The ancient myths of the Serres Prefecture, Greece

This here place, hiding a big secret. It happened at times of high past, then you and the gods were still kids and toyed.
In a meadow that precedent in beauty can't be seen today human eye, play nymphs and goddesses. The Nysio field called, like “desired” I would describe myself Hostage and grandfather will tell us the names of young girls who were playing amerimna there. It was the Electra, the Fainw and Leucippe and Rodeia, the Ianthe, the Kalliroi, the Iachi and the fate, the Ianira, the Meliti, the Chrysiis, the Akasti and Milobasis, the rodochroi and Wkyroi Admiti, the Plouto, the Styx and the Rhodope Mountains, the ravishing Calypso, the Urania and the Galaxayra the welcome and the egersimacha Palace and the toxotria Artemis!
The wind caressed their rich hair, the Sun did shine, anakateyontan of the Meadow scents with the voices and the laughter of little girls. As that among the beautiful and fragrant flowers that have been collecting the girls, singled out one like this ever not made the Earth. Daffodil said later. From the root of xefytrwnan stalks one hundred, and so eywdiaze, who agalliazan the gods, people, up the deep sea theoskoteini.
First “the daughter”, the only one not you I named before and Helene Persephone, He bent down to pick it up and put it in the basket of. But all of a sudden started a rumbling chilling, all prairie began to tremble, the Earth opened and long beach emerged a chariot with terrible noise. Was he the King of the underworld. Hades and his name means he who does not seem. She grabbed her daughter and went to his basilio, to make her his wife. The daughter turned out great voice and tears, but no one listened.
Is the myth of Persephone. The Mpoyrkert, the Nilsson and Kerenyi, of the greatest researchers of Greek religion and mythology would write unequivocally, that he see the myth is the most ancient of human thought. Probably dates back to the Neolithic era. The Mpoyrkert in his book “Ancient Greek Religion”, We write that Mannhardt and Frazer gathered a huge amount of world mythology, in cases of fruit cycle. Nowhere could find something to connect with the mother and daughter relationship.
Why I write all this; But why this beautiful world that was suddenly and scary, It is somewhere in the plain of Serres. The NysiAN00069818_001_lthe field, where was the abduction of her daughter is somewhere North of Paggaio as we write the Appian. In this place the Greeks had the oldest maybe legend. Why does; Does and it's that ancient King Pelasgus of Argos, Aeschylus described to us and that we wrote in an article on the history of our country;
But it's not the only legend that connects the mythic thought, of the ancient world with the Valley of the Struma. God Strymon River as we write in the Theogony Hesiod, the chaste Struma as we write Aeschylus, flowing side on guitars pangeo, in igatheon Nysiion, in the Nysio field, the Territory Sylews… God Strymon River which is the father of one of the nymphs that were playing along with Persephone that terrible day. He is the father of Rodopi. Oh and all the “lower Struma” called “Dance of the nymphs”. The Rhodope Mountains the acquired smigontas with the Muse Euterpe, with the Muse of music. Rodopi has two brothers. Two basilopoyla of Thrace. The Olynthos and Riso. And if we don't know the Riso, It is because we have not sufficiently Greek religious tradition. The religious tradition of our nation, had the hero at a level between gods and humans. Each city had the hero's protector, each Guild also, but the neighborhoods, families, There was the teichofylakas Hero who protected the city walls, the policeman who protected the boundaries etc… The heroes of the Greeks had been affect so much the barbarians, the Persians as they come to Greece, they made libations to the heroes of Troy. There was but a single hero who was a hero of all Greeks. There was no tomb. He found him everywhere. The worshipped in all cities of Greece. Shrines and temples are scattered, wherever you set foot in Greek. The cult of surpassed and Greece. Romans, Etruscans, but in the East yet, his name and worship of traveled beyond this empire still m. Alexandrou. The Greeks the hoisted on Olympus. They did two libations for him, one like God and one as a hero! He was the Hercules.
Such was the hero for the Rhesus of Thrace Thracians. The sophist Philostratus the younger, passed from Thrace, the third or fourth century, He wondered with prices etychaine from the Thracians the Rhesus afirwismenos anymore, and timwntan as doctor, God of the hunt, of horses, soldiers and like alexikakos generally. But the Athenians and after the Spartans in Amphipolis had the Riso for prostate Hero. The mythical Riso, through the Greek poetry first encountered him in the Iliad. From the plain of Serres travels to Troy to fight on the side of the Trojans but cannot keep up. Evening arrives and falls to sleep. In the camp of Trojans, pass secretly Odysseus with Diomedes and the second kills him while sleeping. More will learn from the swmeni tragedy which attributed to Euripides and which has named Rhesus.
First of all also clarified the origin of:
“Re’ the winds dernomenos
the pageroys of Thrace, Paionia and”
“Around the Pangeo
and the Paionioys Plains”
But through the tragedy that takes us the myth of the hero, Learn interesting aspects of both the myth, and worship that obtained at the place of. Muse's mother speaks and says:
“After, When I gave birth to my sisters I was ashamed that I was without a husband and I got and let the dancing waters of your father. And not in the Struma gave human hands to grow but to anathrepsan the daughters of sources. And become King of Thrace, first among all men, my child.”
I stress that the Struma gave the Riso on Pupae to raise and to revert to the lower Strymon is dancing Nymphs, The nymphs who play along with Persephone in Nysio field (that is called Nysio of Nysiidwn, which are the nymphs who raised Dionysus). Filled with Grubs (with several names like for example in the Darnakochwria call kalotkes) is the modern folk tradition in this place.
Diomedes destroy
the Riso in his sleep.
But after the tragedy, gives us some weird religious cult of details Risos. The companions of the bring to his homeland to bury him, but his mother will ask for pardon from Persephone for her son:
“He won't get on the all-black earth soil,
This request will make the bride of katou world,
the daughter of the goddess Demeter who gives all the fruits,
Let my soul to this here…”
And below will tell us, What will be the position of the Risos within eternity:
“Hidden in the bowels of the Earth asimoflebis
like anthrwpodaimwn It lies and will be alive, like
Prophet of Bacchus left the cliffs of Pageos,
kalodiathetos God for those people will know him well.”
The translation of the text is from the Zitros and anthrwpodaimwn versions translate as “anthrwpotheos”. But the Greek tragic in our prototype the Group clearly teaches:
“…kryptos (d)’ chthonos ypargyroy in antrois of
anthrwpodaimwn keisetai Gazer faos,
Bacchus Prophet so Paggaio rock…”
As anthrwpodaimwn well cherished the Rhesus in place and across from the sanctuary of, There is the sanctuary of the mother of the Muse, in another version is the Cleo. There are three other versions of the mother of Risos. Three Muses. The Calliope (EC of the: good + wps = this with beautiful eyes), the Muse of Epic poetry, the Euterpe (EC of the: EV + terpw, Welcome to terpw, Thanks), the Muse of music and Lyric poetry, and Terpsichore (EC of the: terpw + dance, the dance by terpoysa), the Muse of dance and Orchisews. The Shrine of Clio which has been found in Amphipolis, as has been found outside the walls, near the Struma, a shrine of the nymphs, with a jar at the Center, of which has removed the bottom and which has sunk to the rim of the, in the Holy Land. And in Pangeo know that there was an Oracle of Bacchus.
We turn again to the beginning of the myth that we began, in thanks that makes Persephone to the hero of the land from which he was kidnapped. But the strimon Valley has inspired the mythical man, and around the Meander forming, We have to tell many wonderful, bizarre and sometimes grotesque stories, for which you will write soon.
Just before I close this text, I would like to write to you and something I have not noticed many researchers, but certainly knew very well the Greeks and maybe the great interest and the cult in Riso. The Rhesus you say, According to Homer as a human rather than divine origin (divine origin of his father Struma), He was the son of Iionea, who was the son of Thessalian Magnes. And here is our secret. Magnis is one of the six children of Aeolus and Enaretis. Not of Aeolus, the God of the winds, but the Aioloy of Thessaly, the son of Greek! His grandfather Risos, He was the grandson of Greek!
The Rhesus is the Greek triseggono, the progenitor of the Greeks!
The sanctuary “the nymph” located
outside the northern wall of Amphipolis, a few meters
by the North Gate.
In the Center we distinguish
the submerged jar.

“… and now you raise Paggaiw as botani, Guitar called, the aitian in lifelong: Orpheus Diasparaxasai, members of the proeirimenoy at the ebalon River ebron, and the head of man, When pronoian gods, at the Dragon changed the form of the body, the Lyra katestiristhi, When Apollo proairesin, EC no blood enefani botani reystantos, Guitar called, the Rule is not performed, without this guitar anadidwsin, the d’ Home peribeblimenoi thyrsoys ktratoyntes nebridas, adoysin ' hymns, and then froniseis, When average fronwn, as full time c Kleitwnymos’ the tragic”.

Plutarch “On Rivers”
Onto our Pageo says Plutarch grow a herb called guitar. It is a result of basting of the mountain from the blood of Orpheus, When this dismembered the Maenads. This woman turns out guitar sounds, when committed the Dionysia mysteries and then the locals are wearing animal skins, and keeping thyrsoys chant hymns.

Priestess of Bacchus in painting
in the 19th century, dressed with
and keeping thyrso pelt.

It is the birth after death, It is the eternal circle of life, as he saw the Greek national tradition. The guitar and music, made from the blood of the dead Orpheus.
But the same pageOn so named from a mythical hero who looks on Oedipus. Is another ancient myth. And I will explain, After the recount.
THE Paggaios was the son of the God Mars and Kritoboylis, and unwittingly became a tragic aimomiktis, not with his mother as Oedipus, but with the daughter of. To punish himself, instead for voluntary blindness chose death. Suicide mpigontas the sword in his insides, on the condition that until then was called Karmanio and from there and after she got his name.

“The first thygatri’ edramen s Karmanion syggenomenos agnoian term spasamenos and exceedingly regrets the sword itself aneilen…”
Plutarch “On Rivers”
This myth is ancient, because it is a myth prwtosyneidisis. Is the man who understands the affinity. While the animals, from where comes and our species, mated once adults between them. so the Paggaios, didn't kill himself, But kill the animal inside him, When acknowledged paternal relationship with daughter.
This term well, pangeo, They both praised, We know that had an Oracle of Dionysus. This worked and in historical times. It was under the supervision of the Thracian sheet name “Satres”, While according to Herodotus were famous Satres Bissoi, his priestly sex God Dionysus. The relationship of Dionysus in our place we know that was a special. We know that the gods they worshipped particularly in our area were four. Aris, Dionysus, Artemis and their Royal houses of Hermes. For Dionysus now the Manti and our place, We read a story of Homer from g’ Rhapsody of Iliad:
“…What neither the Lycurgus was able, Dryanta son of anchovies,
happy birthday to live, as the ' Vale with the gods in the celestial.
The holy mountain of Nysas Once they put the Dionysos,
bakcheyti of God, kynigise᾿ and eytys these all
cast their thyrsoys toys᾿ underfoot and Lykourgos antrofonias
with the goad of the stirred, and Dionysus fobithi
and in shore boytaei᾿ and Thetis in dechti in agali
skiagmeno᾿ what the voices were shaken in excess of Lykourgou.
With this triseytychoi gods were angry but then,
and the son of Saturn the etyflwse᾿ happy birthday again.
But not lived, what the immortals in all ochtreytikan.”

Of course mount Nysa, (Igatheon Nysiion, Nysio field) We know that it is in our County, but he swmenos from apollodoros myth won't leave us in no doubt:
“Lykourgos de Pais Dryantos, Hedoni King, the Strymon River paroikoysi, first exelaben this ybrisas. Whilst at sea and Dionysus to Thetin…”
The legend who is saved from many sources, It is a classic myth disrespect towards the gods, which leads naturally to crash the mortal, in tragedy. Besides this legend inspired the great tragwdo Aeschylus to write a trilogy with the tragedies Edoni – Bassarides – Neaniskoi Ki a satirical drama named Lycurgus.
Lykourgos well, Our region's typically Thracian King, It showed disrespect trying to banish worship of God from his Kingdom (in some versions of the myth, means to kill him). God left momentarily from place of terrified and found protection from Thetis. But Lykourgos with this Act aroused the wrath of the gods who echthreythikan. In conclusion the Lykourgos blinded, While most tragic narratives, Mad God and like another Ajax, thinking that cuts klimatsides, kills his relatives, his own child, and came to the logical when they started to beat with the axe and his own foot. When he saw what he did then was blinded. A third variant wants God to dry the land and this not giving fruits. He sued through his Oracle, that will not xanaginotan fertile land, If not punished with death Lykourgos. Then they took the King of the Edoni and imposed to horrible death in Paggaio, where “katasparachtike from horses“.
But if the oldest myths we have the perpetual cycle of nature, the consciousness, in the myths of mortals, the fate of standing there and lurks with tragedy. No one can be quiet and only one should be sure, that any joy in life, is obligated to pay with equal regret. And as a great pleasure, so greater and the regret. Such story will tell you in next post. A tragedy that happened in these soils bask and don't know, If it inspired someone big or smaller tragwdo, to be taught at the theatre of Amphipolis.
The attic is the tragedy have been more considerate product
that saved to create man on the planet,
throughout its history...
(D). Liantinis
The Attica tragedy created through myths, like him that took place in the land of pure Struma. A legend that you relate immediately now.
“Why est᾽ ἀrchaios ἀnthrwpwn apparent hand,
as if aIwn᾽ ekmathois brotwn oyk, If before
thani the, christos oyt᾽ eI eI oyt᾽ tw bad;”
Thus begins the Sophocles tragedy of women of Trachis, you go to tell the new performance, How
“There's a reason why ancient Greeks,
that of people living, before anyone dies,
good if it was poor, you know you can't.”
And our story begins inside the belly of the Trojan horse. There along with Diomedes, Odysseus and Menelaus, It was crammed and the most brave lads of the achaeans. One of them was the Demophon of Athens, son of the hero Theseus and Faidras. His name means Dimofown = Demophon of Athens municipality (place, people) + fows (light, Flash), “the light of the people, He illuminates his people”. The Demophon had on the side of his brother the Akamas. In Troy led them a shared secret. When the evening opened the hatch and antrokardoi the Achaeans came out from the wooden horse, ran at the gate of Ilion, the opened and poured inside the army of Agamemnon. Screams and fires and looting, but the two brothers were not taking anything, I wanted something to their left hands, had the eyes nailed in women, until in the bonfires and the crowd, They recognized the person who longed. Aethra was, their grandmother. Had kidnap the Paris, When kleftike with Helen. The Aethra had gone in Helen's Palace the Castor and Pollux. The two lads didn't get any loot from Troy. Only their Grandma. Such agreement made.
The brothers Demophon and Acamas
liberate their Grandma Aethra.
So the Demophon took the road of returning to Athens. On the way back from the land of Odomantwn, who exoysiazan the plain East of the Strymon. There the College hosted Fyllis, daughter of their King of Sithonia. Was fulminating love of basilopoylwn. They say how did two guys together and that means in the fertile plain, ruled by the foothills of Pageos, until those conditions Menoikioy.
As that one day came a news on dimofonta, how the throne in Athens emptied and that we should hold sway. Cold sweat washed beautiful Fyllis, as the Demophon gave oath, that will turn into a month that and if you qualify. We take care to be given safely to his homeland the throne elsewhere and he will turn to reigned together with his beautiful wife, in this place. Fyllis gave him to have with him a box, I asked though to open only if you decide not to turn back. It was the same Rhea strange this gift.
But on the street caught Gale, than the angry Poseidon after the Trojan sent in all the achaeans, with first Ulysses. So his ship arrived in Cyprus Demophon. The days went by and the Sun had set 29 times on Mount Dyswron, forming those rough and majestic Sun dyseis. Such that make the pain of NOSTOS, to become heavier in the breasts of lovers. The thirtieth day which was the last of the deadline he gave himself the Demophon in himself, the Princess, got the Strymon and reached up to the sea. Vainly waited as I caught the nychtia. Any ship not seemed Strymon Gulf. Took the road of returning, dianyktereyontas in the first city of the Kingdom of the sea. Nine streets called the city and gave nine fyllis curses to the Athenians, within the infinite sadness. But the bore in love not news to turn the Palace of. They found the morning, throughout an arid one almond tree. Others said he died of grief, other how hung in this almond. However, the gods transformed itself in almond. From the top of the nine streets, to gaze from the sea, did and turned her beloved, on the other hand believes the Kingdom left.
The Demophon does not ever forgot the promise to his beloved. So although it was returned to their Kingdom. In the nine streets though the sued the bad news. Then ran and embraced with such momentum dry almond tree that she pulled out again leaves. Amid the sadness of the Demophon wanted to see what was the box that gave him the beloved, Although she told him to open it, only if you decide not to turn back. Just opened the box, While he was riding on his horse proud Thrakiotiko, that afionistike and threw him onto his own sword.
The Odomantes in honor of their Queen, They called around that place East of their Prefecture, Phillis, and even today that the State province name province Fyllidos.
They say that the first of the nine Fyllidas curses the Princess was suicide, just found out about the death of her grandson. But historians in the future, the saw clean. The one place that say Nine streets, the Athenians settled him after centuries and named Amphipolis. Nine times the Athenians were defeated in war. From the Peltasts of Drabiskoy with ten thousand dead, until the crash and the death of Cleon and as they gave the Amphipolis victory of Sparta in the Peloponnesian War, driving the great Athens in decline.
The Demophon gave oath to the gods, for something I did not know that he will be able to perform, instead of giving a nice reply and ask the beautiful woman of patience and faith, on measures of mortals. So as closes the Sophocles ' tragedy Antigone, will close and I this myth that I narrated:
Wisdom in happiness is the most important.
Have the gods not to show disrespect.
Always great words of mortals
with great misfortunes will be paid,
so that the passage of time
will teach the wisdom.
  • The myth has many variations. For example – the suicide, about his brother Demophon, the Adamas and indeed in Cyprus. My own choice is to tell him so with excerpts of versions, instead of dry academic presentations of these scenarios. The myth is mainly what: Narrative.


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