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Amphipolis.gr | Canada: "Greeks: By Agamemnon to Grand Alexander»

Canada:  "Greeks: By Agamemnon to Alexander the Great "
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With headlines tributes and soapbox titles like "The glories of Greece" welcomed Canadian SME large exhibition "The Greeks: By Agamemnon to Grand Alexander», launched in Museum Culture Canada, in Ottawa, which accepts annually 1,2 EC. visitors from around the world.

The exhibition "The Greeks: Agamemnon to Alexander the Great »designed by the Ministry of Culture, Education in collaboration with the Consortium of four major museums in Canada and US: Pointe à Callière Montreal Archaeology and History Complex (Montreal), Canadian Museum of History (Ottawa), Field Museum (Chicago), National Geographic Museum (Washington). It includes more than five hundred exhibits, masterpieces of ancient Greek sculpture, painting and kosmimatotechnias, from 22 greek museums.

With most of the exhibits to travel for the first time in museums B. America and a museological inventive design, focusing on man, and a wide variety of interactive happenings, and modern technological means, The report has already been presented with great success and spectacular turnout of visitors at the Museum of Point-a-Calliere Museum of History and Archaeology in Montreal.

From the 5 June to 12 October continues its journey to Canada, He will be presented in the History Museum of Canada in Ottawa. Then he moved to the Field Museum in Chicago (24 November 2015 until 10 April 2016) and the National Geographic Museum in Ouasigkt0n (26 May 2016 until 9 October 2016).

The central theme of the exhibition are the Greeks as forms through the excavation data, starting from the anonymous illustrious dead, moving the mythological wanax Agamemnon, the aristocrat last name and ending with eminent personalities of culture, as Plato and Aristotle, and historical figures, like Philip and Alexander the great.

The exhibition, time frame which covers from the Stone Age to the Hellenistic period, i.e. from the 6000 e.g.. approximately until the 2nd century. e.g., structured in ten modules.

1.Prelude: The man in the prehistoric Aegean

In sub-sections presented works from the Neolithic period in Greece, as amulets from Aravissos. The presence of Cycladic merchants and seamen declared by burials from Amorgos, Naxos, Paros and engraved ship illustration in frying pan from Syros.

*2.the Mycenaeans *

The royal shaft graves of 16th century Mycenae. e.g.. create the basis for the myth of Rich Mycenae Homer. The "Prince of Assini", seals and gold rings with performances of cult scenes, figurines from the cult center of Mycenae presented, inter alia, in this section.

3.Hostage: Myth and History

The heroes of Homer associated with the gods to stand alone, powerful and dominant human form.


Since the end of the 12th century. e.g.. important events form the transition from the palace in the "city- state", movements Greek tribes, establishing colonies, new economic centers and cohesive nation bonds. They will be presented including the Homer head of the National Archaeological Museum, the scene of the blinding of Polyphemus, the "burial" of deirotomithentos from Eleftherna.

5.Athletes and Panhellenic Games

The fighting spirit of the Greeks depicted the headstone of discus thrower, in copper pan- dedication athlete in the Sanctuary of Zeus at Olympia, the Panathenaic amphora of Nafplio Museum with match race.

6.Kouros and crust

From the 7th century. BC evolution in how imaging of the human form is remarkable. The kouros, naked young man, it is set up for more than two centuries imposing sanctuaries as "statue" for the god or grave marker for mortal. The pupils will be set up as bright images of feminine grace and modesty, the temples of the gods and in tombs as "signals". Kouros from the Sanctuary of Ptoos Viotia comes from the Archaeological Museum of Thebes and the daughter of the Acropolis Museum.

7.Leonidas, King of Sparta.

Legendary hero of the battle of Thermopylae. The arrowheads exposed from the scope of the historical battle.

8.Athenians and Democracy.

The Athenians and their achievements in architecture, sculpture, painting, theater, history, philosophy, presented through iconic works like aftostefanoumenos the National Archaeological Museum, enepigrafoy epikranoy part of the Acropolis, marble athlete's head and two heads probably the metopes of the Parthenon of the Acropolis Museum, two tombstones from the National Archaeological Museum. Sophocles from the Archaeological Museum of Argos and tragic masks, the Plato portraits, Aristotle, Demosthenes.

9.Philip Ii

The policy, military and economic rise of the Macedonian kings with the consequences of the known world projected by presenting plastic works, painting and jewelery from the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, Aigai and Pella. Features exhibits are silverware from the tomb of Philip II, gold wreath Aigai, gold medal Olimpiadas. Under dominates the head of Alexander from Pella.

10.Alexander. The dawn of a new world

The report of the Hellenistic figurines from the Archaeological Museum of Pella marks the time of the successors of M.. Alexandrou


Amphipolis. gr | Who fobatai the… Ἀmfipoli;


Let us not entrain homeresistive. By ἀllou I elthoyn s ills. And with that ennow that yponomeyetai o,What important ἀnadeiknyetai in Greece. Previously he had heard from an official represenmo international organization here in Greece that research by Professor ANDRONIKOU Vergina and related findings views constitute reproach for Greece!

recently saw with sincere sadness in the newspaper "Kathimerini" (17/5/2015) syndicate excerpt from an account of archaeological research of 2014 made by academic and secretary general of the Archaeological Society Mr.. Vas. Petrakos and which snippet refers to summer excavations Amfipoli. Admire style and morals:

"The excavation Amphipolis was a splay contrived story in order to get distracted from the Greek arbitrary economic measures. The monument itself hitherto offered something new. Historical information that could give the excavation seen how lost because of conduct by persons who ignore science and method of "!

This ratio was support and the powerful on Spyr dictatorship. Marinated, for reaping This finding young archeology. Graphics, Despite the risks involved for long time, He had no hesitation to stigmatize in print era behavior Marinatou against a colleague. and I wonder: democratically permissible behavior Marinatou, an entirely remarkable archaeological, be continued in this supposedly democratic time;

But let's look at the deeper issue extensions. Are natural and copyright each man Zn within the presently there Greek territory believing or hopes that excavations K. Pigeons and its partners concealed the corpse of Alexander the Great, perhaps even to believe and Mrs. Peristeri.

Deprived yet with manic reactions certain In this. Do not I think that this is the prospering in our country scientific rivalry. Considers that there are something deeper So I ask: because they are afraid IN anaskaptomeno hill there is something significant and even something more important than,what until now has been found; Why taunts, Even those threats -afelos esto- believe in O,what they think;


I guess she is simple: some undead currently afraid of Universities Living in the past. As we have often written, The Greek people in a large percentage ceased hope at present zoῇ dead and pumped hope by such living tafῳ. From the bones three hundred. It's not the first time. In a difficult year the people knew how to says: "His brave death gives life to the youth". Who during birth certificate alive -even though he is young tessarakontoutis (phrase Io. Sykoutris)- may in his breath to give life in youth;

Long years, When it had emerged placement issue again the tomb of M.. Alexander the oasis Siaoua (Shiva), Leading politicians -tote ypourgos-, which for decades plaguing this place WITH THE aveltiries and verbal coarseness of, He had told a cabinet (Testimonial from parakathimeno Minister) that no interest finding the tomb of M.. Ἀlexandroy, Because it would flushing nationalism Greek people!

At that time the Greeks whole earth had risen up with a common momentum against the usurpation of the name Macedonia by Skopje. Shortly after, insidious and systemic, began a hypnotic, stultifying and phobic inoculation Greek lutes. They perished "kyratsa" where to cosmic events wore something Macedonian crown size… dish! The demonstrations stopped. «SOS! Racism»! And they start counter demonstration and insidious statements and heavy stigmatics description and brutal tricks. Remember the aforementioned vanafsologounta minister to said of a lady who was already "reprehensible" Occupation of businessman, that he complained on measures then were taken against free Skopjan and which jeopardize its business. The Minister stated that from tilopsia replied kanchastika:

­–«Who told you, my lady, Be WITH THE Alexander the Great

For, with such policies and spiritual leaders and evonitous reporters they enable Skopjans monopolize the name and to nosfisthoun and history of Macedonia. They have filled all major roads, squares, parks the adjacent state with tacky -esto- statue Philip, Alexander and this Archelaos! opposites, Our youth ignores overwhelming percentage, Who was Archelaus, While Alexander knows what the plassarontai by venal "media", From Kafsokalyvitis kantilosvistes and "teachers" and imitators of Judas Author, without at least have the filotimo Judah, where, After returning the thirty ARGYR, «outgoing apinxato» (= Went and hanged).

Since the vain but not unduly uprising, not accompanied by potential political realism, I had confidence that Macedonia name for Greece is lost and diplomatic defacto Origin (THE dejure slow yet) will be awarded in favor of Skopjan. And I wrote the last page of my book "From the Macedonian Question to involve Skopje», which was circulated in January 1992 (Edition. Gutenberg). And which today has disappeared. Although constantly sought.

Make no mistake. Since then (but with older roots) There was Design for dismemberment of Greece, To disconnect -History first and political ystera- of Macedonia from southern Greece. The soil has been cultivated from the putative Sports bum fanaticism land. Abysmal half between the north and south. The subsequently plan was implemented with economic disconnections. Virtually all production sectors B. Greece was transferred to Skopje, in Bulgaria, Romania and Albania. Now they are turning towards Turkey. The most money of Macedonia residents channeled towards markets and "casino" Skopje and Bulgaria.

Cultivated also -mesῳ reporters organic and anermatiston policies; Another hatred non-existent "State of Athens". Although the stones are aware that the creator of this kakokratous, which was a disaster for the city of Athens and throughout Attica, He was a Macedonian. and indeed… ethnarch! With the exception of C. Ralli Athens metapoliteftika he did not take any prime minister. Even Mr. Simitis not declared as a place of origin the experiment but Korakochori Ilia!

What I say Pasang honesty is such the ominous: Design exists since decades for the creation of the Macedonian state as a bait offered to the residents of Macedonia the vision of Thessaloniki as primary, where he will "eat" population and financially hated Athena. Only the name Towards facilitating new ypikoon- will shorten. From Thessaloniki will become… Solun and Florina… Lerin! And only one who thinks anyone, liable to soiling.

THE methodically planned this state would include the territory of Skopje, which will have the dominant role. Of Course, The plan "Titoites"Palaiovoulgarikis cutting and included as part of Greater Macedonia and"Pirin Macedonia» (The right to be a nuclear -inos; it is the Orvilos). Of course all these require special type ideology fermentation. But ekgonoi those given by Kalchev THE "card Litsna», The ekgonoi of "Roumaniston" and of "Children wolf», The ekgonoi all sorts of collaborators have caught firmly posts in the state apparatus, In universities, in journalism and in our artistic masquerade.

Η͂ταν ὡριμάσουν οἱ συνθῆκες, upheavals with consequent massacres will follow, persecutions and persecutions and all that we saw in the former Yugoslavia, in Libya and we see now in Syria. Βλλ ’ἔτσι βγαίνουν τά πολλά λεφτά. Blood is measured as an economic quantity.


Και ἡ⁇ λλάς; Thanks to the dwarf politicians, its spiritual and religious leaders, thanks to the hotel journalism that systematically injects political and intellectual stupidity into the people, θά περιοριστεῖ –ἄν ἐγκαίρως δέν ἀφυπνιστεῖ– κάπου ἐκεῖ στόν Ἁλιάκμονα, as foreseen by the Treaty of Agios Stefanos (1778). I doubt, Nevertheless, If Dion and Vergina remain. As for the excavations, α φοτές φοβ θάμαι ὅτι θά κατεβαίνουν, ὁπως εἶχε πεῖ κάποτε ὁ Μαρινάτος στόν σπουδαῖο Φώτη Πέτσα, lasting throughout and below. How many excavations during the post-political period took place in the prefecture of Florina; And whoever passes by the unguarded essentially Neolithic settlement of Lake Petra, he also takes a stone, ἔτσι που ὁ χῶρος (at least until recently) reminiscent of gidomantri! How much are the archeological treasures of Aanas and the excavation findings of Dispilio displayed?; Not to mention the old and recent archaeological treasures of Thrace, where some, the most impressive, γιά νά τους ἐπισκεφθεῖς, you need local guides and special shoes, ἄν τυχόν ἔχει βρέξει.

I was sure from last summer that the excavations in Amphipolis under various pretexts would end for fear that others might find themselves spoiling the prepared "political soup". The, κι ἄν κάτι مهم ἔχει ἤδη βρεθεῖ, it is not going to be revealed. Some researchers will put… muzzle. Only some bells will ring where, τόπως το λέει ὁ Σολωμός, When they are paid, they act like… "Bumpy"!

As for the one who drew these lines, what he wrote often for many years and which are repeated for the umpteenth time in the re-publication of his book "Alexander the Great: ὁ θρωνθρωπος Φαινόμενο» (Edition. About Arts, Nice 10, Athena, Tel. 210-8826392), about the tomb of Alexander's cenotaph in Amphipolis, are not related to the excavation findings of Mrs.. Κατερίνας Περιστέρη. They are related to the so-called Leo of Amphipolis. It seems, however, that Leo ἡ ὥρα did not come to speak.

Lavrio 15 .Πριλίου 2015

Υ.Γ. Speaking to my hometown of Gythio 19 Περίπριλίου περί Ἀλεξάνδρου και Ἀμφιπόλεως, I also expressed the above concerns and my views. But I reassured my fellow citizens by saying the quote: «⁇ Ὀρύσσων βόθρον ἐν αὐτῷ ἐμπεσεῖται». And I added that in the midst of today the Skopjans will accept the attack of the Albanians. Και πρίν ἀλέκτορα φωνῆσαι ἅπαξ, the bloody episodes broke out, τά ὁποῖα νε ἀνεκδιήγητος Γκρουέφσκη ἔσπευσε να ἀποδώσει σέ ἑλληνική –ἄκουσον, ἄκουσον!- ὑποκίνηση. When δέν⁇ λλάς can not be surrounded by the social's desecrations that desecrate the monuments and fill the Archaeological Society and the sheet metal Academy with dirty inscriptions, where, ἶπως εἶπε ὁ Σουρῆς, «for all of us it was made by the blessed Sina»!

Sarantos Kargakos

Amphipolis.gr | AMFIPOLI – KASTAS


What happens after all the noise that everyone has been waiting for with bated breath for their findings and sparking our imagination for historical truths , now silent on the biggest cultural heritage that we have discovered in recent years.

To highlight and promote it , so far they are made <support projects to ensure the protection of the existing and we should wait for a comprehensive plan that after the protection, its highlighting and promotion within a wider context in combination with the archaeological site , with cameras ,earthquake sensors, museum and its wider landscape and natural environment. The excavation received financial assistance at this time no longer needed> as the Deputy Minister of Culture said. Mr. Minister, he has been resting for so many years and because of money we will let him continue his rest. The Colosseo of Rome will be restored by Businessman Diego Della Valle with 25 million we do not have Entrepreneurs or Shipowners to apply for funding or find financiers.

To start performing though ..…. until the archaeologists finish their work on the findings of the findings there should be more funding ,the buts that are buried on the hill of Kasta must also be excavated. And when all this is over, then there will be more and more funding to make the whole monument visitable, we can wait… .live my black to eat the clover in May. It declined before it flourished.

The site needs to be visited quickly for both the monument ,for Amphipolis and the people who want to admire it, for the development of the surrounding area and since the number of visitors to the museum of Amphipolis has increased by 100%, a miracle was waiting for the area to develop and you send it to the Greek Calendars.

We should not keep the issue so that it does not disappear from the forefront and have financial benefits; Or we expect foreigners to do it for Amphipolis! Italian state television RAI made a documentary about Amphipolis <RAI documentaries are part of a TV series that includes suggestions of historical tourist destinations in Greece for European tourists. The Italian TV production has already been sold to an Australian television network and in addition to Greece the series includes proposals for Mexico, England and Milan. The journalistic investigation begins with the history of the ancient coins of each region and reaches to the present day>. And we will buy it from them; so does our ERT and NERIT.

We live in Greece and we suspect that they will take care to delay or neglect it or to completely forget this important extraordinary finding. You politicians who know everything giving the best solutions for the present and the future of our Homeland, you should know that you do not lose from culture but you gain immediately and much more in the long run like the Acropolis, Ancient Olympia, Delphi and the delay is a blow to our Cultural Heritage and the Development of our Place .

George Kalokliros


texn_3.3.10_101Φί Σφίγξ «σφίγγει» τὰ θύματά της μέχρι θανάτου…

Κόρη τῆς Ἔχιδνας καὶ τοῦ Τυφῶνος καὶ προϊὸν αἱμομιξίας, ἡ Sfigx τῶν ἀpotelei τὸ teratwdes model and ἀdynamiwn of yperbolwn of our eaytou. Is a from home more complex symbols of Ellinikis mythology, kathws presents four forms:
(a)) Kefali Virgin (i.e.. young girl)
(b)) Στῆθος καὶ φτερὰ πτηνοῦ
(c)) Σῶμα λέοντος
(d)) Οὐρὰ ὄφεως
Number 4 εἶναι ὁ ἀριθμὸς τῶν τεσσάρων στοιείων ποὺ συγκροτοῦν τὸν ὁρατὸ κόσμο, only in the case of the Sphinx are they in complete instability.
(a)) Κεφαλὴ παρθένου-στοιχεῖο ὕδατος
⁇ Ἡμορφιὰ τῆς κεφαλῆς εἶναι ἐπικίνδυνη καὶ ἀναξιόπιστη, διότι ἐξαπατᾶ ἐκείνον ποὺ βλέπει τὴν Σφίγγα καὶ τὸν ἐμποδίζει νὰ δεῖ τὴν δολιότητα καὶ τὴν διαστροφὴ ποὺ βαθβει τὸ ὑπόλοιπο σῶμα της. Ἡ κεφαλὴ τῆς Σφιγγὸς kombinζεται μὲ τὸ στοιχεῖο τοῦ ὕδατος, because her beauty stimulates emotions, ποὺ παρασύρουν τὴν ψυχὴ σὲ λανθασμένες ἐκτιμήσεις. Ἄλλωστε καὶ τὸ νερὸ ἔχει αὐτὴν τὴν ἰδιότητα νὰ δημιουργεῖ λανθασμένες ἐκτιμήσεις γιὰ τὰ ἀντικείμενα ποὺ βρίσκεται ἐντός του, καθὼς παραμορώνει τὸ μέγεθός τους καὶ τὴ τρόπος τους.
Therefore, κεφαλὴ παρθένου καὶ ὕδωρ συμβολίζουν τὴν ἐξαπάτηση, καθὼς καὶ τὴν ε⁇ κολη διολίσθηση σὲ προσδοκίες καὶ φαντασιψεις χωρὶς ἀντίκρισμα.
(b)) Στῆθος καὶ φτερὰ πτηνοῦ-στοιχεῖο ἀέρος
Τὸ στῆθος τῆς Σφιγγὸς εἶναι συνήθως στῆθος πτηνοῦ καὶ ὄχι γυναικας. Εἶναι καλυμμένο μὲ φτερὰ καὶ μοιάζει προτεταμένο καὶ ντυμένο θυμώντας γυναικεῖο στῆθος καὶ διεγείροντας μὲ αὐτὸν τὸν τρόπο τὴν φαντασία μὲ τὴν προοπτικὴ μιᾶς ἡδονικῆς ἀπόλαυσης. Ἡ προσμονὴ τῆς ἀπόλαυσης παραμένει στὴν ψυχὴ ὡς ἀνεκπλήρωτος πόθος, γεμίζοντάς την μὲ ἄλεγ γιὰ τὴν ἀπόκτηση ἑνὸς ἀνέφικτου πράγματος.
Τὰ φτερὰ ὠθοῦν αὐτὴν τὴν φαντασίωση σὲ πιθανές, ἀληθοφανεῖς καὶ μὴ πραγματικὲς «πτήσεις». Τὰ φτερὰ λόγῳ τοῦ μικροῦ τους μεγέθους δὲν μποροῦν νὰ βοήθειασουν τὴν Σφίγγα νὰ πετάξει. They symbolize not the ability to ascend, ἀλλὰ ἁπλῶς τὴν ἀνεκπλήρωτη ἐπιθυμία, καθὼς καὶ τὰ δεσμὰ τῶν φαντασιώσεων (mainly of genital instinct).
The protruding chest of the Sphinx symbolizes lust, ὁ ίαποία παρασύρει τὸν θνητὸ ἄνθρωπο σὲ φανταστικὲς ἐρωτικὲς περιπτύξεις ποὺ δὲν βρίσκεται νὰ γεγονποιηθοῦν. Τὰ φτερὰ δηλώνουν ἐπίσης τὴν περισσότερα ττηταν λογισμῶν, like the speed of the air. Οἱ σκέψεις εἶναι ἀόρατες καὶ ἄρρητες, ὅπως ἀκριβῶς ὁ ἀήρ. Τὸ μικρὸ μέγεθος τῶν φτερῶν, well, συμβολίζει τοὺς ἀσήμαντους καὶ φθοροποιοὺς λογισμοὺς ποὺ γεννᾶ ἡ Σφίγξ μὲ ἀποτέλεσμα νὰ κρατοῦν τὸν ἄνθρωπο καθηλωμένο στὰ φθαρτὰ, γήινα καὶ ἀσήμαντα πράγματα.
Attic Sphinx c400BC
(c)) Σῶμα λέοντος-στοιχεῖο γῆς
Τὸ σῶμα λέοντος συμβολίζει τὴν ἀνεξέλεγκτη βασιλικὴ ἰσχύν, ἡ ίαποία ὁδηγεῖ στὴν καταδυνάστευση τῶν ἄλλων ὄντων ποὺ τυχαίνει νὰ βρίσκεται στὸ გარემო του. Κανονικὰ ὁ λέων ἀντιστοιχεῖ στὸ στοιχεῖο τοῦ πυρός, καθὼς ἡ βασιλικὴ ἐξουσία ἔχει τὴν ἔδρα της στὸν ἀστερισμὸ τοῦ Λέοντος ποὺ θεωρεῖται πύρινο ζώδιο. Ὅμως ἡ Σφίγξ ἔχει μόνο τὸ σῶμα τοῦ λέοντος καὶ ὄχι τὴν κεφαλὴ καὶ τὸ στῆθος του, στὸ ὁποῖο κανονικὰ ἑδράζεται τὸ πῦρ. Συνεπῶς τὸ σῶμα τοῦ λέοντος ἀπὸ μόνο τους δὲν μπορεῖ νὰ φέρει τὸ στοιχεῖο τοῦ πυρός, ἀλλὰ τὸ στοιχεῖο τῆς γῆς, καθὼς τὰ چهارρα πιά του στηρίζεται σἰ θέση ἰσχύος πάνω στὸ ἔδαφος. Σῶμα λέοντος καὶ στοιχεῖο γῆς δηλώνουν ἀπὸ κοινοῦ τὴν δυνατὴ ἐπιθυμία γιὰ ἐπικράτηση ἔναντι τῶν ἄλλων, τὴν δίψα γιὰ ἐξουσία καὶ τὴν καταδυνάστευση τῶν προσώπων τοῦ გარემოτος.
(d)) Οὐρὰ ὄφεως-στοιχεῖο πυρὸς
⁇ Οὐρὰ τὴς Σφιγγὸς καταλήγει σὲ κεφάλι ὄφεως. ⁇ Ὄφις συμβολίζει τὴν δύναμη τῶν ἐλεγχόμενων λογισμὼν, But in the case of the Sphinx, ἐπειδὴ βρέκεται στὴν οὐρά της, συμβολίζει τὴν δόλια σκέψη ποὺ λογπολογίζει τὰ πάντα μὲ bingeh τὸ προσωπικό της συμφέρον, καὶ μάλιστα εἰς βάρος τῶν ἄλλων ἀνθρώπων. Ἐπίσης ἐνῶ τὸ σύμβολο τοῦ ὄφεως ἀντιστοιχεῖ κανονικὰ στὸ στοιχεῖο τῆς γῆς, στὴν κατάσταση τῆς Σφιγγὸς ἀντιστοιχεῖ στὸ στοιχεῖο τοῦ πυρός. ⁇ Σφίγξ κατευθύνεται ἀπὸ τὸν ἀρρωστημένο λογισμὸ τοῦ ὄφεως ποὺ βρίσκκεται στὴν οὐρά της καὶ ὄχι στὴν κεφαλή της.
Total, τὸ συμβολο τῆς Σφιγγός δηλώνει ὅλα ὅσα εἶναι καταστρεπτικὰ γιὰ τὸν βίο τοῦ ἀνθρώπου:
(a)) deception (κεφαλὴ παρθένου)
(b)) unfulfilled expectations (στῆθος προεταμένο, usually birds)
(c)) smallness (φτερὰ πτηνοῦ)
(d)) cunning (οὐρὰ ὄφεως)
Source: Ἀλτάνη, Ἑλληνικὸς Διαλογισμός, Tom. 1, s.. 96-107.


The Griffin was a monster of Greek mythology. Had a body of a lion or horse, head and wings of an eagle. Also in some representations of the seems and snake tail. The myth of thought comes from Mesopotamia. Probably the birth of the legend dates back to the time of the first discovery of dinosaur fossils of the prehistoric man. The ridge was covered with feathers and claws on his feet liontarisia was loud and sharp as aetoytan occurs as guard treasures associated with vigilance and vengeance. In the East the Griffin symbolizes wisdom and enlightenment. In Greece was dedicated to Apollo as a solar symbol, In Athena like wisdom and in Nemesis as revenge.
The Griffins of the sealant is daktylioy of ancient ippogrypes Anthias.
The Ippogrypas is half horse and half Griffin. His wings, the front feet of the head and beak was like a Griffin. While in all other resembled a horse. As the winged horses of Apollo, the Ippogrypas is a solar symbol.
The encounter in many mythologies. The encounter in Egypt, Mesopotamia & the Greece. In Egypt was the personification of the Sun. The middle ages ippogrypas was the symbol of weakness.
In Scythian "animal ornaments have been found in horses ippogrypes to epitithontai.
According to legend, the Arimaspi are in constant struggle with the Griffins for the gold. The country in which Aristeas and Herodotus places the Arimaspoys referred to vaguely as North of Europe, on the edge of the World, While the subsequent places them beyond the Secretariat Ripaiwn mountains, in Asia

Photo of Eleni elaphebolia.

The Griffins in literature and art

The format of the Griffin devised in ancient Greece, both literary and Visual Arts. Starting from the first reference by Aristea, During Antiquity the Griffins became hostile towards people monsters, which had a lion or horse body and head and wings of an eagle.
Quite complex and the artistic evolution of Griffin. It is considered that the form appeared in the East. In Greece the Griffin, as a creature that combines features of bird and animal tetrapodoy, appeared during the Kritominwiki period and is known by the performances from Knossos and Pylos antheia. But the performances of grypwn and of ippogrypwn kritominwikwn of Anthias(Fig. 4) is quite different from their performances in the archaic and classical art. A new type of Griffin entered in Greek art at the end of the 8th century. e.g.. from the Middle East, initially in the Aegean Islands and from there to mainland Greece. To him belong the archaic bronze busts of Griffin and the numerous related expressions in written pottery of anatolizoysas style, in currencies and in Particular frequently come across mikroplastikis projects the Griffin in expressions in attic vases of the so-called style of Kerch, mainly of the 4th century. e.g., where usually accompanies the performances Amazons, Apollo and Dionysus.

Photo of Eleni elaphebolia.

The Griffins as mythological element
Greek mythology connects the Griffins with various gods. In Aeschylus's Zeus's dogs, in Nonnus's Nemesis animals, While the works of art the Griffin often associated with Dionysus. But stronger is the relationship of the Griffin with Apollo, with which it is connected through legend for Yperboreioys diliakoy. Are the Griffins flying trolley of God during his trip to the Yperboreioys. So the ippogrypes of the sealant ring bear the carriage of deities of Anthias. As the Apollo was rampant on Griffin. In ancient Greece the Griffin meant as a solar symbol, but his relationship with the mineral gold of lends Chthonic attributes.
Alexander the great's journey to the heavens

The Pala d ' Oro bring human expression and wearing Royal Crown between two Griffins and that is nothing else but a representation of the fictional journey of Alexander the great in the heavens, as it has been described in the novel of Alexander of Pseudo-Kallistheni. According to one of the descriptions of these fantastic adventures of, Alexander during his visit to the land of the blessed attempted to explore the heavens, and to this end he ordered to arrest two huge vultures in the region (Griffins) which:«… non-fagein brwmata commanded until three days· the third day prosetaxe not kataskeyasthinai not seeking zygw and xylon prosdethinai in these trachilois. This Comer now survive through yoke wsei pichyn ekratise spear length, having on liver. Straight s fagein anaptanta vultures of the liver, rose trips these Alexander Aeri Meanwhile at height. And Pany trembled through the air of coldness

the ornewn of those gegenimenin. Either WiFi straight meets this peteinon anthrwpomorfon, and saith in him: Alexander, the terrestrial non-ginwskwn, how the celestial katalabein epiziteis; Empowered by tachoys Ypostrepson on the Earth, However orneois katabrwma genisi does. "

Helen Elafiboloy

Photo of Eleni elaphebolia.
Photo of Eleni elaphebolia.

Amphipolis.gr | The plate of Dali and the secrets he's not going to ever hear from official lips.

Νομίζω ότι έφθασε η ώρα με την ευκαιρία για την πινακίδα του Ιδαλίου, to say some things that aren't going to ever hear from official lips. This is because the Chinese want to keep us in the dark. You don't know anything about our breed. Greek today doesn't know "who is". Don't know where it comes from, what represents, what he wants to achieve, as you can reach. And most important of all. YOU DON'T KNOW WHO IT WAS!… How many of you, for example, knew or had heard about a brass plaque that has been found in ancient Cyprus Idalium and the main (even now that you heard about her), What is the content, i.e., what he writes; One ... None;

Now you tell me what relationship may have this plate of Idalion with our theme. Yet because it is a piece of lost knowledge. Because it shows us how far back, how deep in the history and prehistory, are the roots of this strange, for the perception that we have today, the war waged for centuries up to the sacred land of our country, for the purpose of enslavement and the destruction of our breed and who are these our indigenous enemies. Let's see, well, What writes this plate of Dali's Linear B writing and mesokyprominwϊkis are two sides. The decryption was done by Chadwick method into syllables. The sign begins with a prayer to the Sun God – SIRIUS. The supplication is as follows: ' To ' ya Seirie deomai gosh. Always in the son (from) reeis father unto thy Temple in allowing only insignificant, the Seirioy of silver. In ' you need great glory, because thanks to you, Diogeni, the Sun flowing ".

Now let's look at the ancient Greek text and the performance of with brass plate by the Callimachus Diogenous, as well as reviews of George Petropoulos from the first publication in the magazine Brand.

Reading in modern Greek Cypriot's plate of Dali, with type syllables Chadwick, free performance, starting from point P1.

1. Asian ELLs, We are in the realm of Arrack. God answered:

2. Sons Kown, where is the city which reigns in Imala, will defeat the culprit.

3. The space within the fuselage live.

4. The rule of lamb took up play in the Earth the Fgm, the hob.

5. In mild folks out there God, in God place, Saturn fell on them with noise.

6. The Toyroy, people new, on Asia has crept into your parts.

7. In the land of the Nile anetrefeto Satan.

8. One of the boars with sounds of the kymatizoysa queue smikryne.

9. Thebes was the sea, in Aramaia, your new House.

10. Another Particularly in the area of Engomi fell.

11. Father, your country's temples enforced.

12. In the Sahara with ROAR settled his residence the hob.

13. He described in the sagas with long ears when the Athenians defeated every ocean.

14. Oybaiwn in Keneena of the houses literally shook the hob.

15. Of the new Kingdom gaϊdarwn will beat our father.

16. They defeated (This) in the ocean.

17. The temples, where the inhospitable to foreign man God thy children, the Ionians, successively he sacrificed, will cease.

18. The "Silver" young people from the Tainarou area to gkre ¬ mizeis, my child.

19. The child of delos is undefeated in the sea.

20. Where are your gods, to your graves poieis.

21. Athena will speak, When the time comes.

22. Minos will reign of divine mission in Thiva.

23. A Theban hero will kill the Dwarves hidden in the clouds.

24. The Idalium until borders with Kos is an area which the goddess will include in the radius of the arrows of.

25. In Asia will join the Oydaioi of Keneena.

26. The serpent in the fig trees of the region will be beaten with arrows.

27. God Seth will alwsei the buoyancy.

28. The House of Vou understands that those who love thy thelktikotera presented by some, as is the case with the impression from the salting.

29. When you see strange ears, to understand that these are the donkeys.

30. The position of Cyprus is our father.

31. The only place egkatabiwnei Particular moral.

32. Our father, the vindication, to eternity live, While in our sons of Italy eirwnes dominates the rehabilitation.(;).

33. STOU Jupiter town new regret presented.

34. Young succumbed to foreign Vou, the son of an animal.

35. Had set the House of Zeus in Asia.

36. The defeat of the horse and the boar that will bring in the temples who built it should be dual.

37. Penalties to all Competent – ripte Oh oydaioys.

38. The Seth and on Asia in your mission of boars West, in Italy, eisedysan from holes.

39. Council ripte in donkeys sentences.

40. With water the new monster nikas.

41. Oh my God, in your katintisa skinitis land.

42. The son of Seth, God man, has been adopted by your children.

43. To fight the Hyena with Trident.

44. The only owing to errors of Oydaiwn was now the butcher of new.

45. A Oybreos set himself to reigning of God Earth, sons of your own their land revolutionized this.

46. In morals is the fault of the sons of the Earth Asia.

47. Of God Saturn in the temples is Tobe katamayroi (on ebony).

48. The Tobe's House of hyenas.

49. In basileyontes in the Earth there is six in Asia the horse.

50. The tomb is located in silver Thibi the new God (son of Seth).

51. The Moon moved the new House of Ra.

52. Saturn to the gods of the Atlases will reign.

53. Your mission on Earth has come God Ass.

54. With their words Asia Land Kassites aroused against you.

55. Go to the land of your sons.

56. The sons of gods reign at Gods throne.

57. The hyenas will see that their ears are lepra. 58. The sons of Saturn are mortals.

59. Other sons of the Ra will install.

60. The Oynos from new earth you will understand.

61. The Kassitis, the hob, has the ears of men where created the epics of heroes.

62. Our father Thibaie! In Keneena up stroggylokathise an ass.

63. Oybaioys in Keneia is in the House of telwnioy.

64. Warren is the sunset new year.

65. In the land of Osiris is the cell phone gods year.

66. The father, to win with your morals patrika ass.

67. In the Kingdom of Cyprus the new six is the new dances.

68. With his sons that will levitate alienated every child mind.

69. Gathered to God Horus your child manners, of Iona.

70. Great collection in your land has implemented in the land of Sikis year from God.

71. The morals of boys of Asia gravitate towards silver.

72. The temples of God are in graves Argyrou.

73. When you listen to God's words Donkey, do you mean muffled hum.

74. Be updating in your land of Quesnay young.

75. The country has alwsei in temples of Seth ebere.

76. The Mission of the Green drive, that has been, stayed at Tobeto.

77. The Hyena will in sharp disagreement with the Yo Kero.

78. One of the new Lasithes will reign in the Kingdom of Arrack.

79. The PAIs of Troy is Pais of the disk.

80. The Venetian is the mind of the pig.

81. Our father Osiris is the slip knots.

82. Your mission on Earth has come God Ass.

Free translation based on syllables:
Another Earth Ra ELLs, They asked me what answer God King of the land of Mown, Minos. Minos tassw leader of all Aitolo, in memory of the bygone common exormisews of Mown by the land of Seirioy, in the colony of Seirioy (i.e. the Earth). There were enemies of the Thebans and Myceneans Minoos. On your website, Vou Jupiter, your children, replaced the God of Minywn with the Steed-Seth. The Patria efoneysan and each public. Him with ears hyenas (in other onagroy) King mortal, your children joined God-father, defilement to the Hittites. The stranger God orechthike to make the Ionians actions, which will result in a change of the solar calendar. Endless love make underfoot. In the land of the Hittites, the Hittites sons lead a life as their appetites dictate. The iakcho King, then young paida, three times hit with bat (the hand of Seth). Have you the Chittiti to the barrel pieces here and now! Oh, Jupiter, Athena, in Miletus, mother of all cities, where is the perfect Sunrise Apostle, the around the Sun timwmeni Sun's daughter, the katoyroyn were. With animals oxen in Crete, at Thebes sunrise on Earth, the Hittites are archers intercourse. In honor of the ox new, that is both a horse (onager), people of your son Seth King killed, podopatwntas him with horses then. In paida Aten said after being asked the question: "On public land, where I live, in Ataranto(;) Italy, in my son will go».

This writes the plaque. Now let's see some reviews of George Petropoulos to our brass plaque that may assist in making the best possible understanding of the content of. (Brand 126)

Upset the established historical views. The existence alone of the name Aten (or Olaf), obliges us to put over in the era of the Pharaohs Amenofidos BI (1380 – 1362 e.g.). It is indeed known that this Pharaoh replaced the worship of Amun with Olaf, disgusted with the debauchery of the clergy, the bloody sacrifices, the insolent wealth and wastefulness of the temples. He does not, changed his name, at Achnaton. Consequently the plate shall not be attributed neither earlier nor later Pharaoh.

The coexistence of God Ra (Sun) After Olaf's (agathopoioy sunset properties) could trouble us. If we accept, writing of the plate as a place of Egypt, then you have to accept that omiloysan and wrote the Greek (that era). Refer to Elloys (Greeks) Asia whom he calls sons Kown and Mown or who were forced under the pressure of a barbarian people, the Hittites (the civilized, want the encyclopedias), to move. The important thing that says the Billboard is that the King of Minos is Mown and not only of Cretans and furthermore that Moes came from SIRIUS and colonized the Earth, that means a colony of Seirioy. For people technologically advanced not far away that Star, Since it is the 4th sequentially distance. The Cypriot our plate shows that SIRIUS was worshipped as a God.

The solar calendar was in use in Egypt and the Greek East of Star Seirioy coincided with the era of the annual flooding of the Nile (that is why the pyramids were oriented to receive the rays of). Ultimately becomes katadilo that there was originally a people the Moes, who for reasons yet spewed adieykrinistoys on Earth. The Hittites under King Monster-Seth, replaced the solar calendar with Lunar and brought destruction. Were no intercourse with animals. The "archers" implies the imposition and violence, and I certainly came as conquerors. Furthermore the chronology (1380-1372 e.g.) coincides with the radical destruction of the Palace of Knossos and makes clear that the Hittites archers are responsible for this disaster which, of course, the sisters, our historians attribute to (civilized, noble Greeks) Achaeans!!!

As regards God Seth, the global history of the incumbent mentions as God of the Egyptians, brother and enemy of God Osiridos, which efoneyse and katatemachise. The Egyptians regard him villain God and we conclude that it was Chettaios God, teratomorfos, presumed product, Maybe, beam man and beast. Later entered the Pantheon of Egyptians, like God of evil. From reading the plate shows that thousands of years ago came a hob (Monster), in the Earth, the Seth, God Ass (as the calls), with a view to the corrupting. The paradox is that the monster that came with a "green disk and stayed in Tobeto(;)», as features says. Furthermore, us reveals that the Trojans are children of the Green drive (the perennial enemies of the Greeks;)!The hob it had relation to Saturn, from which presumably originated (disrespectful Titans;) and reigned, as we witness the Billboard, in Atlases, (Saturn-Saturn).

From this we conclude that happened thousands of years ago a hostile invasion of Earth, by Saturn, with head of a monster, the Seth (Hurricane). Had as fans of the Toyroy-Toyroy, the Huns, and Hittites, who fought the Ionians (his sons Mown-Ellwn) and they sacrificed to their temples, by ebony (does the myth of "Iphigenia" is a testimony to sacrifice in Greek;). Even that Kroneioi, along with Atlases, they made Alliance against the Greeks and the displaced from their parts. Found fault with their responsibilities to Oydaioys and Oybraioys for destroying this because because of their errors, "the only, was the butcher of new», as features says.

But gives great hope for the victory of the Greeks in the future, saying that "the child of Delos (Apollo), they are undefeated in the sea

– The goddess Athena will speak when the time comes!
– Minos will reign of divine mission in Thiva.
– A Theban hero will kill the Dwarves hidden in the clouds
– With water the new monster nikas ".

Prophetic words for the future.
The central idea of this revealing our plate confirms and Plutarch, When reading the moral of "on Isis and Osiridos ' AI, see to indicate that: "the Egyptians of the city only to enhance precipitate Koptoy, because they say that the Tyfwn (Seth), only resembled and were erythrothrix (kokkinotrichis). And generally the only, do not consider him clean, but occupied in evil demon». The Pythagoreans indicate Hurricane-Seth, as "tear of Saturn", i.e. originating, derived, by Saturn.

The Orfikoi again we are told: "Saturn's hair is black ... more Malicious Titans that have proud heart of ... (Proclus)».

Atlantis was called and "Kroneia Continent". The most remarkable of all, however, is that the priests (probably) who wrote the sign, report that they become skinites, in the land of the God Zeus and that necessarily live within the fuselage!!! Spindle, Let us not escape us, called the inside boat that flies or sail. Still report that Moes came from SIRIUS, led by Minos, and colonized the Earth. Children of the Ells are Mown and the Ionians. But later it happened a hostile invasion of Kroniwn, led by Seth, that brought destruction to the Earth because corrupting the morals and customs of new, destroyed many cities seiontas Tess (artificial earthquake;) and between these and the Knossos in Crete. Therefore from the sign that shows why they fought the Greeks with their Atlases. The battle that keeps thousands of years, and continues to the present day, a and the descendants of these, the Tatars-Mongols Toyroy-Toyroy ("the ' our brothers", more, our Turkish neighbors) threatening us continuity and trying unsuccessfully to enslave us and annihilate our (Ottoman period, Asia minor catastrophe, The Cypriot tragedy).

Conclude from all of the above shows that the Earth in ancient times was visiting (The Argonauts) civilized beings from the system of Seirioy, that should be considered (According to Plutarch and tagged) ancestors of the Greeks (The Ionians, Ellwn, Pelasgians). Created a high culture, throughout the Land, but as it describes and Plato in the "Timaio" broke out war between Greeks with Zeus, Atlas and head with head of Hurricane (Seth). They defeated the Greeks and so failed the Atlases-Kroneioi to dominate throughout the Land. With the passage of centuries and the subsequent wars (maybe after natural disasters), the files destroyed in Greece, but rescued in Egypt by the Priests. Later all this ancient history and wisdom gathered in the library of Alexandria. If, of course, they didn't destroy the library of Alexandria the Theopneystoi (in the name of God with very ... love) and they didn't burn (and kataklepsei) the thousands of volumes that there, Maybe we knew firsthand everything that we are trying to conclude today, by studying the few ancestral texts that arrived in our hands. Nonetheless, through symbolic myths and inscriptions remained, whether or not codified and hidden, the truth.

In Indian RAMAGIANA read about wars and battles with flying tanks, which hurled projectiles, that destroyed entire towns. The wars were because the evil Ravana stole Sita, the wife of Prince Rama. Against Ravana marched many Royals to get Sita (huge similarity, or copy, with the abduction of Helen, so;). Several researchers, of course, doubt about the origins of intelligent beings from the system of Seirioy and serve as an argument that as a Sun that is the prevailing temperatures be too high and therefore the existence of life is impossible. Fail, though, negligently to think that every Sun, According to sympantikoys laws, forming a solar system, with different numbers of planets around him (e.g.. our own solar system) without precluding the existence of life, Depending on the prevailing conditions in their surface. Not excluded, well, was or is there a planet suitable for life at Sunrise-Seirioy system.

The ancient Greeks, as it known, swear to Jupiter or in Dog (Maybe this is a coincidence;). In addition there were the cynical philosophers. Aristotle mentions cryptographically that "anyone who wanted to describe a" Dog "could use" Dog Star ". No other Star for which there are so many details, such literature, such worship (because SIRIUS was worshipped as a God) worldwide except for the star of the dog, SIRIUS. All the temples of the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Maya etc. in antiquity, they were geared to this star, so the 21 the June, to the East of Seirioy, the first ray of falls within the sanctuaries of the Holy. Was this a coincidence; How the Dogon knew natives so details of Sirius a and Sirius B, their shape and their behaviour, before their discovery by scientists astronomers;

Apart from the sign of Dali, many other signs found in Crete and performed with the Chadwick method, We speak for the MOES that came from SIRIUS, as the following: "Zey, Zey, and everyone Moes, who are the children finished; RA Eisakoyse, My King (Kou). The Antalya, Once the garden is Mown, eneblithi under the sea».

– According to Herodotus, the Nappy appeared at the battle of Marathon and sowed panic among Persians.
– The Persians of Xerxes attempts to invade in Delphi, but the knocking thunders from heaven, crumples up the two peaks of Parnassus, While two giants Hoplites with their strange weaponry and decimating.
– The Gauls later, in their long descent arrived to Delphi, they were repulsed by the "secret weapons" of the Oracle (that caused landslides and earthquake) Turning to stampede the invaders.
– The 395 e.g.. the Alarichos (the Christian ruler of the Visigoths) invades victorious in Greece but ends up retreated panicky during the siege of the Acropolis of Athens, When fully armed Athena appeared on walls. Alarichos forced to bypass the Holy rock of Acropolis, Although later joined winner in Rome! The case is considered by historians as puzzling with the departure of Attila from Rome, After his meeting with the Pope.
– Talos, the huge metal robots, patrolling in the sea around the island to protect the island from invaders.

The list could be longer. From the «tripods» of Hephaestus, the flying Caduceus of Hermes and echetlo, up the visions of the Virgin Mary, Agios Dimitrios and Saint George the younger years, the Greeks seem to be protected from unknown forces and weapons yperkosmia, activated at the appropriate time to defend the sacred soil of their homeland.

The secrets that they hid the ancient Greek Mysteries, remain unknown to most people:
• What was happening inside the Trofwnio Antro;
• In The Eleusinian Mysteries; (and for what "advent» omiloysan;).
• The Cabeiri;
• In the sanctuary of pan in Penteli;
• The Katabasio of Hell to Tenaro;
• What is the (still undiscovered) Mystery of Delphi;
• Of Delos;
• Of Dodona;
• What exactly was the sacred Psychopompeia, now all of them thoroughly sealed;
• What was the secret goal of the campaign of Alexander the great;
• What happens to the mystery of Aristotle's works, trying to decipher even NASA;

– Has some unknown important peculiarity of the Greek area, beyond the geopolitical strategic importance;
– Has some unknown important particularity himself a Greek, that excels across the world, In addition to his homeland, η οποία (According to most Greeks and now last and with many foreign) located under a strange occupation;

As they say the bad tongues and many scientists agree, all the ancient knowledge remains buried by the establishment (Although there are a few cases that some people tried to dig up this knowledge, but because of "obstacles" the results were very poor).

– There Is, does, some group of wise and enlightened people, who knows and preserves the secret knowledge of antiquity; And if indeed there is, has been in the hands of secret weapons and advanced scientific and technological knowledge, such that it can affect ' underground ' the international stage and forcing the superpowers to calculate, like a very serious (but hidden, invisible for now) factor;

Πλάκα του Ιδαλίου, Όψη Α

– See more at: http://www.hellas-now.com/2013/09/blog-post_539.html#sthash.RBTJZcPE.dpuf

Amphipolis.gr | Xydakis for Amphipolis: "It's a Hollywood, someone great was buried in»

See what the Deputy Culture Minister said in an interview with the HuffPost Greece… kTIMVNI-

What exactly is happening with Amfipoli; Made some statements in the House that is at risk if you do not make works directly.

It must be protected. There was a hill with soil. Down the Hill were the monument – need ypostylwthei and shaped the Hill so as to endure while backfilling must be drainage works. The restoration project can be the same and more importantly with the work of excavation. If you do not ypostylwseis the job you lost, Why create damage that is impossible to cheer anyone. What they say archaeologists is that "each excavation is a disaster», because the pull from the quietness of,and you sleep a violence, the apokalypteis. Many surviving things in bury and drought conditions are saved – instead just come in contact with the atmosphere burned, lost. After the "violence" of the excavation now have to give the care of restoration.

How much money will be needed for’ This;

The excavation has cost several hundred thousand euros and we are looking to find the exact amount. However there were some sponsorships, some money of the district, the Ministry's funds while they are ongoing funding of some research and studies. For restoration pending a full budget. You will become a diaswstiki study and we'll see how much it will cost.

Other excavations will not become.

Not, the first phase has been completed anyway.

Shouldn't Ms. Peristeri to make some announcements;

Yes, on the basis of archaeological law, within nine months from the completion of the cycle anaskafikoy should announce what has found. Run time, so until autumn you should make a full announcement. This is the basis of the law of obligation. It has found, study, the descriptions of the, its conclusions, that material was, to the present.

You may learn something new;

I do not know. There is a great material that studies, the more guarded at the Museum of Amphipolis – There is a study and maintenance. I suspect that most information about the dating and composing a narrative for the Museum will arise from the study of ceramics. Because the tomb is wild sylimenos, that finds find will pop out of there. The pottery is usually not distracted so gives us valuable information. It may not be of high aesthetic value, however, the exhibition gives the best information for chronologiseis.

There are still many expectations in relation to Amphipolis. The world is waiting for a revelation.

I think most have been revealed. I believe that the core is what you already know, This site of Amphipolis is a region with great natural wealth, potamisioys roads, Plains, It was indeed a strategic centre in times of the Macedonians and Romans. We also know that there are many places that will be excavated in the future, as we also know that the high school has been revealed by Lazaridi, that digging there for decades. There is a theater (within the space of high school) with arenas and Holy. There Is, also, the lion of Amphipolis and the Museum has collected many gems from the stone age till the late Byzantine years.

Why do you think that the world believed so much national in this thing;

Are the reasons for historians. Macedonia has too short excavation history, After the 60s. The first breakthrough was the tomb of Philip with andronikos. Excavation in southern Greece action started in the mid-19th century. Count once 50 years of life the archaeological history of Macedonia and is full of treasures that must be anakalyftoyn. The other issue, I think, is the longing to reveal compact historical continuity – Sometimes it is fair but sometimes involves an exaggeration. I say to Amphipolis, I saw it and it's something amazing, a Hollywood, need to know who was buried in ; Was someone Lord, someone great. Σε 20-30 years might formed the historical narrative from other units. And what we find is amazing. I think sometimes it becomes an abuse for psifothirikoys reasons and there is a media binge eating.

Here there is also a "selempriti archaeology»

Yes, that there is someone famous. In the beginning it was Alexander, After the wife of, then we found the tomb of the mikranipsioy. Someone is, It does not matter


Amphipolis.gr | The offer of Amphipolis

At 19-4-2015 in this column, my text was published entitled "the case of Amphipolis ' and following it received electronically the following letter:

"I'm Maria-Eugenia Francisco, a fellow student of ARISTOTLE from Argentina and I'm studying archaeology at the ARISTOTLE UNIVERSITY of THESSALONIKI (now I am graduate).

"I read your article in the «Agelioforos.gr» about Amphipolis and tumulus Kasta. I agree with all that you've written and really sorry that the State does not give importance in space, as an archaeologist and philhellene who I am I can not figure it out.

"Last year I was invited from various Argentine universities to speak about the tumulus, because they made a great impression the finding, and because no archaeologists in my specialty in Argentina, I did a lot of presentations showing the discoveries and developments of the excavation from the k. Peristeri. You can see well that and up to distant countries reached new.

"There is a lot of interest worldwide and it is incomprehensible how do not exploit it at least from the economic side in times of crisis. I really want to do something to highlight this excavation and to help and within Greece not stays in the past forgotten this huge work done now in Amphipolis. So I'm at your disposal if you have in your thinking to do something that can help place. I have a great love for Greece and specifically about Macedonia and I am ready to do everything,What I can to help.

Με εκτίμηση

Maria-Eugenia Francisco»

The archaeologist from Argentina by letter of affect both the wrong tactics of the Greek Ministry of culture and at the same time indicates the amount of interest that exists for Amphipolis and in distant countries like Argentina. Logically one would expect someone that, After the global interest generated for Amphipolis, the Greek State would care for completion of the excavation and the creation of conditions to be soon visited the monument, so the country has economic benefits from the quality tourism that will bring the monument but also at other levels, because the Amphipolis with its monuments and its history as a base of the Macedonian Hellenism recalls in every direction the timeless presence and offer of the Macedonian Hellenism, in antiquity joined the Greeks and led him to the miracle of great excursion in the East, where spread the Greek language and culture.

Setting aside the news back to topic kochlazoysa to point out that the Ministry of culture (It considers that the yperchrimatodotithike excavation in Amphipolis and is probably not on the priorities), moving in the wrong direction. Amphipolis has a huge archaeological site with important monuments (ancient high school with unique vow-code of conduct for athletes, Hellenistic houses, hundreds of graves, parts of the ancient wall that describes Thucydides, early Christian churches in the ancient Acropolis etc.) of course all with Greek inscriptions and should emerge as one of the most important centers of the Macedonian Hellenism, and for economic reasons (with attracting quality tourism) But why the monuments of Amphipolis "ftheggontai" expressing the Ecumenical Hellenism. For’ This and the ancient Amphipolis, with its monuments sparked global interest, multiple can offer in today's Greece and Hellenism.

AGELIOFOROS TIS KIRIAKIS Author: Dimitris Garoyfas

Amphipolis.gr | If not restored in time, will be buried under the sand

Amphipolis ' is not visited as it is now ", said House Deputy Minister Nikos Xydakis.

"If not restored in time, they buried beneath the sand "

But this is perhaps the smallest of problems facing the excavation, which was once famous, but now that the headlights went out reveals wounds. Which, if not remedied, will deepen in coming years, as extreme weather conditions prevailing in the region pose additional problems to the monument.

Winter with many rains had a dual effect on the ancient enclosure on the Hill Kasta. Limnasan Epesan soils and waters in grooves of earlier excavations. When the soil dries out, the background will become even more unstable and there is a risk of falls of soils from the slopes to multiply. The proper and permanent drainage is a measure that should be taken anyway. Besides, the Minister said in the House: «See the precinct with magnificent marble thasitika. Drainage projects urgently wants ". Only the "urgent" here is literally, the works need to be done before the fall.

But the monument and there are several open issues. For overcoming them was a special meeting with the participation of anaskafews and service agents at the Ministry of culture, without taking final decisions. It is important to reach the geostationary study drawn up by engineer, who worked on the excavation.

Winter with a lot of rain «the Hill» Kasta wounded, as limnasan soils and waters fell into the grooves of earlier excavations

Winter with a lot of rain «the Hill» Kasta wounded, as limnasan soils and waters fell into the grooves of earlier excavations

But search for money, After the increased budget of the excavation (over half a million euros in the last three years) arkese not to pay particular, basic study.

"If not restored in time, they buried beneath the sand "

Based on geostationary should subsequently be drawn up and other studies, as edafotechniki and sterewtiki for static layout inside – don't forget that the Tomb has internal scaffolding that helps support. We have not yet. Each other. With these studies simply starts the diagnosis of problems and investigating methods for proper restoration.

You need to follow study for mortar, for the porous stone of the enclosure for maintenance of epistyles and other marble reliefs and sculptures or members. After you have made all, then you can continue the efforts by conservationists and experts on stone age scientists and to start the restoration. Currently maintenance jobs were made possible, but follow-up studies are needed with approval of the Central Archaeological Council.

The study of the osteologikoy material will continue until the 2017, but again the money will play a role. Yesterday was supposed to be disbursed from the regular budget 87.000 euros for payments of universities that do the analysis in the 2015. Done the disbursement; I'll give the money to the UNIVERSITY and the University of Thrace in order to continue the investigations;

He Mr. Xydakis told the House that the funding continues. Featured monument "unique value" and the scenery that surrounds ' unique natural beauty». He spoke of a huge area of archaeological interest that has been excavated in recent decades and in which there are two important archaeological sites and a beautiful Museum and underlined that Amphipolis ' need holistic approach».

Today that, as said, "the excavation activity has put a semicolon, focuses on the maintenance and restoration». To become, However, both needed money and above all check and will. But if. the Minister knows the risks. As emphasized, "the monument if not restored in time, they buried beneath the sand ". The only certainty.


Amphipolis.gr | The myitiki path of Hercules (The apprenticeship of Hercules)

Hercules stood in front of the Teacher. Understand vaguely that it was entering into a crisis that will cause a change in speech,the attitudes and, the plan.
The teacher stared at him, the sympathized with. "Your name;"they asked him and waited for the answer.
"Hercules", came the answer. "They told me that it means Hera's kleos, radiation and glare of the soul.
What is soul, Teacher; Tell me the truth. "
"Thy soul will the discoveries by making your task and you will find and you will discover the nature of, that is your own. "and what are your parents; Tell me, My son. "
"My father's Uncle. Never heard of him, but inside of me I know that I am the son of. My earthly mother. The well know and did what you see. Also, Teacher of my life, I'm a twin. There is another like me. I know him well, Although not the know. One is earthy, by clay, the other is the son of God. "
"How ekpaideytikes, Hercules, my child; What you can do and what didachthikes;”
"Every achievement I'm special. I was taught well, morfwthika well,kathodigithika well and learned well.
I know all the books, and all the arts and Sciences. The labours of my open field is known, Apart from the knowledge of those who have the means to travel and to know people. I know myself like a man: contemplating, feels and lives. "
"One thing, Teacher, I gotta say this not in deceit.
Not long ago I killed all those who taught me in the past. I killed my teachers in search of freedom I am no longer free. I know within myself to myself and through myself. "
"My Son, This was practice wisdom and can no longer be standing free. Now in work and proceeded to remember making your work, that at the last turn of the wheel will bring the mystery of death.
Don't forget me. What is your age, my child;”
"Had passed eighteen summers when I killed the lion and then wear the skin of. At twenty-one I met my wife. Today am your triple free front, free for: the Earth my teachers, fear of fear and desire, really. "
"Don't kaychiesai, my child, but show me the nature of this freedom you feel.
Again in Leo, you will meet the lion. What you gonna do;
Back to Gemini, you will meet on the path the teachers that you killed. The you really back; What you gonna do;
Again in Scorpio will fight with desire. Will stay free or will face the snake with his tricks and I'll pull down to Earth;
What you gonna do;
Get ready to proof your words and freedom.
Not kompazeis, my child, but prove me your freedom and your deep desire to service. "
The teacher remained silent and Hercules withdrew and faced the first great Gate.
Then the great Proestos that sat in the Council Chamber of the Lord, He spoke to the teacher and proposed to invite the gods to witness the attempt and the start of a new student in the street.
The teacher called them. The gods answered. They came and gave to Hercules their gifts and many words of wise advice, because they knew their task and Street kindynoystoy.

Athena gave him a robe that she herself had weave, a tunic that's fit, rare beauty and fineness. The wore with pride and triumph, happy for his youth.
Had to show who is.
Hephaestus has forged a gold chest for Hercules, to protect his heart, the source of life and force.
Zwstike gold this gift that the protected and so the new disciple felt secure. Had again to prove his strength.
Came and Neptune with a pair of horses and gave reins to Hercules. Came directly from the water and place were rare beauty and undeniable strength. And Hercules thanked, Why had again to prove his power straddling the zemena horses.
With beautiful words and brilliant intelligence came Hermes, bringing a sword with rare engravings, who had in silver scabbard for Hercules.
Tied in the middle of Hercules, asking him to keep sharp and brilliant. "We need to divide and cuts", He said Mercury "and be moving with precision and skill required".
And Hercules thanked him with words of joy.
Had to prove the excellence of which boasted.
With the trumpet sound and Rapids podokrotimata flashed the chariot of the Sun God. Apollo arrived and with the Light and grace of the accorded Hercules, giving him a bow, a bright bow.
Through nine wide open Gates must pass the student before they acquired enough skill to stretch the bow.
So time needed for evidence of Sagittarius.
And yet when he was given the gift, Hercules took it by faith for strength, a power that until now were unproven. And so stood armatwmenos.
The gods stood around his teacher and observed tales of joy. Playing in front of the Gods and made demonstration of prowess, who make your boast in his power.

Suddenly stopped and has thought deeply for a long time. Then gave the horses a friend to keep, the sword in another and the bow in a third.
And running, It disappeared in the nearby forest.
The gods awaited his return with amazement and embarrassment for the strange behavior of. Turned from the forest, holding high a wooden bat cut from a robust new tree.
"This is mine", cried, "Nobody gave me. What can I use it with power. Gods, track and symparastatheite in my major works ". And then and only then the teacher said:
"Proceeded to labors"…!

ToyIrakli exploits”, Alice Mpeϊli, Kedros editions

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