Filinnion, blood love

Filinnion, blood love

One of the oldest stories, talking about women vampires in Greek antiquity, It is the one that delivers the paradoxografos inflame the Trallians (freedman slave of Hadrian, 2century. a.d.) in his book "On the wonderful" 2.1 (Paradoxographoi: Writers miraculous Greeks, Ed. Antonius Westermann, Brunswigae, Londini 1839, SLE. 117-121). 
Survives the second half of the story, the original text of which you can read in the first source cited below. For Filinnion speaks the philosopher Proclus (5century. a.d.) the platonic comments:  proclus, Plato rem publican Commentary 2, filling some of the gaps of history. The whole story is based on an older (wasted) number of letters, some of which was written by Hipparchus and the other Arrideus, the stepbrother M. Alexandrou.
The events take place in Amphipolis(1) the 4th century. e.g., during the reign of Philip II of Macedonia. The heroine is Filinnion, the lover of the Mahatma.
A lamp for tonight. The least i'll light. love night I'll be. Only dim light he. Barely a creaky flogitsa to the wall reflects our bodies. Fire it'll be passion ... passion burning fire stone ...
I am Filinnion of Dimostratou and Graces, korasis Amfipolitissa 14 Moon and something. I look Mahatma My loft. From Pella is my good, Xenios(2) my father's. Apsilos Makednos(3) brave, gerokormos like poplar, ears amber hair of, seas deep gaze of, pomegranates ripe lips. Handsome as Macedon.
He walked beside my father smiling, when the protapantisa at our property on the banks of Struma. It was a hot afternoon in summer, h lazy, but I the slaves I washed clothes in the river. Barefoot water, lifted the thin tunic thighs to not get wet, was soaked, misoxepleka hair by bending the shore and the hard blows in clothes with Maul(4). Sweat, water, scarce shadow over the trees, blurred capsule skyline and crack He.
Jumped the heart in the chest and it become bold, orthothike and as if that penetrated the damp cloth, I feel it, ashamed, I put my hands in front, something, somehow cover, flinch.
– Come Mahatma you to meet my daughter the Filinnion, the swarm of my house! He told my father, I think· I am not sure, the unexpected, the beauty of, my shame, all entangled skein in indissoluble mesimeriatiki labrys.
– Naiad(5) your daughter Dimostrate! Joy thyself who will get! vale Filinnion! He responded Mahatma I felt his gaze to burns.
Antichairetisa. My eyes downcast, my cheeks red from shame, longing to depart just to admire it again, secretly, with attention, to paint him in my mind not to forget the margin of.
– Mahatma will stay in our home shortly as to finish his work, continued my father. Along with your mother pamper my host friend best possible Filinnion, continued my father. Then he smiled "Do not get tired so much my daughter, no need, let the slaves to wash, "he said and then removed sigoperpatontas with Mahatma next tou.Na 'yes supposedly love what I feel; This stunning mind, the apokaroma(6) the senses, longing to see him again; And if there is love, then what is it; He too; what he thinks; He feels something for me; 
"Yes", secrets whispered in my ear god. "At the same time you toxepsa, right in the chest. Experience. With him".
Eros was thus. Savage love, passionate, absolute, insatiable, invincible. Furtive glances behind the Doric columns of the peristyle courtyard, accidentally touches, parafylagmata for an instant xemonachiasma moments that supposedly had to bring something from the loft. And then secretly encounters on the banks of Struma, beneath the trees, within the foliage, only see the river god and Naiades the ineffable love. Flushing and Fear, Fear and excitement. If they see us; if you catch us; How there will be forgiveness; mercy how; There will be. Not for me, the apartheni daughter nor for him, the abuser hospitality. But again. Who can confront Eros; Not me, not the Mahatma.
She month living with us as to finish his work in Amphipolis. I know that over the long and must turn in parts of. All postpones. All pretend something to my father. And now the nights we spend together· finger nail (7) the smiximo, things strangled our questioner not sound, only witness the light of the small lamp, which vibrates to the rhythm of our bodies, Our paint on walls and anointed antifengizei the black and white pebbled floor. On nights hide, nights live ...
– I will return my love. Wait for me, He said last night. And just come, I will ask of your father. Everything is gonna be alright. You'll see. Soon you will become my wife and you will be forever mine.
– I will wait here until he comes· What,What if it, I'm yours. given to you, I belong to you now and that does not change. Chrysalis(8) I was, pupa silky ginika in your hands.
– Do not forget Filinnion!
– Love always remember my dear. WHAT,He lives in the heart, he never dies.
They told us, so we talked, so we agreed. Xastochasti the youth, I think anything is possible, but then I did not know ... I waited and undermines, undermines and waited. Today, tomorrow, a day and yet another and another ... Misepse(9) for times of Mahatma ...
I waited in vain to look anchored in the West, on the road to Pella. I suffered. I think as a carriage approaching, neigh sounded; Steps to front door; someone came! I jump to see! My Mahatma; Not. Friends of father, generals and partners (10), sometimes speak, a symposium to, sometimes to go to high school(11) or for hunting, Aunt Timaessa with her daughters, Lampos archidoulos loaded merchandise from the city. times times, on the pretext that you visit the estate, detour on the height n 'gaze beyond the western wall(12) whether coming ...
And suddenly destruction! "Filinnion, grew longer. It's time to get married. For I have chosen excellent excellent, the Kratero(13). Close relationships with our King Philip and the firstborn of Alexander. Indeed, on a hunt saved the life of his successor! Honored the Krateros, for this marriage so our family will have strong alliances in the future ... "he continued to speak my father, but not heard anything anymore. My dizziness came. fainted. What if I cried bitterly for days, What if I asked kneeling, what if I stopped eating and languishing in agony in vain .... My mother the Graces was trying to be sweet words to dissuade, after stubborn and it looked at me strictly silent, My father did not want to hear a word. "Spoiled Korasida quirks" said angry at my mother. "He will not get the. I have spoken and "ended, with eyes of fire to earn ...
The marriage was. Many joys and glentokopi and death due gorgeous bride in the funerary chambers Crateros. My torment did not last long. A few days after the wedding, I returned to my parents. Secret conversations leading up for lost virginity and my dishonor her, the Krateros distracted at the beginning, but softened when my father sent with a chest gold shines, They all agreed among themselves that I am sick and need to take care of the house for a while, so they spread to family and friends, my father and mother in shame with closed my roof, came doctor confirmed my illness- paid handsomely and he- mouths shut, all lypountan the Hermes the Filinnion who did not live to enjoy the wedding and fell to death ... neither cat nor damage.
But I dies from my heart ache. Every day a little. I lay in bed and not xanasikothika. I did not want. I drank my tears and my despair was eating. I hurt my parents, with charged with dishonesty, I felt outcast, Mahatma had disappeared from face of the earth, vows of love false, hope to return any. That's it. The butterfly lived love, the sun shone and burned its wings. So here it was.
My life does not define it. I will set my death, I said. Spectrum(14) of myself I became the daughter Hour Front within six months. Nice and my funeral. With mournful procession with deposits in our family tomb in the necropolis of Amphipolis. I dressed in the most beautiful gown, with all my cutlery on the body, moschomyrismeni neatly cut, and lay down on the bed eating flesh. He puts me Simao many goodies, ivory combs and copper mirrors, gold and silver vessels, inlaid figurines, many flowers and then they covered with a shroud heme. All wept much, my parents disconsolate, lamentations and olofyrmoi my mother's students and nationalists ripped the wind, relatives grieved, friends and acquaintances tried to stand by, diffuse pain, and a nice kivouri for me. They sealed the double leaf marble tomb door. Two beautiful painted forms, Pluto and Persephone, my doorposts eternity. Somewhere got my eye a sign: 
"... tessarakaideketin tῷd covered the range tafῳ"(15). fourteen years, grave. Why it is written does; I slept.

I'm on top of the world! Pannychia (16) the celebration of love with my favorite. finally turned! By embracing eagerly, of missed me too, says, suffered without me, It came as fast as he could, swears again and again eternal faith. Wearing in tears gold ring that I give my antidorizei own the iron, symbols both of our eternal union. I offer a chrysoklysto glass to drink wine with love. She's mine now, My Conviction! I will not allow anything to anyone anymore to re-split us. The love of the price paid by my death, not owe another. Pay off and for him. Now we will live together! The gods appointed, the gods permit.
– Beloved Mahatma, Every night will come near you, Every night will mingle eternal love. Just keep it hidden from my parents, not to ever mention, our love should stay secret, I told him the first night that we were, Keynes and the respected.
I saw that the Thrassa parafylage out of the roof and then the Graces, my mother, who watched us with bulging eyes, whitewashed, die out. indifferent. Now they can not harm me another. Besides, Matins deep (17) I will leave, as I do every night.
– Mahatma, to implore us finally tell the truth! He screamed for a moment the desperate Graces. Filinnion was with you on the roof last night; Your feet prospefto iketis mother, talk to us, tell us. Do not deny another. We saw. And I and the slave THRASSOU. Tell us the truth. Respect hosting my husband's Dimostratou! And finally believe what I tell you! The Filinnion died six months ago and buried in our family tomb. There we said at the outset when you came to our home, in order not to upset with worries NOT thy stranger man. But Filinnion is dead· and yet we we saw in your arms!
Mahatma bent forward to Mother's pain and reverence to Dimostrato. He told them that we love each other from time, that actually spend the night with him, that returned from Pella only for me, he wanted to marry ... seemed lost my good with all that heard. Who and what death funeral; I was alive, alive in his arms. Times times even dined together. To the gold ring that earned him, the symbol of our marriage, to stithodesmida and I left the bed the last night, to smell my scent all day.
My mother Olofyrotan, watching the ring and stithodesmida that wore me in the grave, travage her hair and tearing his clothes, father collapsed from what he heard, The gall moanful cried like a funeral and my Mahatma stared dumbfounded them not knowing what to think, what to protopistepsei. In what he heard that I was supposedly lifeless, icy, dead or unconscious that a few hours before the larvae rejoiced, My body louloudomyristo; Not, Lies told him to apodioxoun of the groom. Otherwise, added, let's come back in the evening to see Filinnion the roof with their own eyes. They want to catch me and they, to see that I live, that exist, I thought.
Oh my Mahatma! Not keep our secret. Disclose ineffable, dried porn juices, froze the blood, They lost magic and now I have to return permanently to the arranged place. This is the will of the gods. Doubt can not be made to love, my dear. And ye my parents, what weep and lament now; You sent me to the grave with your insistence to marry Kratero. Sequelae tears what sense are, when the evil has been made;
Remained motionless in the bed of my favorite, kerosa, I ploutoneia view. SOUSOURO home for the apparent death, popularized the incredible city, People gathered in the portal, asking to know how and why, there were increasing rumors and voices calling for the opening of the tomb in order to ascertain the facts. I was finally; Dead or alive; Woman or specter;
The family tomb found in the deposition position my grandparents, all of them untouched· my deathbed empty. A chrysoklysto glass just above and beside a male iron ring ... Concern, agony everywhere inexplicable, discussions in every corner of the city. curse manifested; miracle of the gods in honor of Eros; Nobody knew to say with confidence. Others watched birds flying low to the west, some of Itami (18) which dried up at once. At the end, all agreed. Bad signs appeared in the heavens and on earth. This confirmed the seer Hyllus, excellent augur. This resurrection was not the will of Hermes psychopompos nor the Eumenides. Ordered to put my body on fire, He made no sense to the tomb xanatafo, ceremony to be out of town, in the last, then purged all holy, altars of the gods of the underworld and make sacrifices prepoumenes to Hermes chthonic and Xenios Zeus for the cleansing of all accrued transgressions.
These and became. Sealed with fire my death and all xanasanan relieved that got rid of the scourge. Even more that killed spectrum of Lamia (19), They thought with Lamia, of those who drink the blood of their lovers to live. Did I really vampire or just a love-struck woman; However, What,Whatever they say others, my Mahatma knew the truth. And it mattered. The next day he came to me· "No. crestfallen himself living when he brought" wrote in his grave.
(1) Amphipolis = Amphipolis was an Athenian colony near the mouth of the Strymon, which conquered the 357 e.g.. by Philip Second, emerging as a key city in the kingdom of.
(2) Xenios = guest, epithet of Jupiter (Xenios Zeus, the patron of hospitality).
(3) makednos = tall (the adjective is already used by Homer to the leaves of a tall poplar, The Odyssey ' 106: Oia te leaves Makednon aigeiroio). It also means large or heavenly. An earlier form of the name of Makednon (Macedonians) is the word Maketai, derived from the Doric word Makos, that the Ionic dialect called Length (in ancient Greek meant the height). Therefore, Macedonians are resident in high, ie mountainous country, the highlanders. It is also proposed that the name Macedoni((a))hand is a compound word, from the Makos + edanos or edanos (edanos = pleasant: Iliad N. 172 and edos = idys, sweet). With this etymology, Makednos means: maquettes, ie tall, long + edanos, that is sweet, likeable, pleasant, odoriferous, fragrant. Note that edanos means either the nation or the wedding gift-a < ednon, edna, ednaomai-omai. Also, by Hesychius, Makednon - makedani = long, high. Hdt. 1, 56: And the (Greek nation) polyplaniton card ... NOT on the Istiaiitidos as exanesti Kadmeia in question in the Pindos Makednon kaleomenon.
(4) jerk = Thick and heavy object we clobber clothes, when we wash them in fulling, river or sea.
(5) Naiad-s = Larvae freshwater, of sources (fountains), rivers, lakes.
(6) apokaroma = befuddle.
(7) finger nail = night < night (night).
(8) chrysalis = The second stage forming the throttle, which starts as a caterpillar and, enclosed in cocoon, awaits her transformation into a butterfly. In ancient times they called the butterfly "worm caterpillar", while the pupa "nekydallo", i.e. "dead housing" through which comes the butterfly / soul. Known myth of Eros and Psyche, feathered forms, the second to teeter between death and life. Since the larva of silkworm silk and originates or sir in ancient Greek.
(9) misepse = emigrated, traveled.
(10) partners = Macedonians horsemen upper socioeconomic class (elite), flanking the kings as bodyguard (royal partners).
(11) Amphipolis gymnasium = Made in b half of the 4th century, faithfully follows the standard type of Olympia High School, including the arena (47 × 36 m.), to which access is ensured through monumental scale, both corridors for runners (length of one step), one of which was covered (the fore-end) and the other outdoor (Paradromis). The premises of the palaestra destined for physical exercise, body care (baths), and education, symposia and worship of Hercules and Hermes protect athletes, They were distributed around a colonnaded courtyard Doric.
(12) wall Amphipolis = H fortify comprising a small inner enclosure (2,2 km.) covering only the urban center and a large yard (7,5 km.) that protects the whole settlement. The second precinct presents in the north of two noteworthy elements dating back to the first Member (5century.). Along Strymonas, at the foot of the slope, He had developed a unique system of tall and narrow wells on the base of the wall, allowing the flowing water to pass through the walls without flooding the inner suburbs of the city. In the same section, the gate opened towards the river led through a wooden bridge, in extremely residues of which there are two phases. The earliest phase can be identified with the bridge referred Thoukidides (4.103 and 108) the description of the battles between the Athenian Cleon and Lacedaemonian Brasidas (422 e.g.). The bridge deck based on a plurality of posts, mounted on the banks and the very riverbed. This unique character remains in Greece.
(13) Krateros = The known general of M. Alexandrou.
(14) spectrum = ghost, form, appearance, sign from heaven, Monster.
(15) tessarakaideketin tῷd covered the range tafῳ = Extract from inscription of epigrammatopoiou Persian of Macedon (He lived in the 4th century. e.g.). The whole epigram in the Palatine Anthology, HAF. 7.487:
Oleo public pre gamoio, Filainion, nor in matirPythias nice igagen in thalamousnymfiou, But seedy katadrypsasa pareiastessarakaideketin tῷd covered the range tafῳ
(16) pannychia = overnight.
(17) Matins deep = Early dawn, just before dawn.
(18) Itamos = Evergreen tree. In ancient Greek mythology Itamos was dedicated to the Furies, which punish people using poison. Artemis using arrows soaked in Itamos venom.
(19) Ghoul = The ghoul was following Hecate, demonic beings in the form of exquisite women and men fooled lonely travelers and under the pretext of carnal love, their kill and drank their blood. Similar form empusa and Mormon (Mormolyki). Downstream ancient writers consider all these spectra (ghosts).
D.V. Written (ed.), In Macedonia from the 7th century. e.g.. until late antiquity, Ed. Zitros, Thessaloniki 2011

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