do you have passion for your site and I greatly appreciate it, but not adikeite and people who are in Government. To recognize the work done. Thank you for the opportunity to talk to Amphipolis.

FOTEINI ARAMPATZI: Mr President, excuse me.

PROEDREYWN (George Lambroulis): We thank the Lord Minister.

FOTEINI ARAMPATZI: Mr President, excuse me. I know that is not provided, but could I ask to speak to and for personal. PROEDREYWN (George Lambroulis): Madam Arabatzi, can't do this.


FOTEINI ARAMPATZI: I could ask the floor for personal reasons. The Chief Minister of ...

PROEDREYWN (George Lambroulis): Can not do this nor foreseen. There is no regulation.

FOTEINI ARAMPATZI: A word I want to say.

PROEDREYWN (George Lambroulis): Will allow me, Madam Arabatzi; You don't give the reason. Topical questions, as you know very well-you're not new, have a term of up to now and experience from previous parliamentary terms- discussed with him how to. You have the right to prwtologias and deyterologias. Already, the Bureau was rich not only with you, but with all members, in what,What is the time and showing tolerance and, in my opinion, well done.

FOTEINI ARAMPATZI: A chat I just want to say.

PROEDREYWN (George Lambroulis): Your question was answered by the Minister, as answered. You do not have the right to revert later.

NIKOLAOS XYDAKIS (Deputy Minister Of Culture, Education and religious affairs): I think, Mr President, that the answers were shorter at at time.

PROEDREYWN (George Lambroulis): Therefore, Madam Arabatzi don't have reason.

FOTEINI ARAMPATZI: Mr President, censorship is not allowed by this step.

PROEDREYWN (George Lambroulis): If you go so, will inaugurate another type of practice, issue which I can't solve. This will solve another organ within the House. You do not have the reason, Madam Arabatzi.

FOTEINI ARAMPATZI: Censorship is not allowed. Examples of Mrs Konstantopoulou can't even regurgitate the Ministers!

PROEDREYWN (George Lambroulis): Let me, but you don't have to speak. You don't give the reason. I have requested the floor, don't you give.

(In 30 thin)

Thursday 30 April 2015

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